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Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies
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3          Juan Fernández de Heredia. The Aragonese Version of the Secreto Secretorum (from the unique Escorial MS. Z.I.2). Edited by Lloyd Kasten. (Madison, 1999) x + 149 pp. Hard-bound. (ISBN 1-56954-0006-3)            $35.00


4          Biblia romanceada I.I.8. The 13th-century Spanish Bible contained in Escorial MS. I.I.8. Edition, study, and notes by Mark G. Littlefield. (Madison, 1983) xiv + 334 pp., 4 plates. Hard-bound. (ISBN 0-942260-34-1)           $35.00


6          Manuel Alvar. Estudios léxicos: Primera Serie. (Madison, 1984) vi + 216 pp. Hard-bound. (ISBN 0-942260-31-7)            $25.50


7          Texto y Concordancias de Viajes de John of Mandeville, Escorial MS. M.III.7. Edited by María del Mar Martínez Rodríguez and Juan Luís Rodríguez Bravo. (Madison, 1984) 8 pp. + 3 microfiches.(ISBN 0-942260-46-5) $20.00


9          Lucas de Tuy. Text and Concordance of Obra sacada de las cronicas de Sant Isidoro, arcebispo de Sevilla, Kungliga Biblioteket, Stockholm MS. D 1272a. Edited by Regina af Geijerstam and Cynthia M. Wasick. (Madison, 1988) 14 pp. + 4 microfiches. (ISBN 0-940639-24-6)         $20.00


10        Palladius Rutilius Taurus Aemilianus. Obra de Agricultura, traducida y comentada en 1385 por Ferrer Sayol. Edition, study, and notes by Thomas M. Capuano. (Madison, 1990) xxviii + 282 pp. Hard-bound. (ISBN 0-940639-45-9)            $20.00


11        Brunetto Latini. Text and Concordance of the Aragonese translation of Li livres dou tresor, Gerona Cathedral MS. 20-2-5. Edited by Dawn Prince. (Madison, 1990) 16 pp. + 4 microfiches. (ISBN 0-940639-46-7)       $20.00


12        Manuel Alvar. Estudios léxicos: Segunda serie. (Madison, 1992) iv + 160 pp. Hard-bound. (ISBN 0-940639-72-6)            $25.00


13        Texts and Concordances of Libro de Apolonio. Vida de madona Santa María Egipciaqua. Libre dels tres reys d'Orient, Escorial MS. K.III.4. Edited by Michèle S. de Cruz-Sáenz. (Madison, 1992) 6 pp. + 6 microfiches. (ISBN 0-940639-75-0)    $20.00


14        Sexto Julio Frontino. Texto y Concordancias de Strategematon, Biblioteca Nacional MS. 10198. Edited by Enrique Jiménez Ríos. (Madison, 1992) 6 pp. + 2 microfiches. (ISBN 0-940639-83-1)        $20.00


15        Brunetto Latini. Libro del trasoro. Edited by Dawn E. Prince. (Madison, 1995) xxxii + 235 pp. Hard-bound. (ISBN 1-56954-040-3)     $35.00


14                Text and Concordance of the Cronica d'Espanya de Garcia de Eugui. Edited by Aengus Ward. (Madison, 1995) 10 pp. + 3 microfiches. (ISBN 1-56954-048-9)    $20.00


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