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    *  This is an offer of over 5,500 books from a private library with large selections in English and American Literature & Culture, Language & Linguistics, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Applied Sciences, Medicine and Health, etc.
    *  Most of them are now out-of-print.
Many are first editions of significant value (especially in Fiction & Poetry).
    *  The majority of these books are like new or in a nearly like new condition, at times showing some signs of having been shelved or exposed to light. A number of them show signs of use, or, especially if published before the 1970s, signs of aging. Some of them have been clearly used and on rare occasions marked. We try to describe these conditions as accurately as possible for every title. 
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            No. 2564, ANNUAL REVIEWS. Annual Review of Psychology (Annual Review) 1969, OUT-OF-PRINT Vol 20; CLOTH, $48.00
            No. 2565, ANNUAL REVIEWS. Annual Review of Psychology (Annual Review) 1968, OUT-OF-PRINT Vol 19; CLOTH, $48.00
            No. 2740, ARIETI, S. World Biennial of Psychiatry & Psychotherapy (Basic Books) 1973, OUT-OF-PRINT Vol II; CLOTH, $45.00
            No. 2390, BARTLETT, S. Progress in Experimental Personality Research (Academic) 1978, OUT-OF-PRINT Vol. 8; CLOTH, $49.00
            No. 2474, BOWER, G. Psychology of Learning & Motivation (Academic) 1986, OUT-OF-PRINT Advances in Research & Theory, Vol 20; CLOTH, $50.00
            No. 1024, CHIAROMONTE, N. Worm of Consciuosness and other essays (Harcout Brace) 1976, OUT-OF-PRINT 270 pp.; PAPER, $5.00
No. 5687, DE CECCO, JOHN P.. Psychology of Learning & Institruction: Educational Psychology  (1968) (Prentice-Hall) 1968, OP Comprehensive study of the subject. Well organized and visually presented. Heavily but carefully underlined and some annotations in pencil. Still a neat copy.; CLOTH, $10.00
            No. 2615, DIENSTBIER, R. Perpectives on Motivation: Nebraska Symposium on Motivation (U Nebraska) 1990,  OUT-OF-PRINT; CLOTH, $45.00
No. 8288, DUSHKIN, DAVID A.. Psychology Today. An Introduction. (CRM Books) 1970, OUT OF PRINT 707pp An excellent like-new copy. Boxed.; CLOTH, $25.00
            No. 4424, ELLIS, A. Humanistic Psychotherapy. The Rational-Emotive Approach (Julian) 1973, CLOTH/OUT-OF-PR 288 pp.; CLOTH, $18.00
            No. 4851, EPSTEIN, A. Progress in Psychobiology & Physiological Psychology (Academic) 1987,  Vol. 12  An important volume in this series. Very good condition.; CLOTH, $70.00
            No. 332, FINCHER, JACK. Human Intelligence (Putman's Sons) 1976, OUT-OF-PRINT 514 pp.; CLOTH, $25.00
No. 333, FLUGEL, J.C.. Man, Morals, and Society. A Psycho-Analytical Study (International U.) 1955,  330 pp.; CLOTH, $17.00
            No. 5670, FOLEY, VINCENT. Introduction to Family Therapy, Second Ed. 1986 (Grune & Straton) , OP 216 pp. Nearly like new. Inscribed by the author.; CLOTH, $35.00
            No. 5557, FREEMAN, ARTHUR. Comprehensive Casebook of Cognitive Therapy (Plenum) 1992,  395 pp.  Publisher's copy, mint condition.; PAPER, $35.00
No. 1955, FREUD, SIGMUND. Ego & the Id. Translated by Joan Riviere, Revised & Newly Edited by James Trachey. (The Norton Library) 1960, OUT OF PRINT 67pp. Handy edition. Underlined/; PAPER, $5.00
            No. 2483, GAIND, RAGHU N. & AL. Current Themes in Psychiatry. (SP) 1985,  ; CLOTH, $22.50
            No. 2903, HEFFNER, ELAINE. Mothering: The Emotional Experience of Motherhood After Freud & Feminism. (Doubleday) 1978, OUT-OF-PRINT Good copy. 191pp.; CLOTH, $12.00
            No. 12177, HURLOCK, ELIZABETH. Adolescent Development. (McGraw-Hill) 1955, OUT-OF-PRINT 590pp. First Edition. Exlibris copy. Torn on upper edge.; CLOTH, $10.00
