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Selection of Books on Catholicism
Various Publishers, 1980-1996

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Official Catholic Directory 1996. 03/1996 R. R. Bowker. Edited by Bowker, R. R., Staff. Trade Cloth ISBN 0-8352-3759-1 $295.00

HarperCollins Encyclopedia of Catholicism, 1995 Harper Collins Publ., Ed. by R. P. McBrien. Cloth ISBN 0-06-065338-8., 1350 pp. $ 45.00

Companion Encyclopedia of Theology. 10/1995 2nd ed. Routledge. Coll. Gr: 13-up Trade Cloth ISBN 0-415-06447-3. 1120p. $ 125.00

The Oxford Illustrated History of the Crusades. 10/1995 Oxford U Press,. Edited by Jonathan Riley-Smith. (Oxford Illustrated Histories Ser.) illus. Coll. Trade Cloth ISBN 0-19-820435-3. 420p. $ 39.95

The Oxford History of Christianity. 04/1994 Oxford U Press, . Edited by John McManners. Trade Paper ISBN 0-19-285291-4 784p. $ 16.95 (B I)

The Oxford Illustrated History of Christianity. Oxford U Press, . Edited by John McManners. (Oxford Illustrated Histories Ser.) illus. Trade Cloth ISBN 0-19-822928-3. 11/1990 760p. $ 49.95

Oxford Companion to the Bible. 10/1993 Oxford U Press, . Edited by Bruce M. Metzger and Michael D. Coogan. illus. Trade Cloth ISBN 0-19-504645-5. 932p. $ 55.00 (B I)

Oxford Bible Atlas. 01/1985 3rd ed. Oxford U Press, . Edited by Herbert . May. Revised by John Day. Trade Cloth ISBN 0-19-143452-3. 144p. $ 30.00

Oxford Dictionary of Saints. 01/1993 3rd ed. Oxford U Press, . Ed. by David H. Farmer. (Oxford Paper Ref. Ser.) Trade Paper ISBN 0-19-283069-4. 500p. $15.95

Oxford Dictionary of Popes. Oxford U. Press,. J. N. Kelly. (Oxford Paperb Ref Ser.) Trade Cloth ISBN 0-19-213964-9. Repr 06/1986 368p. (OP) $ 29.95

Oxford Book of Prayer. Oxford U Press, . Edited by George Appleton. illus. Trade Cloth ISBN 0-19-213222-9. 07/1985 416p. $ 29.95

Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church. 03/1974 Oxford U Press, . F. L. Cross and Elizabeth A. Livingstone. Trade Cloth ISBN 0-19-211545-6. 1550p. $ 65.00

Dictionary of Catholic Devotions. 08/1994 Harper San Francisco. Michael Walsh. Trade Cloth ISBN 0-06-069271-5 LCCN: 91-055417 320p. $ 22.00 (B) $ 25.00

Modern Catholic Encyclopedia. 09/1994 Liturgical Press, The. Edited by Monika K. Hellwig and Michael Glazier. Trade Cloth ISBN 0-8146-5495-9 976p. $ 69.95

New Dictionary of Catholic Spirituality. 04/1993 Liturgical Press, The. Michael Downey. Orig PB Trade Cloth ISBN 0-8146-5525-4. 1120p. $ 79.50 (B I)

New Catholic Encylopedia. 19 vols. Vol. Set Basic Set: Vols. 1-15 (1967); Supplements: Vol. 16 (1974); Vol. 17 (1979); ; Vol. 18 (1988); New volume!: Vol. 19 (1996) Jack Heraty & Assoc., Catholic U. of America Staff. Cloth ISBN 0-07-010235-X Misc. bibl; Complete set: $ 1,095.00 Single. volumes: $93.00

Dictionary of Fundamental Theology. 1994 State Mutual Book. Rene Latourelle and Rino Fisichella. Trade Cloth ISBN 0-85439-395-. 1264p. $ 175.00

