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The Harvard Guide to African-American History CD-ROM

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Publication date: June 25, 2001
             Price: $ 125.00 / 85.95 cloth
923 Pages/ CD-ROM
             ISBN: 0-674-00276-8

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"A valuable and, in many ways, an indispensable tool to study African-American History."

--Ira Berlin, author of Many Thousands Gone

"This single volume source will be one of the first things scholars consult for research in all aspects of African American life and culture. A great value of the work are the lists of titles, repositories and collections. There is no questions this will be a special and enduring reference work in the filed of African American studies that all of us in the field will want to own."

--David W. Blight, author of Frederick Douglass' Civil War

Malcom X once wrote that "of all our studies, history is the best qualified to reward our research." In the last quarter of the twentieth century, African-American History has emerged as a discipline in it's own right as well as a major influence on American history itself. Hundreds of books and articles have been published on all facets of black life in America and scholars have utilized new and frequently interdisciplinary methods to uncover their findings.

The Harvard Guide of African-American History (Harvard University Press / 25 June 2001 / $125.00) is an authoritative reference to both book and non-book sources relating to African-American life and culture spanning over 500 years, from the period of the slave trade through the end of the twentieth century. An unparalleled finding aid, this guide, developed under the auspices of the W.E.B. DuBois Institute for Afro-American Research at Harvard University, presents a rich array of published sources by leading experts in the field, in English as well as foreign languages, of interest to research scholars, educators, journalists, students, and anyone seeking general of specific information on events, individuals, organizations, places, and issues in African-American history.


     The first section contains twelve essays on research aids divided by topic. Readers are directed to sources by experts on such topics as art, music, film, newspapers, Internet sources, sources on microfilm, federal records, manuscript collection, oral history archives, and reference works.

     The second section is arranged chronologically and developed and prepared by experts of demarcated time periods, including John Thornton, Peter H. Wood, Gary B. Nash, Stephanie Shaw, Richard. J. M. Blackett, Eric Foner, Leon F. Litwack, Joe W. Trotter, Jeffrey Conrad Stewart, Nancy L. Grant, Darlene Clark Hine, Clayborne Carson, John H. Bracey, Adam Biggs, and Corey Walker. The sources are divided in ten chronological time periods and then broken down into specific categories relating to African-American history-race relations, demography, family, religion, law, politics and voting, color and class, associational life, urban conditions, thought and expression, work and entrepreneurial activity, science and technology, etc. The chronological section is especially unique for its inclusion of numerous sources published in foreign languages.

     The third section of The THE HARVARD GUIDE TO AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY directs readers to sources related to special subjects of interest: autobiographies and biographies of African-Americans (prepared by Randall K. Burkett, Leon F. Litwack, and Richard Newman); studies identified by geographic region, including state and local; and studies related to African-American women (prepared by Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham).

The bibliographic information can be accessed in several ways: by the table of contents to find chronological and topical subsections for study; by the subject index to find specific information access time periods, on the black family, for example; or by the author index to find all of the entries by a particular author. Although the guide does not include extensive coverage of Africa and the Caribbean, there are bibliographical entries of these area that contribute to the African-American experience. A companion CD-Rom containing the bibliographic information will accompany the guide. Ultimately, The THE HARVARD GUIDE TO AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY will make a distinctive and much needed contribution to the advancement of research in aspects of African-American and American history.

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