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    *  This is an offer of over 4,000 books from a private library specialized mostly in English and American Literature, Fiction, Poetry, History and Cultural Studies, Language & Linguistics. 
    *  Most of them are now out-of-print.
Many are first editions of significant value (especially in Fiction & Poetry).
    *  The majority of these books are like new or in a nearly like new condition, at times showing some signs of having been shelved or exposed to light. A number of them show signs of use, or, especially if published before the 1970s, signs of aging. Some of them have been clearly used and on rare occasions marked. We try to describe these conditions as accurately as possible for every title. 
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            No. 1442, ALEXANDER, HUBERT. Meaning in Language (Scott) , OUT-OF-PRINT ; PAPER, $12.00
            No. 6004, BAILEY, CHARLES JAMES NICE. Variation & Linguistic Theory (Center for Applied Ling) 1973,  Photocopies from UMI Books on Demand. 341pp.; PAPER, $37.00
            No. 21405, BAILLY, RENE. Dictionnaire des Synonymes de la Langue Francaise (Larousse) 1941,  Unusual French First Edition of this lexicographic French Synnonym dictionary. Very good no dj; CLOTH, $25.00
            No. 4776, BALDINGER, K. Semantic Theory: Towards a Modern Semantics (St Martins) 1980, OUT-OF-PRINT 320 pp. Vg in dj; CLOTH, $40.00
            No. 1394, BARON, D. Grammar & Good Taste: Reforming the American Language (Yale) 1982,  263 pp.; PAPER, $19.00
            No. 4751, BLONSKY, M. On Signs (Johns Hopkins) 1985, CLOTH/OUT-OF-PR Nearly like new. Extensive work on the subject of semiology.; CLOTH, $55.00
            No. 4689, BOJTAR, A. Slavic Structuralism (Benjamins) 1985,  Linguistics & Literary Studies in Eastern Europe, Vol. 11, 160 pp.; CLOTH, $55.00
            No. 1381, BOLKESTEIN, A. Predication & Expression in Functional Grammar (Academic) 1981, OUT-OF-PRINT 266 pp. vg; CLOTH, $75.00
            No. 4808, BOWERS, J. Theory of Grammatical Relations (Cornell) 1981, OUT-OF-PRINT 286 pp. vg; CLOTH, $50.00
            No. 3056, BROOKS, N. Language & Language Learning: Theory & Practice (Harcourt) 1960, OUT-OF-PRINT 2nd ed.; CLOTH, $30.00
            No. 8231, BURKE, KENNETH. Language as Symbolic Action. Essays on Life, Literature, & Method (University of California Pr) 1966, OUT OF PRINT 514pp. Very good, with two light markings on top edge.; PAPER, $15.00
            No. 436, CAMPBELL, K. Critiques of Contemporary Rhetoric (Wadsworth) 1972,   good; PAPER, $10.00
            No. 4487, CHING, M. Linguistic Perspectives on Literature (Routledge) 1980, OUT-OF-PRINT Like new in nearly like new dust jacket.; CLOTH, $37.50
            No. 2611, CLARK, DONALD LEMEN. Rhetoric in Greco-Roman Education (Columbia U) 1957,  ; CLOTH, $35.00
No. 3026, COLE, PETER. Syntax and Semantics. Speech Acts (Academic Press) 1975, OUT-OF-PRINT No. 3 416 pp; CLOTH, $59.00
            No. 4756, COOK, ALBERT. Myth & Language (Indiana) 1980, OP 332 pp. Like new in like new dj.; CLOTH, $35.00
            No. 8105, DACANAY, FE R.. Techniques & Procedures in Second Language Teaching. (Alemar-Phoenix Publishig) 1967, OUT OF PRINT 251pp. Philippine Center for Language Study. Monograph Series Number 3. J. Donald Bowen, Editor. Excellent copy, some aging.; CLOTH, $45.00
            No. 4697, DASCAL, M. Dialogue: An Interdisciplinary Approach (Benjamins) 1985,  Pragmatics & Beyond Companion Series, Vol. 1 473 pp. vg Very hard to find.; CLOTH, $85.00
            No. 4246, DAVIS, A. Culture, Class, & Language Variety: A Resource Book for Teachers (NCTE) 1972, OUT-OF-PRINT 222pp. vg; CLOTH, $35.00
