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    *  This is an offer of over 5,500 books from a private library with large selections in English and American Literature & Culture, Language & Linguistics, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Applied Sciences, Medicine and Health, etc.
    *  Most of them are now out-of-print.
Many are first editions of significant value (especially in Fiction & Poetry).
    *  The majority of these books are like new or in a nearly like new condition, at times showing some signs of having been shelved or exposed to light. A number of them show signs of use, or, especially if published before the 1970s, signs of aging. Some of them have been clearly used and on rare occasions marked. We try to describe these conditions as accurately as possible for every title. 
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            No. 2621, ALLEN, SIR GEOFFREY. Comprehensive Polymer Science: Synthesis, Characterization, Reactions & Applications (Pergamon) , OUT-OF-PRINT 7 Vol. Set Plus Suppl. One. Very good condition. Vols. 1 & 2, and Suppl.1 now OP. An excellent buy. Could sell Suppl. alone.; CLOTH, $3,500.00
            No. 4991, AMES, J. Theoretical Mechanics (Ginn & Company) , OUT-OF-PRINT 471 pp. Introduction to Mathematical Physics; CLOTH, $40.00
            No. 2612, AMSEL, A. Mechanisms of Adaptive Behavior: Clark L. Hulls Theoretical Papers, with Commentary (Columbia U) 1984, OUT-OF-PRINT Fine; CLOTH, $55.00
            No. 3603, ARNOLD, B. Intuitive Concepts in Elementary Topology (Prentice-Hall) 1962, OUT-OF-PRINT 192 pp., 2nd. printing; CLOTH, $44.50
            No. 5532, BAILEY, J. A. & AL.. COLLETOTRICHUM: Biology, Pathology, and Control (CAB International) 1992,  388 pp. Publisher's copy, like new.; CLOTH, $129.00
            No. 2888, BAINES, P. Topographic Effects in Stratified Flows. (Cambridge UP) 1995,   Damaged cover; CLOTH, $37.50
            No. 589, BALACHANDRAN, S. Energy Statistics: Guide to Information Sources (Gale) 1980, OUT-OF-PRINT A valuable volume from the Gale Series, now out of print. Difficult to get.; CLOTH, $69.00
            No. 2748, BARRA, J. Mathematical Basis of Statistics: Series of Monographs & Textbook (Academic Pr) 1981, OUT-OF-PRINT  vg; CLOTH, $59.00
            No. 5605, BEAL, ROBERT C.. Directional Ocean Wave Spectra. The Johns Hopkins Studies in Earth and Space Sciences (Hopkins) 1993,    Publisher's copy, mint condition.; CLOTH, $57.00
            No. 4992, BECKER, B. Finite Element Simulation of Viscous Incompressible Flows (NTIS) , OUT-OF-PRINT 65 pp. Photocopied Report by NTIS.; PAPER, $27.00
            No. 5552, BECKER, MARTIN. Heat Transfer: A Modern Approach.  (1986) (Plenum) 1986, OUT-OF-PRINT 421 pp.  Publisher's copy, mint condition.; CLOTH, $80.00
            No. 3740, BEHNKE, H. Fundamentals of Mathematics: I. Real Number System; II. Geometry; III. Analysis (MIT Press) 1988, OUT-OF-PRINT 1788 pages. 3 volume set. Fifth Ed. Reprint of the 1974 in 3 uniform vols. No dj. Nearly like new.; CLOTH, $75.00
            No. 5544, BITTER, J. G. A.. Transport Mechanisms in Membrane Separation Processes.  (1991) Plenum Chemical Engineering Series (Plenum) 1991,  219 pp. Publisher's copy, mint condition.; CLOTH, $70.00
            No. 5556, BOCKRIS, JOHN & AL.. Surface Electrlochemistry. A Molecular Level Approach (Plenum) 1993,  1014 pp.  Publisher's copy, mint condition.; PAPER, $39.00
