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    *  This is an offer of over 5,500 books from a private library with large selections in English and American Literature & Culture, Language & Linguistics, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Applied Sciences, Medicine and Health, etc.
    *  Most of them are now out-of-print.
Many are first editions of significant value (especially in Fiction & Poetry).
    *  The majority of these books are like new or in a nearly like new condition, at times showing some signs of having been shelved or exposed to light. A number of them show signs of use, or, especially if published before the 1970s, signs of aging. Some of them have been clearly used and on rare occasions marked. We try to describe these conditions as accurately as possible for every title. 
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            No. 4079, AARON, R.I. Theory of Universals (Oxford) 1952, OUT-OF-PRINT 244 pp.; CLOTH, $30.00
            No. 2890, ALBAN, FRANCIS.
Fatima Priest  (1997) 432 pp. (Good Counsel) , IN PRINT New from publisher. Story of Father Nicholas Fruner, the most controversial priest in the Roman Catholic Church today.; CLOTH, $15.00
            No. 4077, ANDERSON, D. Mormons Murders & Aids (Deviladog) 1988,  New from the publisher; CLOTH, $11.00
            No. 2919, BLAKNEY, R. Meister Eckhart: Central Source & Inspiration of Dominant Currents in Philosophy (HR) , OUT-OF-PRINT Theology Since Aquinas.
397pp.  (1941); PAPER, $35.00
            No. 8278, BLANCO, MATEO & AL.
Religion 3. (McGraw-Hill) 1998, OUT OF PRINT Revision tecnica. Religion textbook for use in Spain for the third year of secondary education.; PAPER, $15.00
No. 12029, BRADLEY, F.H.. Principles of Logic. 2 Volumes Set. (Oxford University Press) 1950, OUT-OF-PRINT 739pp. Second Edition, Revised, with Commentary & Terminal Essays. Exlibrary; CLOTH, $60.00
            No. 9333, BROWN, JUDIE. It is I Who Have Chosen You. An Autobiography (American Life League) 1992,  139pp. Very good paperback.; PAPER, $5.00
No. 5366, CASCARDI, ANTHONY J.. Subject of Modernity. (Cambridge University Press) 1992, OUT OF PRINT 316 pp. Publisher's copy, mint condition.; PAPER, $29.00
No. 25765, CAYCE, EDGAR. Four Volumes in One: Edgar Cayce on Drams, Edgar Cayce on healing, Edgar Cayce on ESP (Bonanza) ,  Edgar Cayce on Diet & Health. Omnibus Edition; CLOTH, $7.00
            No. 2613, COHEN, CARL. Civil Disobedience: Conscience, Tactics & the Law (Columbia U) 1971, OUT-OF-PRINT 222 pp.; CLOTH, $40.00
            No. 4125, DAWSON, C. Dividing of Christendom (Sheed & Ward) 1965, OUT-OF-PRINT 305 pp. vg; CLOTH, $55.00
            No. 12023, DEWEY, JOHN & TUFTS, JAMES. Ethics. Revised Edition (Henry Holt) 1932, OUT-OF-PRINT 528pp.