            No. 5686, KENDLER, HOWARD. Basic Psychology. Comprehensive textbook study of the subject  (1963) (Appleton-Century Crofts) 1963, OP An important textbook guide to Psychology. Very good copy.; CLOTH, $10.00
No. 4825, LUBIN, BERNARD & AL. Family Therapy: A Bibliography, 1937-1986 (Greenwood) 1988,  ; CLOTH, $49.00
            No. 2512, MASSERMAN, JULES H.. Current Psychiatric Therapies (Grune & Stratton) 1973, OUT-OF-PRINT Vol. 13; CLOTH, $32.04
            No. 2562, MASSERMAN, JULES H.. Current Psychiatric Therapies (Grune & Stratton) 1970, OUT-OF-PRINT Vol. 10 of this important series. Good condition.; CLOTH, $69.00
            No. 2563, MASSERMAN, JULES H.. Current Psychiatric Therapies (Grune & Stratton) 1976,  Vol. 3 of this important series. Good condition.; CLOTH, $49.00
            No. 9058, MCCARY, J.L.. Psychology of Personality. Six Modern Approaches. (Logos Press) 1956, OUT OF PRINT 383pp. Good copy, no dj., sunning on spine. Exlibris.; CLOTH, $19.00
            No. 5685, MURPHY, GARDNER. Personality: Biosocial Approach to Origins and Struct  (1947) (Harper & Brothers) 1947, OP An important psychological study of personality. Ex-library copy. Good condition.; CLOTH, $30.00
No. 9036, NOSHPITZ, JOSEPH D.. Basic Handbook of Child Psychiatry. Volume Three. Therapeutic Interventions. (Basic Books Inc.) 1979, OUT OF PRINT 704pp. First Edition. Saul I. Harrison, Editor. Nearly like new copy with no dust jacket.; CLOTH, $35.00
No. 9037, NOSHPITZ, JOSEPH D.. Basic Handbook of Child Psychiatry. Volume Four. Prevention & Current Issues. (Basic Books Inc.) 1979, OUT OF PRINT 696pp. First Edition. Irving N. Berlin & Lawrence A. Stone Editors. Nearly like new copy with no dust jacket.; CLOTH, $35.00
            No. 2692, O'BRIEN, RICHARD M.. Industrial Behavior Modification: Management Handbook (Pergamon) 1982,   Nearly like new copy with no dust jacket.; CLOTH, $75.00
            No. 8184, POWELL, MARVIN.
Psychology of Adolescence. (Bobbs-Merrill) 1963, OUT OF PRINT 552pp. Exlibris copy, usual markings, mylar cover. Good solid copy.; CLOTH, $19.00
            No. 3006, POWERS, WILLIAM. Behavior: The Control of Perception (Aldine Publishing Co) 1973,  298 pp.; CLOTH, $35.00
            No. 2418, RACHMAN, S.. Advances in Behaviour Research and Therapy (Pergamon) 1980, OUT-OF-PRINT Vol. 3; CLOTH, $53.00
            No. 2481, REESE, HAYNE W.. Advances in Child Development & Behavior (Academic) 1971,  Vol 6; CLOTH, $69.00
            No. 2514, ROSENBLATT, JAY S.. Advances in The Study of Behavior (Academic) 1986,  Vol. 16; CLOTH, $59.00
            No. 4592, ROTHENBERG, ALBERT & HAUSMAN, C.. Creativity Question (Duke) 1976,   An excellent like-new copy in a like-new dust jacket.; CLOTH, $39.00
            No. 2450, RUBIN, RICHARD D. & AL. Advances in Behavior Therapy (Academic) 1971, OUT-OF-PRINT ; CLOTH, $59.00
            No. 5538, SAYLOR, CONWAY F.. Children & Disasters.  (1993) Issues in Child Psychology Series (Plenum Publishing) 1993,  237 pp.Publisher's copy, mint condition.; CLOTH, $38.00
            No. 4563, SHAPIRO, KENNETH & AL.. Experience of Introversion (Duke) 1975,  196pp. An excellent like-new copy in a like-new dust jacket.; CLOTH, $29.00
No. 4277, SINGH, AMARJIT S.. Handbook of Organizational Stress Coping Strategies (Ballinger) 1984,  321 pp.; CLOTH, $36.00
            No. 5684, WATTENBERG, WILLIAM. Adolescent Years: An Adult's Guide to Teen-Age Behavior  (1955) (Harcourt, Brace & world) 1955, OP Ex-library copy. Withdrawn notice. Plaxtic Cover. Good condition.; CLOTH, $10.00
            No. 4994, WILLERMAN, L. Psychology on Individual & Group Differences (Freeman) , OUT-OF-PRINT 542 pp. Good reading copy. Used, highlited with marked, some writing within the covers.; CLOTH, $40.00

N.B. The books we list under any of these subject headings are only a small selection that we simply want to promote more actively. We thought those may be of particular interest to you.

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