            No. 2694, BRANICA, M. Lead in the Marine Environment (Pergamon) 1980, OUT-OF-PRINT 365pp. vg. This is an authorized photocopy of the original work, now out of print. Potographs do not show the same resolution as the originals. This book is otherwise unavailable. Only one copy.; PAPER, $160.30
            No. 2590, BRAUN, R. Introduction to Instrumental Analysis (MGH) , OUT-OF-PRINT  VG. Instructor's Solutions Manual to Accompany the book. Only the solutions manual is offered.; PAPER, $58.00
            No. 5560, BRAUNBECK, T., W. HANKE. Fish: Ectoxicology & Ecophysiology.  (1993) (VCH) 1993,  Publisher's copy, mint condition.; CLOTH, $140.00
            No. 3191, BROEMELING, L. Bayesian Analysis of Linear Models (Marcel Dekker) 1985,  466 pp. Vol 60.; Like new; CLOTH, $95.00
            No. 2815, BUCKINGHAM, J. Dictionary of Organic Compounds (Routledge) 1982,  5th ed., Vol 1  vg; CLOTH, $175.00
            No. 2816, BUCKINGHAM, J. Dictionary of Organic Compounds (Routledge) 1982,  5th ed., Vol .2, vg; CLOTH, $146.00
            No. 2817, BUCKINGHAM, J. Dictionary of Organic Compounds (Routledge) 1982,  5th ed., Vol .5, vg; CLOTH, $146.00
            No. 2818, BUCKINGHAM, J. Dictionary of Organic Compounds (Routledge) 1982,  Heteroatom Index, Cas Registry Number Index. 1259pp., 5th ed., Molecular Formula Inde., vg; CLOTH, $146.00
            No. 2819, BUCKINGHAM, J. Dictionary of Organic Compounds (Routledge) 1982,  5th ed., Name Index, 738 pp., vg; CLOTH, $146.00
            No. 2823, BUCKINGHAM, J. & AL. Dictionary of Organic Compounds (Routledge) 1984,  5th ed., Supplement 2, 637 pp.; CLOTH, $146.00
            No. 2820, BUCKINGHAM, J. Dictionary of Organic Compounds (Routledge) 1988,  5th ed., 637 pp., Supplemen. Vol. 6, vg; CLOTH, $146.00
            No. 2824, BUCKINGHAM, J. Dictionary of Organometallic Compounds (Routledge) 1984,  3 vol., vg. Original 3 vol. set. An outstanding buy. Save hundreds of dollars; CLOTH, $695.00
            No. 4981, BURK, J. Petroleum Lands & Leasing (PennWell) 1983, OUT-OF-PRINT  vg; PAPER, $55.00
            No. 2454, CAMPBELL, R. Advances in Polyamine Research. Vol. 1 (Raven) 1978, OUT-OF-PRINT Very good condition; CLOTH, $75.00
No. 2902, CENTRO AGROPECUARIO. Guia para el manejo integrado de plagas del cultivo de Maiz (Turrialmba) ,   vg; PAPER, $19.00
No. 2491, CERCIGNANI, C. Theory & Application of the Boltzmann Equation (Scottish Ac Pr) 1975, OUT-OF-PRINT  vg; CLOTH, $59.00
            No. 4932, CHAPMAN, S. Mathematical Theory on Non-Uniform Gases (Cambridge) 1952, OUT-OF-PRINT 3rd Ed. vg; CLOTH, $75.00
            No. 5518, COMMISSION FOR THE INVESTIGATION. MAK- and BAT-Values 1992. Minimum Concentrations at the Workplace & Biological Tolerance Values (VCH) 1992,  115 pp. Publisher's copy, mint condition. In shrink wrap plastic. Report No. 28 of the Commission for the Investigation of Health Hazards of Chemical Compounds in the Work Area; PAPER, $53.00
            No. 5021, CRAWFORD, J.. Marine & Offshore Pumping & Piping Systems. (Butterworths) , OUT-OF-PRINT ; CLOTH, $72.00
No. 874, CURTIS & REINER. Representation Theory of FInite Groups and Associative Algebras (Wiley) 1962,  694 pp.; PAPER, $69.00
            No. 4433, DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. Agricultural Statistics 1983 (U S Departm. Agric.) ,  558 pp.; CLOTH, $22.00