Exlibrary copy; CLOTH, $19.00
No. 4993, DOMINGO, R. Pasion de Jesus. Evangelio de Juan 18-19 (LEA) 1993,  New. Gospel illustrated with didactical comments.; PAPER, $5.00
            No. 5512, EDWARDS, A. W. F.. Likelihood. Expanded edition.  (1993) (Hopkins U Press) 1993,  275 pp.Publisher's copy, mint condition.; PAPER, $15.00
No. 989, FISK, MILTON. A Moderm Formal Logic. (Prentice Hall) 1964, OUT-OF-PRINT 114 pp.; PAPER, $20.50
            No. 4128, HARRISON, ERNEST. A Church Without God. (Lippincott Company) 1967, OUT-OF-PRINT 152 pp.; PAPER, $14.00
No. 4293, HERO, ALFRED O.. American Religious Groups View Foreign Policy (Duke) 1973,  Trends in Rank-and-File Opinion 1937-1969. Like new.; CLOTH, $35.00
            No. 4196, HOFFER, ERIC. True Believer. (Time Incorporated) 1963,  188 pp.; PAPER, $4.50
            No. 4611, HOLIFIELD, E. BROOKS. Gentlemen Theologians: American Theology in Southern Culture 1795-1860 (Duke) 1978, OUT-OF-PRINT  An excellent like-new copy in a like-new dust jacket.; CLOTH, $35.00
No. 4061, JAGER, RONALD. Essays in Logic from Aristotle to Russell. (Prentice Hall) 1964, OUT-OF-PRINT 180 pp.; PAPER, $27.50
            No. 4070, JUNG, HWA YOL. Existential Phenomenology and Political Theory. (Henry Regnery) 1972, OUT-OF-PRINT 467 pp.; CLOTH, $54.00
            No. 5367, KARSTEN, PETER & AL. Theory, Method, & Practice in Social & Cultural History. (New York University Press) 1992, OUT OF PRINT Publisher's copy, mint condition.; CLOTH, $50.00
            No. 2389, KNIKER, HUNTER CARPER. Religious Schools in America: A Selected Bibliography (Garland) 1986,  Vol. 338; CLOTH, $49.00
            No. 3609, MADDEN, EDWARD H.. Civil Disobedience & Moral Law in 19th Cent. American Philosophy (U Washington) 1968,   Like new paperback.; PAPER, $25.00
No. 317, MARIAS, JULIAN. Reason and Life. The Introduction to Philosophy (Hollis & Carter) 1956,  414 pp.; CLOTH, $29.00
            No. 12024, MAYER, FREDERICK. History of Modern Philosophy. (American Book Co.) 1951, OUT-OF-PRINT 657pp. Exlibrary. Difficult to get.; CLOTH, $45.00
            No. 3668, MCDERMOTT, JOHN. Writings of William James. A Comprehensive Ed. (Modern Library) 1967,  883 pp.; PAPER, $39.00
            No. 3610, MELDEN, A.I., ED.. Essays in Moral Philosopbhy (U Washington) 1958,   Like new paperback.; PAPER, $8.00
No. 4014, MUELLER, DAVID. Makers of the Modern Theological Mind. Karl Barth (Word Books) 1976, OUT-OF-PRINT 173 pp.; CLOTH, $35.00
            No. 4812, NIEMEYER, GERHART. Between Nothingness & Paradise (Louisiana State) , OUT-OF-PRINT 238 pp. An excellent like-new copy in a like-new dust jacket.; CLOTH, $39.00
            No. 12010, NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH. Will to Power. Edited by Walter Kaufman. (Random House) 1967, OUT-OF-PRINT 576pp. First Edition  Like new in nearly like new dj.; CLOTH, $25.00
No. 4210, NUNOKAWA, WALTER. Human Values and Abnormal Behavior (Scott Foresman & Co) 1965, OUT-OF-PRINT 170 pp.; PAPER, $22.00
            No. 325, OATES, WHITNEY. Stoic and Epicurean Philosophers (Random House) 1950, OUT-OF-PRINT 540 pp.; CLOTH, $62.00
No. 3100, OGILVY, JAMES. Many Dimensional Man. Descentralizing Self, Society and the Sacred (Harper Colophon) 1979,  386 pp.; PAPER, $47.60
            No. 3677, OLAFSON, FREDERICK. Principles and Persons. An Ethical Interpretation of Existentialism (Jonhs Hopkins Press) 1967,  256 pp.; CLOTH, $16.00
            No. 3678, OSBORNE, HAROLD. Aesthetics in the Modern World (Weybright & Talley) 1968, OUT-OF-PRINT 380 pp.; CLOTH, $19.00
            No. 4319, PATTERSON, ROBERT L.. Irrationalism & Rationalism in Religion (Duke) 1954, OUT-OF-PRINT 155 pp. An excellent like-new copy in a like-new dust jacket.; CLOTH, $34.00
No. 3958, ROMAN, DANIEL. Tiempo de Vivir. Como Aprovechar al Maximo nuestra propia vida (Ediciones 29) 1988,  Ediciones 29; PAPER, $8.40
No. 3960, ROMAN, DANIEL. Desde Hoy en Adelante. Nuestro mundo tiene un arreglo, comenzando por ti. (Ediciones 29) ,  ; PAPER, $8.40
            No. 4263, ROYCE, JOSIAH.
