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Anglo-American Studies: VIDEOS
Monterey Media:
World History

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We offer these outstanding choices:

The Jarvis Collection
China & The Forbidden City
The L. A. Times called this
"The finest film about China ever made."

The Incas Remembered
The architectural marvel of Machu Picchu, a miraculous civilization rediscovered.

The Kremlin
A rare look at the treasures, the history and ideology which once swept half the modern world.

The Louvre
A winner of fourteen international awards, so rich in it's story that even the Mona Lisa smiles.
Hosted by Charles Boyer.

Scotland Yard
A rare and fascinating look inside. Hosted by David Niven.

Women First & Foremost
"An impressive choice for students and interested viewers." - Booklist
Hosted by Rita Moreno
and Dee Wallace Stone
From the first published American author, to the female pilots who flew during WWII, there lies an underlying pride that has allowed generations of women to achieve an all too often overlooked, but importantly deserved place at the forefront of history.
VOL # I Includes women's impact on medicine, literature and abolition.
VOL # II Includes women in journalism, aviation and the military.
VOL # III Includes women in entertainment and the arts, their impact and influence
Guns of the Civil War
"Recommended." - Video Librarian
Hosted by Charles Martin Smith
A story which began in the hearts and minds of so many who could not agree, and could not end without firearms and the men who used them.
Color & BW/3 vols/170min/PBS

"...The perfect companion piece to the Ken Burns Civil War Series."
Joseph Carvalho, Director, Connecticut Valley Historical Museum

History of the Korean War
From the Office of Armed Forces Information And Education comes this historical perspective on the events of the Korean War comprised of newsreel, narrative and special forces war footage.
World War II:
Breadlines to Boomtimes
"***1/2. Highly recommended."
- Video Librarian
Hosted by Jim Sikking
This is the story of how a nation of men and women mobilized to convert our economy into a war machine, emerging as the most powerful country in the world.
Color & BW/3Vols/180min
Tut: The Boy King
"****. Recommended for academic, public, and school library collections of all sizes."
- Video Rating Guide
Join the millions who visited the highest attended traveling museum exhibit ever. Hosted by Orson Welles share the splendor of TUTANKHAMEN.
Time Capsule World War II
Telly Award Winner
Europe was in flames, an unsuspecting Pearl Harbor was in destruction. Unprepared yet undaunted, came the men and women of the United States.
Vol.I: War in Europe
Vol.II: War in the Pacific
BW/30min each

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LEA Book Distributors
170-23  83rd Avenue, Jamaica Hills, NY 11432, USA
Tel. 1(718)291-9891 * Fax  1(718)291-9830
Please direct all inquiries to: orders@leabooks.com

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