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    *  This is an offer of over 5,500 books from a private library with large selections in English and American Literature & Culture, Language & Linguistics, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Applied Sciences, Medicine and Health, etc.
    *  Most of them are now out-of-print.
Many are first editions of significant value (especially in Fiction & Poetry).
    *  The majority of these books are like new or in a nearly like new condition, at times showing some signs of having been shelved or exposed to light. A number of them show signs of use, or, especially if published before the 1970s, signs of aging. Some of them have been clearly used and on rare occasions marked. We try to describe these conditions as accurately as possible for every title. 
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            No. 2899, ALEXANDER, DALE. Good Health & Common Sense (Witkower) 1960, OUT-OF-PRINT Very Good copy with dj. 180pp.; CLOTH, $10.00
            No. 4580, AUSTIN, G. Drug Use and Abuse: A Guide to Research Findings (ABC Clio) 1984, OUT-OF-PRINT Vol I: Adults & Vol II: Adolescents. vg. Now out of print. Difficult to find. New, unused.; CLOTH, $95.00
No. 6005, BALCH, JAMES F., M.D.. Recetas Nutritivas que Curan (Penguin) 2000,  Guia practica de la A hasta la Z para disfrutar de una buena salud con vitaminas; PAPER, $0.00
No. 2602, BALL, S. Strategies in Genetic Counseling (Human Sciences Press) 1988,  vg; CLOTH, $49.00
            No. 9330, BARR, BEVERLY.
I'd Like to See Less of You. (Atheneum) 1975,  122pp. A Program of 75, fast, easy-to-follow & effective all-purpose exercises for general physical finess, with a special selection of exercises for golfers, swimmers, skiers & tennis players & pregnant woman. An excellent like-new copy in a like-new dust jacket.; CLOTH, $5.00
            No. 5578, BARTLETT, JOHN G.  (M.D.). Guide to Living with HIV Infection. Developed at the Johns Hopkins AIDS∆Clinic (Hopkins U Press) 1991,  356 pp. Revised Edition   Publisher's copy, mint condition.; PAPER, $16.00
No. 2917, BING, ELISABETH D.. Experiences in the Lamaze Method of Prepared Childbirth. The Adventure of Birth. (Simon & Schuster) , OUT-OF-PRINT Good copy with dj. 192pp.; CLOTH, $15.00
            No. 5584, BREWERTON. All About Arthritis. Past Present & Future (Harvard U) 1992,  317 pp.  Publisher's copy, mint condition.; CLOTH, $25.00
No. 4121, BREYFOGLE, N. Urgencias Medicas. Guia Practica para reconocerlas y enfrentarlas con sentido comun. (McGraw Hill) ,   vg; PAPER, $10.50
            No. 2673, BRITANNICA. Medical & Health Annual 1993 (Encyclopaedia Britanica) 1993,  Like new.; CLOTH, $55.00
            No. 2674, BRITANNICA. Medical & Health Annual, 1992 (Encyclopaedia Britanica) 1992,  Like new; CLOTH, $55.00
            No. 627, BROOK DANAE. Naturebirth. You, Your Body, and Your Baby. (Pantheon) , OUT-OF-PRINT Good copy. 302pp.; PAPER, $9.00
            No. 4869, BUSSIGEL, M. Innovation Progress in Medical Education (Praeger) 1988, OUT-OF-PRINT  vg; CLOTH, $45.00
            No. 2356, DUNCAN, W. Recent Results in Cancer Research: Paediatric Oncology (Springer) 1983,  With 28 Figures & 38 Table No. 88 VG; CLOTH, $55.00
No. 4928, GAMBLE, FLETON O.. Roentgenologia Clinica del pie. (Krieger) 1981, OUT-OF-PRINT 458 pp.; CLOTH, $40.00
No. 3810, GHAROTE, M.L.. Guia Practica del Yoga. A Practical Guide to Yoga in Spanish. (Ediciones Destino) 1982,  175 pp.  (Destinolibro 221); CLOTH, $10.00
            No. 4494, GIFFORD, JAMES F. JR.. Evolution of a Medical Center: A History Medicine at Duke University to 1941 (Duke) 1972,  ; CLOTH, $26.00
            No. 2455, HANSFORD R. G. & AL. Reviews of Physiology Biochemistry & Pharmacology (Springer) 1985,  No. 102, with 58 Figures.; CLOTH, $43.00
            No. 2457, HAVEMANN, K. & AL. Recent Results in Cancer Research: Peptide Hormones in Lung Cancer. (Springer) 1985,  No. 99.; CLOTH, $54.50
            No. 3057, HEINERMAN, JOHN.