            No. 2586, DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR. Appraisal of Minerals Availability for 34 Commodities. (US Dpt. Interior Bur) 1987, OUT-OF-PRINT Bulletin 692; CLOTH, $35.00
            No. 5503, FRANK-KAMENETSKII, MAXIM. Unraveling DNA.  (1993) (VCH Publishers) 1993,    Publisher's copy, mint condition.; CLOTH, $25.00
            No. 3181, FULLER, W. Progress in Physics. Biophysics (W.A. Benjamin) 1969,  560 pp.; PAPER, $70.00
            No. 8923, GARDNER, MARTIN. New Ambidextrous Universe.Symmetry & Asymmetry from Mirror Reflections to Superstrings (Freeman) 1990, OUT OF PRINT Third Revised Edition. Like new paperback; PAPER, $10.00
No. 2467, GILLES, R. & AL. Transport Precesses, Iono-& Osmoregualtion.: Current Comparative Approaches. (Springer) 1985,  With 182 Figures.; CLOTH, $74.50
            No. 4884, GMELIN-INSTITUT FOR ANORG. Gmelin Handbook: Si Silicon Nitride in Microelectronics & Solar Cells, Suppl. Vol B 5c (Springer-Verlag) 1991,  414 pp. Special Discount. This volume was publishd at nearly three times the price. Now it is out-of-print. Lithographic Projection. Monolithic Masks. encapsulation. Recrystallization. Resistor Fabrication. Semiconductor Memory Devices. Compound Semiconductors. Sensors.; CLOTH, $518.80
            No. 5551, GOLDSTEIN, JOSEPH I. & AL. Scanning Electron Microscopy & X-Ray Microanalysis. 2nd ed.  (1992) (Plenum) 1992,  820 pp. Publisher's copy, mint condition. A Text for Biologists, Material Scientists, and Geologists; CLOTH, $55.00
No. 4971, GOSSOM, W. J.. Control of Projects, Purchasing & Materials (PennWell) 1983,  127 pp. Industrial project management.; PAPER, $25.00
            No. 4292, GOULD, STEPHEN J.. Times Arrow-Time's Cycle: Myth & Metaphor in the Discovery of Geological Time (Harvard) 1987,  Like new paperback; PAPER, $15.00
            No. 4978, GRANMER, JOHN L.. Basic Drilling: Engineering Manual (PennWell) 1982,  Like new; PAPER, $15.00
            No. 3974, GRAVES, P.R. Lectures Notes in Mathematics. Rational Approximation and Interpolation No. 1105 (Springer Verlag) 1980,  Proceeding Tampa Florida 1983; PAPER, $25.00
            No. 5558, GUSTAFSON, J. PERRY. Gene Manipulation in Plant Improvement II: 19th Stadler Genetics Symposium.  (1990) (Plenum) 1990,  437 pp.  Publisher's copy, mint condition.; CLOTH, $110.00
            No. 5508, GUSTAFSON, J. PERRY. Gene Conservation & Exploitation: 20th Stadler Genetics Symposium.  (1993) (Plenum Publishing) 1993, IN PRINT 224 pp. Publisher's copy, mint condition.; CLOTH, $70.00
            No. 4979, HALL, STEWART R.. Drilling & Producing Offshore. (PennWell) 1983,   Like new paperback.; PAPER, $12.00
            No. 2825, HIIL, KAREN & AL. Gale Environmental Sourcebook: Guide to Organizations, Agencies, & Publications. (ABC Clio) 1991, OUT-OF-PRINT 688pp.; CLOTH, $30.00
            No. 5519, HOPP, RUDOLF & KENJI MORI. Recent Developments in Flavor & Fragrance Chemistry (VCH) 1993, OUT-OF-PRINT 304 pp. Publisher's copy, nearly like new.  Proceedings of the 3rd International Haarmann & Reimer Symposium.; CLOTH, $195.00
            No. 4964, KELLY, A FENWICK. Seed Planning & Policy for Agriculutral Production. (Laverham Press) 1989,  ; CLOTH, $35.00
            No. 5545, KLIR, GEORGE J.. Facets of Systems Science.  (1991) (Plenum) 1991,  664 pp. Publisher's copy, mint condition.; CLOTH, $80.00