Encyclopedia of Theology: A Concise Sacramental Mundi. 1994 State Mutual. Edited by Karl Rahner. Trade Paper ISBN 0-86012-228-X 1850p. $ 120.00

Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological & Ecclesiastical Literature. 12 vols. 1981 Baker Book House. John McClintock, James Strong. Intro. by Wilbur M. Smith.. Cloth Text ISBN 0-8010-6123-7 12400p. $ 395.00


Magistrates of the Sacred: Priests & Parishioners in Eighteenth-Century Mexico. 06/1996 Stanford U Pr. William B. Taylor. Trade Cloth ISBN 0-8047-2456-3 LCCN: 95-22982 984p. $ 75.00 (B)

Moral Opposition to Authoritarian Rule in Chile: 1973-90. 02/1996 Saint Martin's Pr, . Pamela Lowden Trade Cloth ISBN 0-312-15870-X LCCN: 95-036938 Wholesalers: PUB. 224p. $ 59.95 (B)

Catholicism & Politics in Argentina, 1810-1960. 03/1995 Saint Martin's Pr, . Austen Ivereigh. Cloth Text ISBN 0-312-12454-6 LCCN: 94-031880 Wholesalers: PUB. 275p. $ 59.95 (B)

Church & State in Bourbon Mexico: The Diocese of Michoacan, 1749-1810. 08/1994 Cambridge U Pr. D. A. Brading. Coll. Trade Cloth ISBN 0-521-46092-1 LCCN: 93-044303 304p. $ 59.95 (B)

From Power to Communion: Toward a New Way of Being Church Based on the Latin American Experience. 07/1994 U of Notre Dame Pr. Robert S. Pelton. Coll. Cloth Text ISBN 0-268-00989- $ 21.95 (B) Paper Text ISBN 0-268-00990-2 $ 11.95

The Roman Catholic Church in Latin America. 03/1994 Garland Publ, . Introduction by Jorge I. Dominguez. Cloth Text ISBN 0-8153-1487-6 LCCN: 93-045525 424p. $ 97.50 (B)

Born of the Poor: The Latin American Church since Medellin. 01/1992 U Notre Dame Pr. Edited by Edward L. Cleary.. Paper Text ISBN 0-268-00685-7 LCCN: 89-040746 $ 9.95 (B)

The Catholic Church in Peru, 1821-1985: A Social History. 07/1992 Catholic U of America Pr. Jeffrey Klaiber. Cloth Text ISBN 0-8132-0747-9 LCCN: 90-029013 417p. $ 49.95 (B)

The Church in Latin America, 1492-1992. 09/1992 Orbis Books. Edited by Enrique Dussel. Orig PB Trade Cloth ISBN 0-88344-820-3 LCCN: 92-021631. 400p. OrigLang: Spanish $ 50.00 (B) $ 49.95 (I)

The Church, Society, & Hegemony: A Critical Sociology of Religion in Latin America. 10/1992 Greenwood Publ Group, . Carlos A. Torres. Cloth Text ISBN 0-275-93773-9 240p. $ 47.95 (B)

Kingdoms Come: Religion & Politics in Brazil. 03/1992 U of Pittsburgh Pr. Rowan Ireland. (Latin American Ser.) illus. Trade Cloth ISBN 0-8229-3696-8 LCCN: 91-019448 280p. $ 49.95 (B)

Politics & the Catholic Church in Nicaragua. 09/1992 U Pr of Florida. John M. Kirk. illus. Library Binding ISBN 0-8130-1138-8 Wholesalers: ING. 272p. $ 37.95 (B) $ 40.00 (I)

Popular Voices in Latin American Catholicism. 07/1992 Princeton U Pr. Daniel H. Levine illus. Cloth Text ISBN 0-691-08754-7:. 424p. $ 60.00 (B) Paper Text ISBN 0-691-02459-6 424p. $ 19.95 (B) $ 21.25 (I)

