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  500,000 Azaleas; paperback /ISBN 1-880684-73-X / $15.95 
The first English edition of a legendary Mexican poet whom Pablo Neruda called "Mexico's García Lorca."    500,000 Azaleas
The Selected Poems of Efraín Huerta
by Efraín Huerta

Translated by Jim Normington
Edited by Jack Hirschman

“Huerta possessed the rare skill of balancing the poetic craft with precise cultural documentation -- which is what makes this terrific compilation seem so contemporary…the genuine passion reflected in Huerta’s ecstatic use of language never escapes a reckoning with reality -- a major source of its power.”—Publisher’s Weekly


 After the Bombs

A funhouse mirror of richly inventive and farcical black comedy    After the Bombs
by Arturo Arias

Translated by Asa Zatz

After the Bombs is a sort of bildungsroman run riot. Arias mixes stream of consciousness, lyrical outbursts, Marx Brothers antics, a nuanced, poetic sense of rhythm in his sentence construction, funky gossip, and myth; all with a fine sense of theatricality.”
-- Voice Literary Supplement

After the Bombs is a coming of age story that holds a mirror up to the modern history of Guatemala -- a funhouse mirror of richly inventive and farcical black comedy which provides a better description of life in that country than any history book ever could.

 hardbound /ISBN 0-915306-88-3 / $19.95 

 paperback /ISBN 0-915306-89-1 / $10.95 


A searching look into contemporary Vietnam by a highly gifted novelist    Against the Flood
by Van Khang Ma

Translated by Wayne Karlin, Thanh Hao Phan

“Ma Van Khang’s Against the Flood is a fascinating window into Vietnamese society 25 years after the end of the Vietnam War.” -- W. D. Ehrhart

Against the Flood presents a vivid picture of scenes from contemporary Vietnamese society, examining the dramatic tensions inherent in a changing society. When it was published in Viet Nam early in 1999, Against the Flood causing a sensation because of its controversial description of sex and politics in that country.

 paperback /ISBN 1-880684-67-5 / $15.95 

 hardbound /ISBN 1-880684-06-3 / $19.95 
No longer available in our cloth edition, this landmark book is available in paper    Always Running
La Vida Loca: Gang Days in L.A.
by Luis J. Rodríguez

“An absolutely unique work: richly literary and poetic, yet urgent and politically explosive at the same time....And what a great story it tells!” -- Jonathan Kozol

Available in paperback and in Spanish from Simon & Schuster

Always Running received the Carl Sandburg Award for Nonfiction, Chicago Sun Times Book of the Year Award for Nonfiction, and named to the Choice Magazine's Outstanding Academic Books and the 1994 New York Public Library “Books for the Teen Age”.



