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8          Roger D. Tinnell. An Annotated Discography of Music in Spain before 1650. 2nd ed., greatly expanded and revised. (Madison, 1990) xlviii + 248 pp. Hard-bound. (ISBN 0-940639-53-X)       $25.00

  11        Steven N. Dworkin and David J. Billick. Lexical Studies of Medieval Spanish Texts. A Bibliography of Concordances, Glossaries, Vocabularies and Selected Word Studies. Second edition, revised and greatly expanded. (Madison, 1993) xiii + 209 pp. Hard-bound. (ISBN 0-940639-89-0)           $25.00

  12        David Pharies. Bibliography of Latin and Ibero-Romance Suffixation. (Madison, 1994) x + 103 pp. Hard-bound. (ISBN 1-56954-021-7)   $20.00


1          Text and Concordance of a Tratado Jurídico, Biblioteca Nacional MS. 4987. Edited by Michelle A. Fuerch. (Madison, 1986) 10 pp. + 2 microfiches. (ISBN 0-942260-82-1)   $20.00


1          Peter Boyd-Bowman. Indice y extractos del Archivo de Protocolos de Puebla de los Angeles. México, 1538-1556. (Madison, 1988) 52 pp. + 4 microfiches. (ISBN 0-940639-26-2)     $20.00

2          Mateo Rosas de Oquendo. Sátira hecha a las cosas que pasan en el Pirú, año de 1598. Edited by Pedro Lasarte. (Madison, 1990) cxvi + 182 pp. Hard-bound. (ISBN 0-940639-52-1)         $20.00  

3          Peter Boyd-Bowman. Léxico hispanoamericano del siglo XVI. See Spanish Series, No. 42.


1          Rip Cohen. Thirty-two Cantigas d'Amigo of Dom Diniz: Typology of a Portuguese Renunciation. (Madison, 1987) v + 140 pp. Hard-bound. (ISBN 0-942260-55-4)  $12.50

1  Portugal the Pathfinder: Journeys from the Medieval toward the Modern World, 1300-ca. 1600. Edited by George D. Winius. (Madison, 1995) xii + 429 pp. Hard-bound. (ISBN 1-56954-008-X)           $30.00

This volume provides a new look at Portuguese expansion during its crucial first three centuries and consists of twenty chapters by fifteen widely recognized authors, emphasizing the continuity between discovery and settlement in Africa, Asia and South America.

3          Cancioneiro Tradicional de Trás-os-Montes. Prepared by Samuel G. Armistead and Manuel da Costa Fontes, et al. (Madison, 1998) 360 pp. Hard-bound.(ISBN 1-56954-110-8)        $40.00

ƒ          Manuel da Costa Fontes, Samuel G. Armistead andIsrael J. Katz. O Romanceiro Português e Brasileiro: Indice Temático e Bibliográfico / Portuguese and Brazilian Balladry: A Thematic and Bibliographic Index. See Bibliographic Series No. 13.

ƒ          The Electronic Text and Concordances of the Portuguese Translation of The Book of Marco Polo. See CD-ROM Series No. 5.




Fernando de Rojas and Celestina: Approaching the Fifth Centenary. Edited by Ivy A. Corfis and Joseph T. Snow. (Madison, 1993) xx + 439 pp. Hard-bound.(ISBN 0-940639-92-0)            $25.00

Alfonso X, El Sabio. Text and Concordance of the Libro di sapere di astronomia (14th-century Italian translation by Guerruccio Federighi), Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana MS. 8174. Edited by Joseph Abraham D.R.T Levi. (Madison, 1993) 12 pp. + 6 microfiches.(ISBN 0-940639-96-3)        $20.00

 Seudo Aristóteles. Poridat de las poridades. Edited by Lloyd Kasten. (Madrid, 1957) 94 pp. Paper. (ISBN 0-942260-00-7)             $4.00