Basic Writings of Josiah Royce including an annotated bibliography of the Publications of J.R. (University Chicago) 1969, OUT-OF-PRINT 1374 pp., Vol 1 & 2.  Like new in nearly like new dust jacket. Very difficult to find as a set in this excellent condition.; CLOTH, $175.00
No. 4267, ROYCE, JOSIAH. Letters of Josiah Royce (University Chicago) 1970, OUT-OF-PRINT 695 pp.  Like new in nearly like new dust jacket.; CLOTH, $60.00
No. 12027, SCIACCA, MICHELE F.. Philosophical Trends in the Contemporary World. (University of Notre Dame Pr.) 1964, OUT-OF-PRINT 656pp.  Like new in vg dj.; CLOTH, $19.00
            No. 320, SELIGMANN, KURT. Magic, Supernaturalism and Religion (Pantheon Books) 1971, OUT-OF-PRINT  342 pp.; CLOTH, $52.50
            No. 25766, SHELLEY, MARSHALL. Keeping Your Kids Christian. A Candid Look at One of the Greatest Challentges Parents (Vine Books) ,  Heart-to-Heart Counsel from Key Christian Leaders. 296 pp.; CLOTH, $19.00
            No. 5104, SITWELL, SACHEVERELL. Monks, Nuns, & Monasteries (Holt) 1965, OUT-OF-PRINT 218 pp. Large format. Many illustrations. Very good condition with dj.; CLOTH, $59.00
            No. 348, SOLLEY, CHARLES. Development of the Perceptual World. (Basic Books) 1960,  356 pp.; CLOTH, $10.00
            No. 324, SPRAGUE AND TAYLOR. Knowledge and Value. (Harcourt Brace) 1967, OUT-OF-PRINT 2nd ed. 700 pp.; CLOTH, $74.00
No. 9328, TYLENDA, JOSEPH N., S.J.. Jesuit Saints & Martyrs. (Loyola University Press) 1984,  503pp. Very good copy. An excellent like-new copy in a like-new dust jacket.; CLOTH, $10.00
            No. 9039, WATTS, ALAN W.. Wisdom of Insecurity. A Message for an Age of Anxiety. (Pantheon) 1951, OUT OF PRINT 152pp. Second Priting. Exlibris, in still good dj, protected with mylar cover.; CLOTH, $15.00
            No. 5054, WATTS, ALAN. Behold the Spirit. A Study in the Necessity of Mystical Religion. (Pantheon Books) 1971, CLOTH/OUT-OF-PR 269 pp. Very good paperback with a remainder marker line on front spine.; CLOTH, $12.50
            No. 9165, WATTS, ALAN. Book, The. On the Taboo Against Knowing Who Yolu Are. (Pantheon Books) 1966, OUT OF PRINT 146pp. First Edition.; CLOTH, $45.00
            No. 3660, WEST, JESSAMYN. Woman Said Yes. Encounters with Life and Death. (Harcourt Brace) 1976, CLOTH/OUT-OF-PR 180 pp.; CLOTH, $12.50
No. 3627, WIESEL, ELIE. A Beggar in Jerusalem. (Random House) 1970, CLOTH/OUT-OF-PR 212 pp.; CLOTH, $12.50
No. 4370, WIGODER, GEOFFREY. Encyclopedic Dictionary of Judaica (Keter Publishing) 1974, OUT-OF-PRINT 673 pp.; CLOTH, $78.00
            No. 4291, WILSON, EDWARD O.. On Human Nature  (Pulitzer Price for General Non-Fiction) (Harvard) 1978,  260 pp.; PAPER, $9.00

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