No. 1425, KOLMANOVSKI, V.B. & AL.. Stability of Functional Diferential Equations (Academic) 1986,  196 pp. Mathematics in Science & Engineering Series; PAPER, $49.00
No. 5547, LADD, M. F. C.. Structure Determination by X-Ray Crystallography. 3rd ed.  (1993) (Plenum) 1993,  586 pp. Publisher's copy, near mint condition.; CLOTH, $50.00
            No. 3978, LEUNG, ALBERT. Encyclopedia of Common Natural Ingredients used in Food, Drugs and Cosmetics. (Wiley) 1995,  Important reference work. Current Edition. New; CLOTH, $175.00
No. 5541, LEVENSPIEL, OCTAVE. Engineering Flow & Heat Exchange.  (1984) Plenum Chemical Engineering Series (Plenum) 1986,  366 pp. Slight double tear at bottom of spine.  Otherwise, Publisher's copy, mint condition.; CLOTH, $70.00
            No. 5505, MARKERT, BERND. Plants as Biomonitors for Heavy Metal Pollution of the Terrestrial Enviornment.  1993 (VCH Publishers) 1993,  Publisher's copy, mint condition.; CLOTH, $210.00
            No. 5586, MATTHEWS, G. A. & AL. Application Technology for Crop Protection. (CAB Intl) 1993,  359 pp.  Publisher's copy, mint condition.; CLOTH, $115.00
            No. 4302, MAYR, ERNST. Towards a New Philosophy of Biology: Observations for an Evolutionist (Harvard) 1988, CLOTH/OUT-OF-PR 563 pp.; CLOTH, $49.00
            No. 5597, MCKUSICK, VICTOR A.  (M.D.). Mendelian Inheritance in Man. 2 vols. set.  (1993) 10th Edition (Hopkins U Press) 1992,  2320 pp.   Publisher's copy, mint condition.; CLOTH, $85.00
            No. 2585, METAL STATISTICS. Metallgesellschaft Aktiengesellschaft. 69th ed. 1971-1981 (Frankfurt Am Main) 1982,  ; CLOTH, $37.50
No. 2591, METZ, CLYDE. Physical Chemistry. Student/Inst., Solutions Supplement to Accompany Barrow (MGH) ,  5th ed.; PAPER, $14.60
            No. 5602, MITRA, SHANKAR & AL. Structural Geology of Fold & Thrust Belts.  (1993) (Hopkins U Press) 1992,  254 pp.  Publisher's copy, mint condition. Johns Hopkins Studies in Earth adn Space Sciences.; CLOTH, $70.00
No. 5592, MOELLER, DADE. Enviornmental Health. (Harvard U) 1992,  332 pp.  Publisher's copy, mint condition.; CLOTH, $42.00
            No. 4980, MOHAMMAD, NOOR. Perspectives in Agricultural Geography: Field of Agricultural Geography. Vol. 1 (Concept Pub.) 1981, OUT-OF-PRINT 447pp.; CLOTH, $75.00
            No. 4982, MOHAMMAD, NOOR. Perspectives in Agricultural Geography: Human Dimensions in Agriculture, Vol. 5 (Concept Pub.) 1981, OUT-OF-PRINT 503pp.; CLOTH, $75.00
            No. 4984, MOHAMMAD, NOOR. Perspectives in Agricultural Geography:Regional Dimensions in AgricultureoVol.4 (Concept Pub.) 1981, OUT-OF-PRINT 493pp.; CLOTH, $75.00
            No. 4985, MOHAMMAD, NOOR. Perspectives in Agricultural Geography:Land Use & Planning, Vol. 3 (Concept Pub.) 1981, OUT-OF-PRINT 533pp.; CLOTH, $75.00
            No. 4986, MOHAMMAD, NOOR. Perspectives in Agricultural Geography: Framework of Agriculture, Vol. 2 (Concept Pub.) 1981, OUT-OF-PRINT 543pp.; CLOTH, $75.00
            No. 4295, MORAVEC, HANS. Mind Children: The Future of Robot & Human Intelligence (Harvard) 1988,  213 pp; CLOTH, $25.00
            No. 3972, MULLER, G.H.. Lectures Notes in Mathematics. Models and Sets. Part I, Proceedings Logic Colloquium (Springer Verlag) 1980,  486 pp.; PAPER, $39.00
            No. 3975, MURARKA, ISHWAR. Solid-Waste Disposal and Re-Use in the United States (CRC Press) 1987,  349 pp. Vol. I & II.