Milagrosas Hierbas Curativas. (Prentice Hall) ,  676pp. New copy.; PAPER, $8.37
            No. 2472, HERMANN, I. F.. Speech Restroation Via Voice Prostheses. (Springer) 1986, OUT-OF-PRINT With 95 Figures & 43 Tables.; CLOTH, $65.00
No. 2731, HUISMAN, T. H. J.. New Aspects of the Structure, Function, & Synthesis of Hemoglobins. (CRC Press) 1971, OUT-OF-PRINT This monographic work has been long time out of print. 64 pp. Very good condition.; CLOTH, $65.00
            No. 2394, KALLEN, DAVID J.. Clinical Sociology Review (Brunner Mazel) 1985, OUT-OF-PRINT Vol. 3.; CLOTH, $45.00
No. 2906, KENDA, MARGARET ELIZABETH. Natural Baby Food Cookbook. How to Feed your Baby the Natural Way...without commercial (Nash) , OUT-OF-PRINT Very Good copy with dj. 168pp.; CLOTH, $12.00
            No. 2449, KLEIN, GEORGE & AL. Advances in Cancer Research. (Academic) 1985, OUT-OF-PRINT Vol. 44.; CLOTH, $69.00
            No. 5542, KLURFELD, DAVID M.. Human Nutrition: Vol. 8-Nutrition & Immunology: A Comprehensive Treatise  (1993) (Plenum) 1993,  358 pp. Publisher's copy, mint condition.; CLOTH, $99.00
            No. 4534, LONG, ERNEST C.. Health Objectives for Developing Society: Responsibility of Individual... (Duke) 1965, OUT-OF-PRINT 145 pp. An excellent like-new copy in a like-new dust jacket.; CLOTH, $39.00
            No. 2422, MANGEN, DAVID J. & AL. Health, Program Evaluation, and Demography. Vol. 3. Research Instruments in Social Ge.
(U Minnesota) 1984,  469pp. Very good copy.; CLOTH, $39.00
            No. 5595, MANN, JONATHAN & AL. AIDS in the World, A Global Report.  1992 (Harvard U) 1992,  1008  Publisher's copy, mint condition.; PAPER, $19.00
            No. 2441, MCCASLIN, ROSEMARY. Older Person as a Mental Health Worker (Springer) 1983,  ; CLOTH, $29.00
No. 2465, MELNICK, J. L.. Progress in Medical Virology. Vol. 33, (Karger) 1986,  Very good. The only copy of this vol. on Internet now.; CLOTH, $95.00
            No. 5573, MONDIMORE, FRANCIS MARK  (M.D.). Depression: The Mood Disease. Revised edition.  (1993) (Hopkins U Press) 1993,  237 pp.  Publisher's copy, mint condition.; CLOTH, $25.00
            No. 2447, NYHAN, WILLIAM L. & AL. Dysmorphology: March of Dimes. Birth Defects Fuoundation (ARL) 1982, OUT-OF-PRINT 18-3B Nearly like new copy with no dust jacket.; CLOTH, $80.00
No. 621, PANTER, GINDEON G. & AL. Now that you've had your baby... Dou you know? (Spectrum Bk) 1977, OUT-OF-PRINT Good copy. 250pp.; PAPER, $10.00
            No. 5516, PEPER, ERIK & AL.
