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Hispanics in the United States
Documentos Políticos Fundamentales de los Estados Unidos:
Declaración de Independencia, Constitución, Declaración de Derechos, Alocución de Gettysburg.
Key Documents of US History:
Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Gettysburg Address.

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Hispanics in the US:
Documentos Políticos Fundamentales de los Estados Unidos (Edición bilingüe):
v     Declaración de Independencia
v     Constitución de los EEUU
v     Declaración de Derechos
v     Alocución de Gettysburg

Key Documents of US History (Bilingual Edition):
v     Declaration of Independence 
v     Constitution
v     Bill of Rights
v     Gettysburg Address.

Translated into Spanish by Carlos B. Vega.
      First published in a bilingual edition on Independence Day, 1986 as a tribute to the United States from Hispanic-Americans who signed the document. The initial printing of 3500 copies was presented to the nation’s leaders, institutions, schools, and libraries nationwide.

Widely hailed as the best translations of the historic texts as attested by many prominent individuals, including former U.S. Chief Justice Warren Burger who was presented with a copy at his office in Washington, and President Ronald Reagan who stated: “Your edition of three of America’s greatest documents is a most meaningful addition to my library and will serve as a reminder of your friendship and goodwill.” 

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ISBN: 0-9742338-1-1
Size: 6" x  9" 
Pages: vi + 90 
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  CHARTERS OF FREEDOM, bilingual edition,

 This picture shows the presentation of the original, deluxe edition to former

U.S. Chief Justice Warren Burger

at his Supreme Court’s office in Washington.





     These are some of the comments received on the occasion of the publishing of America’s Charters of Freedom in English and Spanish, Independence Day, 1986.

     Prof. Vega is an able, dedicated and zealous patriot, with a deep concern that Spanish-speaking people would understand and appreciate the esteemed writings of our Founding Fathers.
            Senator Gerald Cardinale

     Prof. Vega, a Bergen County resident, has distinguished himself as an individual interested in the promotion of better understanding and relations between Hispanics and the community at large. His translation, edition and publication work throughout the years has assisted his goal of unity. As Governor, I take great pride in commending your work. New Jersey is proud of the achievements of this New Jersey citizen. I salute you and hope that you will continue your fine work for many years to come.

            Jim Florio, former Governor of New Jersey

     Prof. Vega deserves to be commended for his fine contribution to the body of bilingual literature. His work will provide the non-English proficient Hispanics in this country and abroad an opportunity to read these important documents and perhaps to appreciate the foundations of our country and our democratic society. His initiative is a novel venture which replicates with such accuracy and authenticity the spirit of the original documents. 
T.H. Bell, former U.S. Secretary of  Education

     These translated documents, which have served to form and preserve our “great experiment,” will be invaluable resources to the millions of Spanish-speaking residents of our nation. You are to be commended for your role in this most worthy effort.
Ruth J. Winerfeld, former Chair, League of Women Voters

     The editor of the Commission’s newsletter provided the enclosed copies reporting your presentation to Chief Justice Burger. If a picture is worth 10,000 words, your presentation was  a major story! (I’m serious because there is heavy competition each month for space in the newsletter.)
            Donald E. Reilly
            Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution (1987)


Similar comments were also received, among others, from:

 The U.S. Senate
The U.S. House of Representatives
The U.S. Department of Defense
The Library of Congress
The U.S. Bicentennial Commission
The Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation
The Council for the Advancement of Citizenship
The American Federation of Teachers
The American Library Association
The Center for Civic Education
The United Nations
The City of New York
The Governors and Chief Justices of New York and New Jersey
The Chief Justice of New York and New Jersey
Many U.S. senators and congressmen and mayors from cities across the country
The New York City Public Library
The Newark Public Library
The Lion’s Club
     . . . and a host of universities and colleges, including Columbia University, Rutgers University, the University of Arizona, Montclair State University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Seton Hall University, and many others. It was also widely covered in over 150 national newspapers and magazines, as well as the national broadcast media, including ABC News.

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