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Anglo-American Studies: CD-ROMS
Studies in Irish Literature

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Studies in Irish Literature CD-ROM

Book Code: IL99A
ISBN: 0-313-31249-4

Greenwood Electronic Media
Publication Date: September 30, 1999
List Price: $295.00

Availability: In Stock

Media Type: Cd-Rom

The contents of the disc are excellent reference works and reference works with personalities--one might not always agree with the authors' appraisals, but they are engaging....Studies in Irish Literature is an excellent reference work and is recommended for academic and Irish studies collections.
- Library Journal

The combination of these three collections is very valuable to any scholar of Irish literature, from the high school student who is writing a paper on William Butler Yeats to a graduate student who needs to discover relationships among several Irish authors. The more than 50,000 bibliographic entries of published works and criticism makes for a unique, very impressive scholarly collection of bibliographies, critical analyses, archival resources, reviews of major productions and revivals, chronologies, definitions, and explanations....Recommended for academic libraries or special libraries with an interest in the topic.
- Reference & User Services Quarterly

This valuable resource could be useful in many...collections where the study of Irish literature and Irish authors is part of the curriculum. Combining the three major reference works in one certainly presents a savings to fund-strapped libraries.
- The Book Report

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