Creative Wholeness: A Self-Heating Wkbk. Using Dynamic Relaxation, Images & Thoughts. (Plenum Publishing) 1993,  232 pp Publisher's copy, mint condition.; SPIRAL, $30.00
No. 5559, PUENTE, ANTONIO E.. Handbook of Neuropsychological Assessment.  (1991). A Biopsychosocial Perspective. (Plenum) 1991,  526 pp.  Publisher's copy, mint condition.; CLLOTH, $80.00
            No. 2693, PUSCHETT, JULES B.. Diuretics II: Chemistry, Pharmacology, & Clinical Applications (Elsevier) 1989, OUT-OF-PRINT Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Diretics, 1986  (Cascais, Portugal). 828 pp.; CLOTH, $275.00
            No. 628, RODALE PRESS. Be a Healthy Mother, Have a Healthy Baby. (Rodale Press) 1973, OUT-OF-PRINT Good copy with dj. 195pp.; CLOTH, $10.00
            No. 2466, ROSENBERG, H. S. & AL. Perspectives in Pediatric Pathology: Repiatory & Alimentary Tract Diseases (Karger) 1987,  Vol. 11; CLOTH, $125.00
            No. 2956, SCHLOSSBERG, LEON. Atlas of Human Functinal Anatomy (Johns Hopkins) 1993,  3rd ed.  Like new in nearly like new dust jacket.; PAPER, $15.00
No. 623, SILVERSTEIN, ALVIN. Allergies. With an Introduction by Sheldon G. Cohen, M.D. Consultuing Editor. (Lippincott) , OUT-OF-PRINT Good copy. 128pp.; PAPER, $8.00
            No. 6058, SIPES, I.G. & MCQUEEN. Comprehensive Toxicology  (1997), 13 volume set. (Pergamon) 1997,  13 Vol. Set. New in the box. 7,482 pages. Great savings from publisher's price; CLOTH, $2,895.00
            No. 6059, SIPES, I.G. & MCQUEEN. Comprehensive Toxicology  (1997), 13 volume set. CD-ROM EDITION (Pergamon) 1997,  CD-ROM EDITION. Great savings from regular price; CLOTH, $3,495.00
            No. 2473, SPIERS, A. S. D.. Clinical Practice in Urology: Chemotherapy & Urological Malignancy. (Springer) 1982,  ; CLOTH, $49.00
            No. 4878, STEFANIS, C. N. & AL. Psychiatry: World Perspective: Classification & Psychopathology Child Psychiatry (Excerpta Medica) ,  Substance Use. International Congress Series 900. Vol. 1. pp. 1316. Dedicated by the author.; CLOTH, $145.00
            No. 2475, STEINBERG, G. & AL. Progress in Medical Genetics. Vol. IV: Genetics of Gastrointestinal Disease. (Saunders) 1980, OUT-OF-PRINT ; CLOTH, $49.00
            No. 21482, STRAY-GUNDERSEN, KAREN.
Bebes con sindrome de down. Guia para padres. Segunda edicion (Woodbine House) 1997,  Excellent and useful translation of  Babies with Down Syndrome. A New Parents' Guide   Special topics in special education in Spanish.; PAPER, $15.00
            No. 632, STREEPEY, SANDRA. Today He Can't. Tomorrow He Can!: Your Child from Birth to Two Years. (Fountain) 1971, OUT-OF-PRINT Good copy. 108pp. New Revised; PAPER, $10.00
No. 2468, STULA, D.. Cranioplasty: Indicatons, Techniques, & Results. (Springer) 1984,  With 73 Figures.; CLOTH, $69.00
            No. 5563, WEAVER, DAVID D.  (M.D.). Catalog of Prenatally Diagnosed Conditions. 2 ed.  (1993) (Hopkins U Press) 1993,  415 pp. Publisher's Copy, like new.; CLOTH, $65.00
No. 3589, WEISE, FRIEDA O.. Health Statistics; Guide to Information Sources (Gale) 1980, OUT-OF-PRINT A valuable volume from the Gale Series, now out of print. Difficult to get.; CLOTH, $69.00
            No. 4535, WILSON, WILLIAMS P.. Applications of Electroencephalography in Psychiagry, (Duke) 1965,  268 pp.; CLOTH, $49.00
            No. 2453, WORTIS, JOSEPH M. D.. Recent Advances in Biological Psychiatry.
(Plenum) 1966,  Vol. VIII.; CLOTH, $79.00
No. 9317, YOSHIDA, KEN'ICHI. Total-Life Exercise Book. The Official Japanese Physical Fitness Guide. (NYS TESOL) 1980,  307 pp. Over 900 illustrated for peple of all ages & all levels of fitness. Very good paperback.; PAPER, $15.00

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