            No. 4758, DAVIS, M. Body Movement and Non-Verbal Communication. An Annotated Bibliography, 1971-1980 (Indiana) 1981, OUT-OF-PRINT  vg. Like new in dj; CLOTH, $35.00
            No. 4968, DENES, P. Speech Chain: Physics & Biology of Spoken Language (Freeman) 1993,  2nd Ed.; PAPER, $12.00
            No. 8223, DRESNER, JOANNE. It's Up To You. Language Skills and Strategies for Getting a Job. (Longman) 1980, OUT OF PRINT 120pp. Good for self-study or class use. Some soiling.; PAPER, $10.00
            No. 4682, EATON, R. Papers from the 4th Intl. Conference on Historical Linguistics (Benjamins) 1985,  341 pp. Issues in Linguistic Theory, Vol. 41 VG; CLOTH, $45.00
            No. 2783, ELLIOTT, EMORY. Colubia History of the America Novel (Columbia U) 1991,  NEW FROM PUBLISHER; CLOTH, $72.00
No. 3231, FISHER, DEXTER. Minority Language & Literature: Retrospective & Persp. (MLA) 1977, OUT-OF-PRINT ; PAPER, $16.80
No. 4679, FISIAK, JACEK. Papers from the 6th Intl. Conference on Historical Linguistics (Benjamins) 1985,  650 pp. Issues in Linguistics Theory, Vol. 41. Very hard to find. The only copy on Internet; CLOTH, $95.00
            No. 4687, FRIES, PETER H.. Toward an Understanding of Language (Benjamins) 1985,  05-02-91 Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, Vol. 42 384 pp.; CLOTH, $34.50
No. 4797, GARVIN, PAUL L.. Method and Theory in Linguistics (Mouton) 1970, OUT-OF-PRINT 336 pp.; CLOTH, $46.00
            No. 6003, GEORGETOWN UNIV ROUND. Meaning, Form, and Use in Context: Linguistic Applications. (Georgetown University Press) 1984,  341pp. Very good paperback. Very difficult to get.; PAPER, $74.00
No. 2619, GRAUR, A.. Actes Du XeCongres international Des Linguistes, Bucarest, 28 Agut-2 Sep.1967 (Scientific DataLink) 1967,  4 vol. Nearly like new copy with no dust jacket. Major proceedings in International Linguistics. Nearly like new copy with no dust jacket.; CLOTH, $195.00
No. 1398, GUENTHNER, F. & AL.. Meaning & Translation: Philosophical & Linguistic Approaches (NYU) 1978, OUT-OF-PRINT 364 pp.; CLOTH, $59.00
No. 8080, HAYAKAWA, S.I.. Language in Action. (Harcourt, Brace) 1941, OUT OF PRINT 345pp. Good reading copy. No dj; CLOTH, $15.00
            No. 3126, HERZFELD,M.& M.LENHART. Semiotics 1980: Proceedings of 5th. Annual. Mtng. Semiotics Society of America (Plenum) , OUT-OF-PRINT   Like new in nearly like new dust jacket.; CLOTH, $126.00
No. 8034, HJELMSLEV, LOUIS. Language. An Introduction. (University of Wisconsin Pr) 1970, OUT OF PRINT 144pp. Sproget, translated from the Danish by Francis J. Whitfield. An excellent like-new copy in a like-new dust jacket.; CLOTH, $35.00
            No. 1439, HOENIGSWALD, HENRY. Language Change and Linguistic Reconstruction (U Chicago) , OUT-OF-PRINT   Like new in nearly like new dust jacket.; PAPER, $35.00
No. 4775, HYMES, DELL. Foundations in Sociolinguistics: An Ethnographic Approach (U Pennsylvania) 1980, CLOTH/OUT-OF-PR 246 pp.; CLOTH, $39.00
No. 3774, IORDAN-ORR, JORGU & JOHN ORR. An Introduction to Romance Linguistics. Rev. & Supplement by R. Posner (Blackwell) 1970,  Like new. Reprint edition of important work.; CLOTH, $55.00
            No. 2885, KODANSHA. Kodansha's Furigana English-Japanese Dictionary  (1996) (Kodansha) 1996, IN PRINT New from publisher. Japanese. Dictionaries.; PAPER, $20.00
            No. 4478, KOVACH, FRANCIS & AL.. Albert the Great: Commemorative Essays (Oklahoma) , OUT-OF-PRINT  An excellent like-new copy in a like-new dust jacket.; CLOTH, $42.50
            No. 3063, LEHMANN, WINFRED P.. Syntactic Typology: Studies in Phenomenology of Lang. (Harvester) 1978,  ; CLOTH, $59.00