Way of the Cross: The Passion of Christ in the Americas. 09/1992 Orbis Books. Edited by Virgil Elizondo. Translated by John Drury. Orig PB illus. Trade Paper ISBN 0-88344-819-X 100p. OrigLang: Italian $ 11.50 (B) $ 10.95 (I)

Base Christian Communities & Social Change in Brazil. 08/1991 U of Nebraska Pr. W. E. Hewitt. illus. Cloth Text ISBN 0-8032-2356-0 LCCN: 90-024025 xvi, 150p. $ 30.00 (B)

The Future of the Catholic Church in America: Major Papers of the Virgil Michel Symposium. 09/1991 Liturgical Pr, The. Orig PB Paper Text ISBN 0-8146-1981-9 120p. $ 7.95 (B)

Hispanic Devotional Piety: Tracing the Biblical Roots. 09/1991 Orbis Books. Gilbert C. Romero Orig PB Trade Paper ISBN 0-88344-767-3. 175p. $ 17.00 (B) $ 16.95 (I)

Towards a Society That Serves Its People: The Intellectual Contribution of El Salvador's Murdered Jesuits. 11/1991 Georgetown U Pr. Ignacio Ellacuria, Segundo Martes, Ignacio Martin-Bano. Edited by John Hassett, Hugh Lacey. illus. Coll. Trade Paper ISBN 0-87840-523-2. 424p. OrigLang: Spanish $ 25.00 (B I)

Church & Politics in Latin America. 05/1990 Saint Martin's Pr, . Edited by Dermot F. Keogh. Foreword by Graham Greene. Cloth Text ISBN 0-312-02815-6. 320p. $ 39.95 (B I)

The Catholic Church & Politics in Nicaragua & Costa Rica. 12/1989 U of Pittsburgh Pr. Philip J. Williams. (Latin American Ser.) Trade Cloth ISBN 0-8229-1155-8 LCCN: 88-039481 244p. $ 49.95 (B)

The Catholic Church & Social Change in Nicaragua. State U of New York Pr. Manzar Foroohar. Orig PB illus. Coll. Cloth Text ISBN 0-88706-864-2 LCCN: 88-002144 07/1989 262p. $ 67.50 (B) Paper Text, Trade Paper ISBN 0-88706-865-0 262p. $ 24.95 (B)

The Church & Socialism in Cuba. 02/1989 Orbis Books. Raul G. Gomez-Treto. Translated by Phillip Berryman. Foreword by John Kirk. Tr. of: La/Iglesia Catolica durante la construccion del socialismo en Cuba Orig PB Trade Paper ISBN 0-88344-362-7. 120p. OrigLang: Spanish (OP) $ 13.95 (B) $ 16.95 (I)

Path from Puebla: Significant Documents of the Latin American Bishops since 1979. 1989 United States Catholic Conference. Edited by Edward L. Cleary. Introduction by Edward L. Cleary, David M. Gallivan, Ricardo Ramirez. Translated by Philip Berryman. Orig PB Trade Paper ISBN 1-55586-225-X 435p. $ 14.95 (B)

Catholic Colonialism: A Parish History of Guatemala, 1524-1821. 05/1986 Cambridge U Pr. Adriaan C. Van Oss. (Cambridge Latin American Studies) No. 57illus. Trade Cloth ISBN 0-521-32072-0. 320p. $ 74.95 (B)

Mary, Michael & Lucifer: Folk Catholicism in Central Mexico. 1986 U of Texas Pr. John M. Ingham. (Latin American Monographs) No. 69illus. Trade Paper ISBN 0-292-75110-9. Reprint 228p. $ 12.95 (B)

The Mexican Revolution & the Catholic Church, 1910-1929. 04/1986 Greenwood Publ Group, . Robert E. Quirk. Cloth Text ISBN 0-313-25121-5 (Greenwood Pr) LCCN: 85-030209 Reprint 276p. $ 65.00 (B)

