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Anglo-American Studies: CD-ROMS
Famous American Speeches

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Famous American Speeches
A Multimedia History, 1850 To The Present

Book Code: OXFAS
ISBN: 0-89774-958-8

Oryx Press
Publication Date: November 16, 1995
List Price: $129.95

Availability: In Stock

Media Type: Cd-Rom

...fills a niche that's begged for a reference source for many years....Librarians and school-children across the country will fall thankfully upon Famous American Speeches: it offers fast, easy access to speeches by figures they're studying on the topics in which they're interested....a necessary tool for most public, school, and academic libraries.
- Library Journal

This is a well-organized program that retrieves information quickly, and is very easy to use. Its sophisticated search engine allows for more precise searching when needed....provides ready access to primary source material for middle and high school media centers to support research in American history and government classes.
- InfoTech Review

Printing or downloading of text and photos is simple....Overall technical quality is satisfactory and clear. The Windows CD-ROM has video for Windows included for those computors that do not already have that utility installed. Installation is straitforward....Geared to junior and senior high students, this tool makes primary sources accessible and relevant....libraries supporting programs in speech and debate will want Famous American Speeches because of its extensive audio and video content.
- Booklist

This well-organized program retrieves information very quickly and is very easy to use.
- School Library Journal

...the extensiveness and inclusiveness of Famous American Speeches is impressive. Its search engines are solid and easy to use.

We had to wrestle the (teacher's guide) back from the American History teachers....Of permanent value and recommended for middle and high schools.
- Technology Connection

...we can recommend them to meet undergraduate (and scholarly) requirements. Both discs load quickly and with no problems. In less then three minutes, we had them up and running....Famous American Speeches is also an attractive, solidly put together database....the database covers its selected ground thoroughly....The package also includes a study guide describing how to access speeches related to a particular area of study and a book of lessons prepared by Sharon Brubaker for use with students in grades 6 to 12....worth their price....Librarians should seriously consider Famous American Speeches as a backup to the reference collection that holds books of speeches and the well-maintained but seldom used vertical file....Famous American Speeches were slick, useful databases that can help fill the public/university library gap in full-text speeches and historical information. These databases are recommended without reservation for circulation or in-house library usage.
- Searcher

Ever felt speechless? Not there's no excuse: Famous American Speeches catalogs more than 300 speeches from 1850 to the present. You can search for a specific topic or scan the contents by topic, orator, or time period. Students and researchers will appreciate the scrollable text versions of speeches and the included option to save or print. But the video and audio clips are the main attraction here, and they will keep you flipping through the CD for more.
- Multimedia World

Subject Category: Communications
Sub-Category: Rhetoric/Speech

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