            No. 1878, LEWIS, E. GLYN. Bilingualism & Bilingual Education. Comparative Study. (University of New Mexico Pr) 1980, OUT OF PRINT 455pp. Major study. Bilingual communities, Celtic Languages, Soviet Union languages. A very scarce book. Nearly like new copy with no dust jacket.; CLOTH, $95.00
            No. 4731, LEWIS, E. GLYN. Biblingualism & Bilingual Education (Pergamon) 1981, OUT-OF-PRINT 455 pp. Nearly like new copy with no dust jacket. Major study. Very scarce.; CLOTH, $95.00
            No. 395, MACKEY, W.F.. Language Teaching Analysis (Indiana) 1967, OUT-OF-PRINT  An excellent like-new copy in a like-new dust jacket.; CLOTH, $65.00
No. 4685, MAKKAI, ADAM & AL.. Linguistics & Philosophy. Essays in Honor of R.S.Wells (Benjamins) 1985,  472 pp.; CLOTH, $59.00
            No. 4676, MANCHESTER, MARTIN. Philosophical Foundations of Humboldt's Linguistic Doctrines (Benjamins) 1985,  216 pp.; CLOTH, $49.00
            No. 8035, MARTINET, ANDRE. Elements of General Linguistics. (University of Chicago Press) 1960, OUT OF PRINT 205pp. Translated by Elisabeth Palmer. Exlibris with some pencil markings. Otherwise very good.; CLOTH, $35.00
            No. 4696, MEY, JACOB. Whose Language: A Study in Linguistic Pragmatics (Benjamins) 1985,  Vol. 3 412 pp.; CLOTH, $69.00
            No. 2419, MICHAELS, LEONARD & AL. State of the Language (U California) 1980,  ; CLOTH, $10.00
            No. 1457, MURRAY, FRANK & AL.. Acquisition of Reading: Cognitive, Linguistic, and Perceptual Prerequisties (U Park Press) , OUT-OF-PRINT ; CLOTH, $34.00
            No. 2004, NOSTRAND, HOWARD LEE & AL. Research on Language Teaching. An Annotated International Bibliography, 1945-64. (University of Washington Pr) 1965, OUT-OF-PRINT 373pp. A Checklist of Holdings in Academic, Historical & Public Libraries in the United States. Second Edition, revised.  Like new in nearly like new dj.; CLOTH, $95.00
            No. 8265, NYC BOARD OF EDUCATION. Foreign Language and Your Career. (NYC Board of Education) 1983, OUT OF PRINT 79pp. Very good; PAPER, $10.00
            No. 665, PAPROTTE, WOLF & AL.. Ubiquity of Metaphor (Benjamins) 1985,  Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, Vol. 29 628 pp.; CLOTH, $99.00
            No. 3214, PARKER-RHODES, A.F.. Inferential Semantics (Humanities) 1978, OUT-OF-PRINT 347 pp.  Like new in nearly like new dust jacket.; CLOTH, $55.00
            No. 8077, PEDERSEN, HOLDER. Discovery of Language. Linguistic Science in the Nineteenth Century. (Indiana University Press) 1959, OUT OF PRINT 360pp. Translated by John Webster Spargo. Used exlibris copy. Still good and solid. Unmarked inside.; CLOTH, $25.00
No. 2958, PEI, MARIO. Voices of Man. Meaning & Funciton of Language, The (HR) 1962, OUT-OF-PRINT 154 pp.; CLOTH, $7.50
No. 3388, PEI, MARIO. Glossary of Linguistic Terminology (Columbia) 1966,  299 pp.; CLOTH, $19.75
            No. 8252, RICHARDS, JACK C.. Language Teaching Matrix. (Cambridge University Press) 1990, OUT OF PRINT 185pp. Like new paperback.; PAPER, $15.00
            No. 5293, ROSTAING, MARIE-CLAUDINE.
Parcours, 1A: Le Francais en Europe et en Amerique (Miraflores) ,  20 pp. Copy master for the teaching of French. Part of a Set of Copy Masters, from 1A to 1E; PAPER, $20.00
            No. 5294, ROSTAING, MARIE-CLAUDINE.
Parcours, 1B: Paris, La Rue St. Honore, La Provence (Miraflores) ,  20 pp. Copy master for the teaching of French. Part of a Set of Copy Masters, from 1A to 1E; PAPER, $20.00
            No. 5296, ROSTAING, MARIE-CLAUDINE. Parcours, 1C: Napoleon, Moliere, Asterix (Miraflores) ,  20 pp. Copy master for the teaching of French. Part of a Set of Copy Masters, from 1A to 1E; PAPER, $20.00
            No. 5297, ROSTAING, MARIE-CLAUDINE.
