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Anglo-American Studies: CD-ROMS
Frank Lloyd Wright

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Named one of PC Magazine's top 100 CD-ROMs

Frank Lloyd Wright: Presentation and Conceptual Drawings
       4 Compact Discs

   A momentous event in art and electronic publishing, this magnificent project presents nearly 5,000 drawings by Frank Lloyd Wright, America's most influential 20th-century architect. A collaboration between Luna Imaging, Inc. and the Frank Lloyd Wright Archives, it offers full-color, high resolution digital reproductions of the highest fidelity to the original works in a format that provides unprecedented control over the enormous quantity and scope of the material. Here is the largest collection of Wright's drawings ever published.

Over 860 projects are included, ranging from private homes, churches, banks, and office buildings to skyscrapers, apartment buildings, museums, and schools. Familiar projects like Fallingwater and the Guggenheim Museum appear with hundreds of other accomplished designs. The works span Wright's career--from student drawings of 1887 to his last rendering in 1959. Never before has so much of Wright's work been so accessible.

The electronic format frees readers from the constraints of the print medium. With Insight software, users can search for, sort, mark, rearrange, group, and print images and documentation. Insight is an easy-to-use visual environment tailor-made for the way people use collections of art reproductions.

Unlike any print edition available, Frank Lloyd Wright: Presentation and Conceptual Drawings on CD-ROM combines a vast collection of striking images with scrupulous catalog documentation in one versatile product. A groundbreaking work, this extraordinary publication is an incomparable reference for students and scholars of Frank Lloyd Wright and American art and architecture.

"There are more than 20,000 drawings in the archives of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation at Taliesin West in Arizona. Thanks to Luna Imaging and Oxford University Press--and the magic of CD-ROMs--we now have easy access to much of this Wrightian hoard....This is not an electronic substitute--no such wide-ranging collection has ever been published before....To have easy access to 5,000 drawings, colored renderings, pencil studies, rough sketches and assorted preliminary studies is unprecedented....There is no doubt that this computerized collection represents a remarkable achievement. It will enable us--scholars and interested public alike--to discover new things about Wright and his work."--New York Times Book Review

"...for anyone interested in researching the masters drawing collection, the package is invaluable....The images are beautiful....for libraries and architecture firms, its sure to be love at first sight." --PC Magazine Top 100 CD-ROMs 1995. 

"...a scholarly electronic publication that may set new standards for making visual collections available to academic audiences." --The Educom Review, July/August 1995

  "...a work of meticulous scholarship....This will surely become an indispensable reference for Wright scholars and aficionados." --Architectural Record, August 1995 

First Prize 1995 Museum Publications Design Competition

"The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundations CD-ROM/interactive media package is an example of what's possible when money, solid content, and design talent coincide. First class in every regard." --Museum News, July/August 1995

5000 full color graphic images on 4 CDs; Intro Guide; Users Guide; 2 diskettes; requires Windows 3.1 or higher; 0-19-509576-6 

$1,500.00 (08)   CD-ROM (MS-DOS)  0195095766 

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