Religion & Political Conflict in Latin America. 06/1986 U of North Carolina Pr. Edited by Daniel H. Levine. Coll. Trade Cloth ISBN 0-8078-1689-2. xiii, 266p. $ 32.50 (B) Trade Paper ISBN 0-8078-4150-1. xiii, 266p. $ 12.95 (B) $ 12.95 (I)

Cry of the People: The Struggle for Human Rights in Latin America - The Catholic Church Conflict with U. S. Policy. Viking Penguin. Penny Lernoux. Trade Paper ISBN 0-14-006047-2 (Penguin Books). 01/1982 552p. $ 9.95 (B) Trade Paper ISBN 0-14-015385-3 (Penguin Books) 576p. (OSI) Intro. by George Black $ 9.95

Religion & Politics in Latin America: The Catholic Church in Venezuela & Columbia. 01/1981 Princeton U Pr. Daniel H. Levine. Trade Paper ISBN 0-691-02200-3. 356p. $ 17.95 (B I)

From Power to Communion: Toward a New Way of Being Church Based on the Latin American Experience. 07/1994 U of Notre Dame Pr. Robert S. Pelton. Coll. Cloth Text ISBN 0-268-00989-9 $ 21.95 (B) Paper Text ISBN 0-268-00990-2 $ 11.95


The Phoenix & the Flame: Catalonia & the Counter Reformation. 07/1993 Yale U Pr. Henry Kamen. Coll. Cloth Text ISBN 0-300-05416-5. 528p. $ 50.00 (B) $ 47.50

The Return of Civil Society: The Emergence of Democratic Spain. 06/1993 Harvard U Pr. Victor M. Perez-Diaz. Trade Cloth ISBN 0-674-76688-1. 367p. $ 37.50 (B)

God in La Mancha: Religious Reform & the People of Cuenca, 1500-1650. 11/1992 Johns Hopkins U Pr. Sara T. Nalle. (Studies in Historical & Political Science) Cloth Text ISBN 0-8018-4384-7. 288p. $ 45.00 (B)

Catholicism & Spanish Society under the Reign of Philip Second, 1555-1598, & Philip Third, 1598-1621. 07/1991 Edwin Mellen Press, The. A. D. Wright. (Studies in Religion & Society) Vol. 27Library Binding ISBN 0-7734-9723-4 LCCN: 91-019075 288p. $ 121.50

Catholicism in the Second Spanish Republic: Religion & Politics in Salamanca 1930-1936. 05/1996 Oxford U Press, . Vincent Mary. (Oxford Historical Monogr) illus. Trade Cloth ISBN 0-19-820613-5. 380p. $ 85.00 (B) $ 88.75 (I)

Privilege, Persecution & Prophecy: The Catholic Church in Spain, 1875-1975. 04/1987 Oxford U Pr, . Frances Lannon. illus. Trade Cloth ISBN 0-19-821923-7 Wholesalers: PUB. Clearance: C 116474. 350p. $ 75.00 (B)

St. Alban's College, Valladolid: Four Centuries of English Catholic Presence in Spain. 01/1987 Saint Martin's Pr, . Michael C. Williams. Cloth Text ISBN 0-312-69736-8. 278p. $ 39.95 (B) $ 35.00 (I)

Church, Politics, & Society in Spain, 1750-1874. 08/1984 Harvard U Pr. William J. Callahan. (Historical Monographs) No. 73illus. Trade Cloth ISBN 0-674-13125-8 Wholesalers: ING, PUB. 336p. $ 25.00 (B I)



San Ramon Chapel Pioneers & Their California Heritage. 12/1990 Olive Pr Publications. Erlinda Ontiueros. Orig PB Trade Cloth ISBN 0-933380-06-2 LCCN: 90-007934 572p. $ 50.00 (B)

The Catholic Myth: The Behavior & Beliefs of American Catholics. Andrew M. Greeley. Trade Paper ISBN 0-685-40606-7 Simon & Schuster Trade. (Collier Books) 352p. $ 12.95 (B) Trade Paper ISBN 0-02-085201-0 Macmillan Publ Company, 09/1991 240p. Wt: .011 P $ 10.95 (B I)