Parcours, 1D: La Belgique, La Suisse, Monaco (Miraflores) ,  20 pp. Copy master for the teaching of French. Part of a Set of Copy Masters, from 1A to 1E; PAPER, $20.00
            No. 5298, ROSTAING, MARIE-CLAUDINE.
Parcours, 1E: La Martinique, L'Afrique (Miraflores) ,  20 pp. Copy master for the teaching of French. Part of a Set of Copy Masters, from 1A to 1E; PAPER, $20.00
            No. 5299, ROSTAING, MARIE-CLAUDINE.
Parcours, 1F: Le Quebec (Miraflores) ,  20 pp. Copy master for the teaching of French. Part of a Set of Copy Masters, from 1A to 1E; PAPER, $20.00
            No. 5048, SEYMOUR, RICHARD K.. Bibliography of Word Formation in the Germanic Language (Duke) 1968, OUT-OF-PRINT  158 pp. An excellent like-new copy in a like-new dust jacket.; CLOTH, $39.00
            No. 3749, SHIPLEY, JOSEPH. Origins of English Words: Discursive Dictionary of Indo-European Roots (Johns Hopkins) 1984,  ; CLOTH, $59.00
            No. 5012, SIMON, S. Inscription sociale de la traduction au Quebec (Goverment of Quebec) 1989, OUT-OF-PRINT 157 pp. Published by Office de la langue francaise; PAPER, $25.00
            No. 4930, SIMON, SHERRY.
L'inscription sociale de la traduction au Quebec: Langues et societes (Gouv. du Quebec) 1988,  157 pp.; PAPER, $25.00
            No. 8230, SOMER, JOHN & J.F. HOY.
Language Experience. (Delta Original) 1974, OUT OF PRINT 265pp. Very good paper back; PAPER, $10.00
            No. 1309, SPARKES, IVAN C.. Dictionary of Collective Nouns & Group Terms (Gale) 1985,  2nd ed.; CLOTH, $69.00
            No. 2957, STEINBECK, JOHN. Grapes of Wrath. (Viking) 1978, OUT-OF-PRINT 619 pp. Very good recent reprint in dj. Like new.; CLOTH, $9.00
            No. 3031, STEINBERG, DANNY. Psycholinguistics: Language, Mind and World. (Longman Linguistic) 1982, OUT-OF-PRINT 242 pp.; PAPER, $15.00
            No. 9033, UITTI, KARL D.. Linguistics & Literary Theory. (Prentice Hall) 1966, OUT OF PRINT 272pp. First Edition. The Princeton Studies. Humanistic Scholarship in America. An excellent like-new copy in a like-new dust jacket.; CLOTH, $55.00
            No. 4694, VAN DER AUWERA, JOHN. Language & Logic: A Speculative & Condition Theory Approach (Benjamins) 1985,  256 pp.; CLOTH, $65.00
            No. 4701, VAN NOPPEN, J-P.. Metaphor: A Bibliography of Post-1970 Publications  (1985), 484 pp (Benjamins) 1985,  484 pp.; CLOTH, $60.90
            No. 4809, WARNOCK, G.J.. Morality & Languages (Barnes & Noble) 1983, OUT-OF-PRINT ; CLOTH, $42.50
            No. 4462, WATERMAN, JOHN. History of the German Language (U Washington) 1976, CLOTH/OUT-OF-PR 280 pp. Brand new in plastic wrap from publisher.; CLOTH, $35.00
            No. 8235, WILLIS, HULON. Introductory Language Study (Schenkman Publishing) 1972, OUT OF PRINT 151pp. Good copy nearly like new.; PAPER, $15.00
            No. 8109, WISE, CLAUDE M.. Applied Phonetics. (Prentice Hall) 1957, OUT OF PRINT 549pp. Author applies phonetic symbols and nomenclature to the description of the principal varieties of the English language in America and the British Isles. Very good to excellent copy.; CLOTH, $69.00
No. 8075, ZINKERNAGEL, PETER. Conditions for Description. (Humanities Press) 1957, OUT OF PRINT 264pp. First edition. Translated from the Danish by Olaf Lindum. Exlibris, otherse very good copy. Language, reality, ordinary language, etc.; CLOTH, $55.00

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