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Please direct all inquiries to: orders@leabooks.com

Sales Policies for Booksellers outside the US & Canada 

Below, you will find: 


* LEA BOOK DISTRIBUTORS is an international book distribution company established in 1978. We have devoted our efforts to better seve the academic community outside the United States and inside this country. Although we have serviced the needs of bookstores in the past, we are now prepared for this task better than ever before. 

* LEA BOOK DISTRIBUTORS offers a comprehensive distribution service for American and Canadian college and university bookstores as well as any bookstore outside the U.S. Buy any book in English or in Spanish from us. 

LEA Book Distributors
offers the following services to booksellers
outside the United States:

                        * Order any material published in English (books, CD-ROMS, 
                                videos, thesis, microfilms, standards)
                        Any publisher (commercial, academic, technical, associations, government, etc.)
                        *  Any area of study (science and medicine, technology and engineering,
                                 social sciences and the humanities, law and business, etc.)
                        *  Visit our website and see the new publications posted frequently.
                        *  Request any quotation.

            HOW DOES IT WORK:
                        *  We gladly offer any quotation customers need.
                        *  Once we receive your firm order, we send it to the publishers.
                        *  We order books in batches within 15 days. 
                                    Textbooks are orderd within the week, or even gthe same day the order is received.
                        *  Textbooks and multiple copies of books are shipped once received in our office.
                        *  Most other books are shipped by UPS Expedited within a month of ordering.
                        *  We do weekly shipments by UPS, door to door.
                                    Generally, most deliveries take place within SIX WORKING DAYS.
                        * UPS handles all processing through customs (included in our shipping charges).
We do all the work. You just need to receive the books at your store.
                        * Those really URGENT shipments are generally processed 
                                    within the a week (for customers who order in some quantities). 
                        *  All invoices must be paid before the books are shipped.
                        *  Booksellers can send payments by international money transfer.
                        * The most convenient payment method is the credit card.
                                    We always invoice in US dollars and 
                                    the bank will do the currency exchange.
                        *  We issue invoices and charge to the credit card on the shipment date.

            PRICING & DISCOUNTS:
                        *  Since there are over 35,000 publishers in the US, 
                                    naturally prices vary considerably.
                        * When ordering multiple copies of titles, trade discount could vary
                                    from 20% to 30% depending on the size of the order.
                        *  Discounts for many university press books can reach 15% 
                                    for customers who order significant volume.
                        *  For academic and professional books, the discount typically is 10%.
                        * The best procedure is to request a quotation
                                    which we will send to customers the same day in most cases.
                        *  Most books in the US are offered at the publisher’s suggested retail price.

                         *  No returns are allowed for international customers 
                                    unless books are damaged or sent in error.
                        *  Once orders have been presented as firm orders customers will not be able to cancel. 
                                    Upon our own discretion, LEA will make adjustments and exceptions to this norm 
                                 with established customers for as long as books have not been shipped by us already.

We are looking forward to receiving your orders.

Minimum Order for booksellers: $200.00.
(This minimum does not apply to regular customers who order frequently.)


Angel Capellán, Ph.D., Presidente
LEA Book Distributors (Libros de España y América)
170-23 83rd Ave., Jamaica Hills, NY 11432, USA
tel: 718-291-9891 fax: 718-291-9830

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N.B. The books we list under any of these subject headings are only a small selection that we simply want to promote more actively. We thought those may be of particular interest to you.

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LEA Book Distributors
170-23  83rd Avenue, Jamaica Hills, NY 11432, USA
Tel. 1(718)291-9891 * Fax  1(718)291-9830
Please direct all inquiries to: orders@leabooks.com

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