The Multicultural Church: A New Landscape in U. S. Theologies. 01/1996 Paulist Pr. Edited by William Cenkner. Orig PB Trade Paper ISBN 0-8091-3607-4 208p. Size: 9x6 I $ 14.95 (B I)

Re-Visioning Mission: The Catholic Church & Culture in Postmodern America. 10/1996 Paulist Pr. R. G. Cote. Paper ISBN 0-8091-3645-7 192p. $11.95

Being Right: Conservative Catholics in America. 11/1995 Indiana U Pr. Edited by Mary J. Weaver and R. Scott Appleby. Trade Cloth ISBN 0-253-32922-1 416p. $ 39.95 (B) Trade Paper ISBN 0-253-20999-4 416p. $ 18.95 (B I)

Hispanic Catholic Culture in the U. S.: Issues & Concerns. 10/1994 U Notre Dame Pr. Edited by Jay P. Dolan and Allan F. Deck. (Hispanic Catholics in the U. S. Ser.) Vol. 3 Coll. Cloth Text ISBN 0-268-01105-2 $ 32.95

Hispanics in the Church: Up from the Cellar. 02/1994 International Scholars Publications. Edited by Philip E. Lampe. Trade Cloth ISBN 1-883255-19-8 $ 54.95 (B) Trade Paper ISBN 1-883255-18-X $ 34.95 (B)

Mexican Americans & the Catholic Church, 1900-1965. 10/1994 U Notre Dame Pr. Edited by Jay P. Dolan and Gilberto M. Hinojosa. (Notre Dame History of Hispanic Catholics in the U.S. Ser.) Vol. 1Coll. Cloth Text ISBN 0-268-01409-4 $ 29.95

Puerto Rican & Cuban Catholics in the U.S., 1900-1965. 10/1994 U Notre Dame Pr. Edited by Jay P. Dolan and Jaime R. Vidal. (Notre Dame History of Hispanic Catholics in the U.S. Ser.) Vol. 2 Coll. Cloth Text ISBN 0-268-03805-8 $ 24.95

My Penitente Land: Reflections on Spanish New Mexico. 10/1993 Museum of New Mexico Pr. Fray A. Chavez. Trade Paper ISBN 0-89013-255-0. 272p. $ 14.95

Oxcart Catholicism on Fifth Avenue: The Impact of the Puerto Rican Migration upon the Archdiocese of New York. U of Notre Dame Pr. Ana M. Diaz-Stevens. Vol. 12Coll. Cloth Text ISBN 0-268-01509-0 09/1993 $34.95 (B) Paper ISBN 0-268-01510-4 10/1995 (Notre Dame Studies in American Catholicism)$ 12.95

The Roman Catholics. 09/1993 Greenwood Publ Group, . Patrick W. Carey. (Denominations in America Ser.) No. 6Cloth Text ISBN 0-313-25439-7 (Greenwood Pr). 400p. $ 55.00

A Church of Many Cultures: Selected Historical Essays on Ethnic American Catholicism. 12/1988 Garland Publ, . Edited by Dolores Liptak. (Heritage of American Catholicism Ser.) Library Binding ISBN 0-8240-4081-3 416p. $ 20.00

American Catholic Religious Thought. 07/1987 Paulist Pr. Edited by Patrick Carey. Trade Paper ISBN 0-8091-2884-5 272p. $ 10.95 (B)

American Catholicism: And Now Where?. 1987 Plenum Publ Corporation. John Deedy. Trade Cloth ISBN 0-306-42706-0 (Plenum Pr) 328p. $ 25.25 (B)

American Catholics: A History of the Roman Catholic Community in the United States. Oxford U Pr, . James J. Hennesey. Trade Cloth ISBN 0-19-502946-1. 12/1981 397p. $ 35.00 (B) Trade Paper ISBN 0-19-503268-3. 03/1983 397p. $ 15.95 (B I)


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