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Color Slide Program OF The World's Art

A series developed by McGraw-Hill Book Company in the 1960’s, with 19 different titles discussing various art periods. Presentation of explanatory text in about 47 pages, and 24 slides per title.

CHATELET, ALBERT. Impressionist Painting. Color Slide Program The World's Art. (McGraw-Hill Book) 1962, OUT OF PRINT 47pp. Critical study with 24 slides; CLOTH, $25.00

Complete list of volumes in the series, all at the same price ($25.00 each):  

Painting by the Post-Impressionists. Color Slide Program of the World's Art

1.     German Painting the Old Masters

2.      English Painting The Great Masters 1730-1860

3.      American Painting 1560-1913

4.      Impressionist Painting

5.      Romanticism & Realism

6.      European Painting 18th century

7.      French Painting 17th Century

8.      Early Flemish Paitning

9.      Flemish painting 17th Century

10.  Early Renaissance 15th century Italian Painting


11.  Baroque Art in Italy

12.  Early Italian Painting

13.  Paitning Between the Wars 1918-1940

14.  Origins of Modern Art 1905-1914

15.  Mannerist Painting 16th century

16.  Spanish Painting the Golden Century

17.  Duthc Painting 17th century

18.  High Renaissance Italian Painting

19.  Post-Impressionists.



Color Slide Program OF The GREAT MASTERS

A series developed by McGraw-Hill Book Company in the 1960’s, with 16 different titles discussing various art periods. Presentation of explanatory text in about 48 pages, and 20 slides per title.

    REIFF, ROBERT F.. Renoir. Color Slide Program The Great Masters. (McGraw-Hill Book) 1968, OUT OF PRINT 48pp. Critical study with 20 slides.; CLOTH, $20.00 
    Price per volume: $20.00

  1. Michelangelo
  2. Leonardo da Vinci
  3. Titian
  4. Degas
  5. Picasso
  6. Goya,
  7. Toulouse Lautrec
  8. Chagall
  9. Rembrandt


  1.  Renoir
  2.  Cezanne
  3.  Paul Gauguin
  4.  Bruegel
  5.  Van Gogh
  6.  Homer
  7.  Rubens



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