Alfonso X, el Sabio. General estoria, Part II. Edition Solalinde, Kasten and Oelschläger (Madrid, 1957-1961) 2 vols., lxvii + 477, 417 pp. Paperback.(ISBN 0-942260-01-5 and 0-942260-02-3)           $50.00

  Alfonso X, el Sabio. Libro de las cruzes. Edition L. A. Kasten and L. B. Kiddle (Madrid and Madison, 1961) xlviii + 173 pp. Paperback. (ISBN 0-942260-03-1)         $20.00


Antonio Orejudo. Las Epístolas familiares de Antonio de Guevara en el contexto epistolar del Renacimiento. (Madison, 1994) xv + 204 pp. Hard-bound. (ISBN 1-56954-026-8)   $25.00

Concordancias lexicográficas de la obra poética de don Luis de Góngora. Prepared by †Javier Núñez Cáceres (Madison, 1994. Joint Publication with The Hispanic Society of America) xxv + 489 pp. Hard-bound. (ISBN 1-56954-010-1)  $35.00

Texts and Concordances of El Lazarillo de Tormes. 1554 printings of Alcalá de Henares, Burgos, and Amberes. Edited by John Beusterien and John O'Neill. See Spanish Series No. 94.

Segunda parte de Lazarillo de Tormes, 1555. Edited by Manuel Ferrer-Chivite. (Madison, 1993) xvi + 273 pp. Hard-bound. (ISBN 0-940639-94-7)   $35.00

Carlos Antonio Rodríguez Matos. El narrador pícaro: Guzmán de Alfarache. (Madison, 1985) vi + 132 pp. Hard-bound. (ISBN 0-942260-51-1)   $12.50

Judith A. Whitenack. The Impenitent Confession of Guzmán de Alfarache. (Madison, 1985) iv + 216 pp. Hard-bound. (IBSN 0-942260-53-8)  $15.00

A Tri-linear Edition of Lazarillo de Tormes of 1554, Burgos, Alcalá de Henares, Amberes. Edited by J. V. Ricapito. (Madison, 1987) xviii + 82 pp. Hard-bound. (ISBN 0-942260-91-0)           $12.50

Fridericus Berghius' Partial Latin Translation of Lazarillo de Tormes and Its Relationship to the Early Lazarillo Translations in Germany. Edited by Charlotte Lang Brancaforte. (Madison, 1983) xxx + 112 pp. Hard-bound. (ISBN 0-942260-32-5)     $12.50

Bruno Mario Damiani. Montemayor's Diana, Music, and the Visual Arts. (Madison, 1983) vi + 118 pp., 1 color plate. Hard-bound. (ISBN 0-942260-28-7)    $11.00

Benito Brancaforte. Guzmán de Alfarache: ¿conversión o proceso de degradación? (Madison, 1980) vi + 230 pp. Hard-bound. (ISBN 0-942260-14-7)    $11.00



Studies in Honor of Lloyd A. Kasten. Edited by T. S. Beardsley, Mary E. Brooks, Alan Deyermond, et al. (Madison, 1975). 300 pp. $15.00

Studies on Medieval Spanish Literature in Honor of Charles F. Fraker. Edited by Mercedes Vaquero and Alan Deyermond. (Madison, 1995) xviii + 287 pp. (ISBN 1-56954-035-7)         $50.00

Linguistic Studies in Medieval Spanish (dedicated to Dennis P. Seniff) Edited by Ray Harris-Northall and Thomas D. Cravens. (Madison, 1992) vi + 208 pp. Hard-bound. (ISBN 0-940639-67-X)         $20.00

Américo Castro: The Impact of His Thought. (Essays to Mark the Centenary of His Birth, 1885-1985). Edited by Ronald E. Surtz, Jaime Ferrán, and Daniel P. Testa. (Madison, 1988) xv + 266 pp. Hard-bound.(ISBN 0-940639-21-1)       $25.00

Estudios dedicados a James Homer Herriott. (Madison, 1966) 234 pp. Cloth. (ISBN 0-942260-05-8)      $9.50


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