Environmental Science. Recycling. Very scarce set.; CLOTH, $175.00
            No. 5596, NOWAK, RONALD M.. Walker's Mammals of the World. 5th edition. Vol. 1 & 2. (Hopkins) 1993,    Publisher's copy, mint condition.; CLOTH, $85.00
No. 615, OCHOA, R.. Phytophagous Mites of Central America: An Illustrated Guide (CATIE) 1994,  234 pp.; PAPER, $12.00
No. 616, OCHOA, R.. Acaros Fitofagos de America Central: Guia Illustrada (CATIE) 1994,  251 pp.; PAPER, $12.00
No. 5553, PARK, JOON B.. Biomaterials: An Introduction. 2nd edition.  (1992) (Plenum) 1992,  394  Publisher's copy, mint condition.; CLOTH, $55.00
            No. 2444, PFAFFIN, JAMES R.. Advances in Environmental Science & Engineering (Gordon) 1979,  Vol. 2; CLOTH, $69.00
No. 2896, RAO & MELNICK. Environmental Virology (ASM) 1986,  88 pp.; PAPER, $17.00
            No. 4853, RAO & MELNICK. Environmental Virogy (ASM) , OUT-OF-PRINT Vol 13; PAPER, $17.50
            No. 3007, REPORT OF THE NUCLEAR ENERGY. Nuclear Power: Issues and Choices (Ballinger Publishing) 1977,  427 pp.; PAPER, $50.00
            No. 3973, RICHTER, M.M.. Lectures Notes in Mathematics. Computation and Proof Theory No. 1104 (Springer Verlag) 1980,  Part II; CLOTH, $39.00
            No. 4354, ROBERTS, JOHN H.. Duke Mathematical Journal (Duke) 1957, CLOTH/OUT-OF-PR Index Vols. 1-22 An excellent like-new copy in a like-new dust jacket.; CLOTH, $59.00
No. 5546, ROSE, DAVID J.. Learning about Energy.  (1986) (Plenum) 1986, OU-OF-PRINT 506 pp. Publisher's copy, mint condition.; CLOTH, $95.00
            No. 2436, ROUSE, WILLIAM B.. Advances in Man-Machine systems Research (Jai Press) 1987,  Vol 3.; CLOTH, $49.00
            No. 4309, SALTHE, STANLEY. Evolving Hierarchical Systems: Their Structure & Representation (Columbia) 1985,  343 pp.; CLOTH, $34.00
            No. 3591, SARGENT II, M.D., FREDERICK. Human Ecology: Guide to Information Sources (Gale) 1983, OUT-OF-PRINT A valuable volume from the Gale Series, now out of print. Difficult to get.; CLOTH, $69.00
            No. 4622, SCHENCK, CARL A.. Birth of Forestry in America: Biltmore Forest School 1898-1913 (Duke) 1974, CLOTH/OUT-OF-PR ; CLOTH, $39.00
            No. 5511, SCHLEIF, ROBERT. Genetics & Molecular Biology. 2nd edition.  (1993), Second Edition (Hopkins U Press) 1993,  720 pp Publisher's copy, mint condition.; PAPER, $45.00
            No. 5028, SCHOUTEN, J.A.. Tensor Analysis for Physicists. (Dover) ,  2nd ed. 277pp. Like new paperback.; PAPER, $25.00
No. 2738, SERRA, J.A.. Modern Genetics (Academic) 1968, OUT-OF-PRINT Vol 1-3, 1970 pp. One of the pioneer treatises on the subject. Exlibris  (marked DISCARD). Otherwise good. No dj.; CLOTH, $495.00
            No. 2822, SHAFER, WADE H.. Masters Theses in the Pure & Applied Sciences (Plenum) 1986,  Vol 29, 393pp.; CLOTH, $62.50
            No. 5563, SHEPARD, THOMAS H.  (M.D.). Catalog of Teratogenic Agents. 7th edition.  (1993) (Hopkins U Press) 1993,  534 pp.  Publisher's copy, but very slight water damage to front edge.; CLOTH, $65.00
No. 4861, SINGH, MADAN G.. Systems & Control Encyclopedia: Theory, Technology, Applications. (Pergamon) ,  Supplementary Volumes 1 & 2  (1990, 1992). NET PRICE.; CLOTH, $499.00
No. 4862, SINGH, MADAN G.. Systems & Control Encyclopedia: Theory, Technology, Applications (Pergamon) 1987,  8 vol. Very good. Chemical industries. Power Generation. Road Traffic Control. Air Traffic Control. Manufacturing Systems.; CLOTH, $2,995.00
            No. 4765, SNELL, E.J.. Applied Statistics: A Handbook of BMDP Analyses (Chapman & Hill) 1987, OUT OF PRINT 171 pp. NEW; PAPER, $19.00
            No. 5056, SNELL, E.J.. Applied Statistics. A Handbook of BMDP Analyses. (Chapman & Hall) 1987, OUT OF PRINT 173 pp.; PAPER, $19.00
            No. 5001, SOMBRET, CLAUDE G.. Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XV. (Symposium Proceeding) ,  ; CLOTH, $67.00
            No. 2471, STEERE, WILLIAM CAMPBELL. Biological Abstracts/ BIOSIS: First Fifty Years:Evolution of Major Scince Inf.