 América Is Her Name

by Carlos Vázquez
Luis J. Rodríguez



 Anna (I) Anna

by Klaus Rifbjerg



 Apollo Helmet

by James Scully




by Asger Schnack




by Henrik Nordbrandt



 Ashes of Izalco

by Claribel Alegría
Darwin J. Flakoll



 Assault on Paradise

by Tatiana Lobo




by Harold Jaffe



 Behind the Red Mist

by Anh Thai Ho



 Biography of a Runaway Slave

by Miguel Barnet



The Bird Who Cleans the World and Other Mayan Fables

by Victor Montejo



The Blood about the Heart

by Sarah Menefee



 Blood Pact

by Mario Benedetti



The Blood that Keeps Singing

by Clemente Soto Vélez



 Blues for Unemployed Secret Police

by Doug Anderson



The Censors

by Luisa Valenzuela



 Centralia Dead March

by Thomas Churchill



The Cherokee Lottery

by William Jay Smith



 Circle of Love Over Death

by Matilde Mellibovsky



 Clandestine Poems/Poemas Clandestinos

by Roque Dalton



 Clean Slate

by Daisy Zamora



The Climate of the Country

by Marnie Mueller



The Color of the Heart

by Susan Sherman



The Common Grief

by Roberto Sosa



 Complete Freedom

by Tove Ditlevsen



The Concrete River

by Luis J. Rodríguez



 Cosmic Canticle

by Ernesto Cardenal



 Dead Leaves

by Bárbara Jacobs



 Death of Somoza

by Claribel Alegría
Darwin J. Flakoll



 Dirt Road Home

by Cheryl Savageau



 Distant Road

by Duy Nguyen




by Jack Agüeros




by Michael Clark



 Each One Teach One

by Ron Casanova
Stephen Blackburn



The Earth is a Satellite of the Moon

by Leonel Rugama



The Enchanted City

by Palle Nielsen



 Endless Threshold

by Jack Hirschman



 Family Album

by Claribel Alegría



 First Love & Look for My Obituary

by Elena Garro



 Fist of Sun

by Ferruccio Brugnaro




by Jørgen Sonne



 Flights of Victory / Vuelos de victoria

by Ernesto Cardenal



The Flood

by Carol Ascher



 Forms of Prayer at the Hotel Edison

by Kevin Bowen



 From Eve’s Rib

by Gioconda Belli




by Dea Trier Mørch
Ivan Malinowski




by Claribel Alegría



 God’s House

by Henrik Nordbrandt



The Great Whirl of Exile

by Leroy V. Quintana



 Green Fires

by Marnie Mueller



 Hatful of Tigers

by Sergio Ramírez



 Have You Seen a Red Curtain in My Weary Chamber?

by Tomás Borge



 If It Really Were a Film

by Dorrit Willumsen



 i'm not thousandfurs

by Sarah Menefee



 In the South Bronx of America

by Mel Rosenthal



The Inhabited Woman

by Gioconda Belli



 La llaman América

by Carlos Vázquez
Luis J. Rodríguez



 Legendary Connecticut

by David E. Philips



 Little Red Riding Hood in the Red Light District

by Manlio Argueta



 Living on the Edge

edited by John Coyne



 Local Deities

by Agnes Bushell



 Love after the Riots

by Juan Felipe Herrera



 Love From Trieste

by Kirsten Thorup



The Love You Promised Me

by Silvia Molina



 Love’s Other Face

by Eileen Kostiner



 Luisa in Realityland

by Claribel Alegría




by Thomas P. Anderson




by Murat Alpar



 Memory Says Yes

by Margaret Randall



 Miguel Mármol

by Roque Dalton



 Mirrors Beneath the Earth

edited by Ray González



 On the Front Line

edited by Claribel Alegría
Darwin J. Flakoll



 Open Gate

edited by Jack Hirschman
Paul Laraque



The Other Side of Heaven

edited by Minh Khue Le
Vu Truong
Wayne Karlin



 Paper Houses

by Uffe Harder



The Patient Impatience

by Tomás Borge



The Pillows

by Benny Andersen



A Place Called Milagro de la Paz

by Manlio Argueta



 Playing Basketball with the Viet Cong

by Kevin Bowen



 Poetry Like Bread

edited by Martín Espada




by Wayne Karlin



 Prospero’s Mirror

edited by Ilan Stavans




by Leo Connellan



 Quechua Peoples Poetry

edited by James Scully



 Rachel’s Song

by Miguel Barnet



 Rebel Radio

by José Ignacio López Vigil



 Rebellion Is the Circle of a Lover’s Hands

by Martín Espada



 Red Hot on a Silver Note

by Maketa Groves



 Risking a Somersault in the Air

by Margaret Randall



 Rumors and Stones

by Wayne Karlin



 Santiago Poems

by James Scully



 Scene from the Movie GIANT

by Tino Villanueva



 Sculpted Stones

by Victor Montejo



The Sea of Tranquility

by Don Gordon



 Selected Longer Poems

by Jørgen Gustava Brandt



 Selected Poems

by Klaus Rifbjerg



 Selected Poems

by Marianne Larsen



 Selected Poems

by Henrik Nordbrandt



The Selected Poems of Jens August Schade

by Jens August Schade



 Selected Stories

by Benny Andersen



The Shadow by the Door

by Gerardo Di Masso



 Shopping Cart Soldiers

by John Mulligan



 Small Hours of the Night

edited by Hardie St. Martin
Roque Dalton



 Song of the Simple Truth

by Julia de Burgos




by Claribel Alegría



The Stars, The Earth, The River

by Minh Khue Le



 street smarts

by Devorah Major




by Victor Montejo




by Jørgen Gustava Brandt



 They Come & Knock on the Door

by Alfonso Quijada Urías



 They Forged the Signature of God

by Viriato Sención




by Claribel Alegría



 Through All the Displacements

by Edgar Gabriel Silex



 Tierra del Fuego

by Sylvia Iparraguirre




by Luis J. Rodríguez



 Tunnel to Canto Grande

by Claribel Alegría
Darwin J. Flakoll



 Voices from a ‘Promised Land’

by Penny Rosenwasser



 What You Have Almost Forgotten

by Gyula Illyés
William Jay Smith



 Wild Animals on the Moon

by Naomi Ayala


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