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Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies
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1          Moses Maimonides. Text and Concordance of Pedro de Toledo's Spanish Translation of Mostrador e enseñador de los turbados (Guide to the perplexed), Biblioteca Nacional MS. 10289. Edited by Moshé Lazar. (Madison, 1987) 8 pp. + 4 microfiches. (ISBN 0-942260-84-8) $20.00

2          Yehuda Halevi. Text and Concordance of a 15th-Century Ladino translation of The Book of the Kuzari, Biblioteca Nacional MS. 171812. Edited by Moshé Lazar. (Madison, 1989) 12 pp. + 4 microfiches. (ISBN 0-942260-97-X)            $20.00  

3          Concordance to the Ladino Bible of Ferrara, 1553. Edited by Moshé Lazar. (Madison, 1994) 11 pp. + 5 microfiches. (ISBN 1-56954-012-8)        $20.00  

4          Text and Concordance of the Biblia Romanceada, MS. RAH 87. Edited by Moshé Lazar, F. Javier Pueyo Mena, and Andrés Enrique-Arias (Madison, 1994) 10 pp. +4 microfiches. (ISBN 1-56954-022-5) $20.00  

5          Biblia Romanceada. MS. RAH 87. Edition, study, and notes by Moshé Lazar. (Madison, 1994) lxx +354 pp. Hard-bound. (ISBN 1-56954-029-2)    $50.00  

6          Biblia Ladinada. Escorial I.J.3. Critical edition, notes, and commentaries by Moshé Lazar. (Madison, 1995) 2 vols., lxi + 888 pp. Hard-bound. (ISBN 1-56954-047-0)            $60.00  

7          Texto y Concordancias de la Biblia Romanceada. MS. BNM 10.288. Edited by F. Javier Pueyo Mena. (Madison, 1996) 10 pp. + 7 microfiche. (ISBN 1-56954-053-5)        $20.00  

8          Biblia Romanceada. MS. BNM 10.288. Edition, study, and notes by Francisco Javier Pueyo Mena. (Madison, 1996) lxvi + 470 pp. Hard-bo

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