Service (Plenum) 1976,  ; CLOTH, $39.00
No. 4855, STEPHEN & PIETROWSKI. Bacterial Toxins. (ASM) ,  Vol. 2. 2nd ed.; PAPER, $12.00
            No. 4999, STEWART, IAN. Another Fine Math You've Got Me Into... (Freeman) ,  ; CLOTH, $21.95
            No. 634, TAPPI PRESS. Corrugated Containers & Packaging 97/98 Technical Information Papers (Tappi Press) 1997, IN PRINT Fine  (New). 493pp. In Print.; PAPER, $65.00
            No. 635, TAPPI PRESS. Pulping & Paper Production: 97/98 Technical Information Papers. (Tappi Press) 1997, IN PRINT Fine  (New). 1099pp. In Print.; PAPER, $65.00
            No. 2923, TAPPI PRESS. 1998-1999 Test Methods. Tappi Test Methods (Tappi Press) 1998, IN PRINT Fine  (New). 1530pp. In Print. Official test methods. Standard Practices.; PAPER, $99.00
            No. 2924, TAPPI PRESS. How Paper Is Made: An Overview of Pulping & Papermaking from Woodyard to Finished Prod (Tappi Press) 1997, IN PRINT New 3 CD-ROMS.; CD-ROM, $125.00
            No. 4561, THOMAS, WILLIAM A.. Legal and Scientific Uncertainties of Weather Modification (Duke) 1977, OUT-OF-PRINT  An excellent like-new copy in a like-new dust jacket.; CLOTH, $16.00
No. 5144, TINKER, P.B.. Advances in Plant Nutrition. Volume 1. (Praeger) 1984, OUT-OF-PRINT 300 pp. Vol. 1.; CLOTH, $39.60
            No. 5098, UNDERHILL, ANNE B.. Early Type Stars - Astrophysics & Space Science Library (Reidel) 1966,  ; PAPER, $70.00
            No. 4335, VERNON, JOHN M.. Public Investment Planning in Civilian Nuclear Power. (Duke) 1971, OUT-OF-PRINT 167 pp. An excellent like-new copy in a like-new dust jacket.; CLOTH, $39.00
            No. 4822, WALTERS, LEROY & AL. Bibliography of Bioethics, (Kennedy Institute of Ethics) 1981,  Vol. 10, Like new; CLOTH, $60.00
            No. 2410, WALTERS, LEROY. Bibliography of Bioethics, (Free Press) 1981, OP Vol. 7, Like new.; CLOTH, $60.00
            No. 5549, WELLNER, MARCEL. Elements of Physics.  (1991) (Plenum) 1991,  693 pp. Publisher's copy, mint condition.; CLOTH, $50.00
            No. 2925, WHITE, DON. EMC Desk Reference Encyclopedia. 1997, First Edition. Compendium of 3,000 entries. (emf-emi control, Inc.) 1998, IN PRINT Fine  (New). Book and CD-ROM. 624pp.; CLOTH, $90.00
            No. 4973, YOUNG, WILLIAM J.. Organization of Instrumentation Guidelines. (PennWell) 1982,  ; PAPER, $39.00
            No. 4976, ZAJIC, J. E. & AL. Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery. (PennWell) 1983,  ; PAPER, $39.00
            No. 2492, ZUBIETA & KARLIN. Copper & Coordination Chemistry: Biochemical & Inorganic Perspectives. (Adenine) 1983, OUT-OF-PRINT  Nearly like new copy with no dust jacket.; CLOTH, $89.00

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