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    *  This is an offer of over 4,000 books from a private library specialized mostly in English and American Literature, Fiction, Poetry, History and Cultural Studies, Language & Linguistics. 
    *  Most of them are now out-of-print.
Many are first editions of significant value (especially in Fiction & Poetry).
    *  The majority of these books are like new or in a nearly like new condition, at times showing some signs of having been shelved or exposed to light. A number of them show signs of use, or, especially if published before the 1970s, signs of aging. Some of them have been clearly used and on rare occasions marked. We try to describe these conditions as accurately as possible for every title. 
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            No. 12224, BARNATAN, M.R.. Antologia de la Beat Generation. (Plaza y Janes) 1977, OUT-OF-PRINT 175pp. Selecciones de poesia universal Texto Bilingue.; CLOTH, $10.00
            No. 4166, CESBRON, G. Veras el Cielo Abierto (Destinolibro 116) 1980,  314 pp.; PAPER, $10.00
No. 4666, CONRAD, SUSAN P.. Perish the Thought: Intellectual Women in Romantic America, 1830-60 (Citadel) 1976,  Very good copy in pb. First pb printing. Remainder mark at bottom.; PAPER, $10.00
            No. 864, CRICHTON, ROBERT. Los Cameron (Ediciones Destino) 1972, OUT-OF-PRINT 527 pp.; CLOTH, $10.50
            No. 4009, GARDNER, JOHN.
Grendel. (Ediciones Destino) 1971,  191 pp. Spanish Version; CLOTH, $7.50
            No. 8615, GRAU, SHIRLEY ANN.
Condor pasa, El. (Ediciones Destino) 1974, OUT OF PRINT 394pp.  Like new in nearly like new dust jacket.; CLOTH, $15.00
No. 870, HOLT, VICTORIA. La Sombra del Lince. (Ediciones Destino) 1975,  425 pp.; CLOTH, $11.00
            No. 876, HOLT, VICTORIA. La Noche de la Septima Luna. (Ediciones Destino) 1973,  308 pp.; CLOTH, $11.00
            No. 879, HOLT, VICTORIA. Las Arenas Movedizas. (Ediciones Destino) 1969,  350 pp.; CLOTH, $11.00
            No. 4160, HOLT, VICTORIA. La Mujer Secreta. (Destinolibro 102) 1980,  364 pp.; CLOTH, $11.00
No. 12221, HUGHES, TED. Antologia Poetica. Version de Jesus Pardo. (Plaza y Janes) 1971, OUT-OF-PRINT 247pp. First Edition. Selecciones de poesia universal Texto Bilingue.; CLOTH, $15.00
No. 4012, KADARE, ISMAIL. Los Tambores de la LLuvia. (Ediciones Destino) 1972,  309 pp.; CLOTH, $10.50
No. 4132, KOESTLER, ARTHUR. Cero y el Infinito. (Destinolibro 20) 1978,  252 pp.; PAPER, $4.00
No. 4042, LOBSANG RAMPA, TUESDAY. Tu Para Siempre. (Ediciones Destino) 1975,  274 pp.; CLOTH, $10.50
No. 4134, LOBSANG RAMPA, TUESDAY. La Sabiduria de los Antepasados. (Destinolibro 64) 1979,  216 pp.; PAPER, $4.00
            No. 855, MALAMUD, BERNARD. Los Inquilinos (Ediciones Destino) 1971,  205 pp.; CLOTH, $14.50
            No. 856, MALAMUD, BERNARD. El Sombrero de Rembrandt (Ediciones Destino) 1979,  227 pp.; CLOTH, $14.50
No. 3049, MCBAIN, ED. Hasta que la Muerte (DestinoSuspense) 1987,  180 pp.; PAPER, $6.00
No. 3995, MCCALL, DAN. Jack el Oso (Ediciones Destino) 1974,  204 pp.; CLOTH, $10.50
            No. 858, MURDOCH, IRIS. Principe Negro. (Ediciones Destino) 1977,  420 pp.; CLOTH, $14.50
            No. 867, MURDOCH, IRIS. Derrota bastante honrosa (Ediciones Destino) 1970,  ; CLOTH, $14.50
            No. 4178, MURDOCH, IRIS. Maquina del Amor Sagrado y Profano  (Sacred & Profane Love Machine) (Destinolibro 82) 1980,  409 pp.; PAPER, $9.50
            No. 4173, OLDENBOURG, ZOE. La Piedra Angular (Destinolibro 118) 1980,  499 pp.; PAPER, $5.00
No. 854, ORWELL, GEORGE. El Camino de Wigan Pier (Ediciones Destino) 1976,  232 pp; CLOTH, $10.50
No. 3994, ORWELL, GEORGE. Venciste Rosemary (Ediciones Destino) 1976,  300 pp.; CLOTH, $10.50
No. 4139, ORWELL, GEORGE. 1984. Spanish Translation (Destinolibro 54) 1979,  312 pp.; PAPER, $3.50
            No. 5085, ORWELL, GEORGE.
Subir por el aire (Destinolibro 160) 1981,  235 pp.; PAPER, $3.50
            No. 875, SAIKO, GEORGE. El Hombre de los Juncos (Ediciones Destino) 1974,  432 pp.; CLOTH, $10.50
            No. 12223, SANDBURG, CARL. Antologia. Version de Agusti Bartra. (Plaza y Janes) 1973, OUT-OF-PRINT 191pp. First Edition. Selecciones de poesia universal Texto Bilingue.; CLOTH, $15.00
            No. 869, SIMONOV, KONSTANTIN. El Ultimo Verano (Ediciones Destino) 1971,  630 pp.; CLOTH, $5.00
            No. 4185, VERNE, JULIO. Miguel Strogoff. Las Grandes Novelas de Aventuras 2. (Ediciones Orbis) 1984,  280 pp.; CLOTH, $5.00
            No. 21473, VERNE, JULIO.
Miguel Strogoff. Spanish version of this popular novel by Verne. (Orbis) 1984,  284 pp.; PAPER, $10.00

N.B. The books we list under any of these subject headings are only a small selection that we simply want to promote more actively. We thought those may be of particular interest to you.

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