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Anglo-American Studies
American National Biograghy

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1999 Dartmouth Medal Award Winner
Named an Outstanding Academic Book for 1999 by Choice
Winner of the 2002 Waldo Leland Prize, American Historical Association
American National Biography
24 volumes
Edited by JOHN A. GARRATY, Columbia University, and MARK C. CARNES, Barnard College, Columbia University

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Oxford's Award-Winning Reference!

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AMERICAN NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY is the first new comprehensive biographical dictionary focused on American history to be published in seventy years, and it is the largest reference project ever undertaken by OUP-USA. In chronological scope, the ANB ranges from the time of the earliest recorded European explorations up to the very recent past. The approximately 17,500 historical figures who are profiled come from virtually all walks of life. The ANB is destined to be the standard reference work of its kind well into the twenty-first century.

"A monument of historical scholarship. These biographical narratives, well-written and riveting, often read more like character sketches than dry, dusty history."--Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Harvard University

"The time has come for a fresh look at event-making men and women of the American past. The American National Biography...will be a work that every library must have and every scholar will yearn to own."--Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., City University of New York

"A once-in-a-lifetime publishing project. How lucky we are that it has reached such high standards in excellent scholarship, imaginative coverage, and intelligent commentary."--Joyce Appleby, President of the American Historical Association

"A significant event in American cultural history....It is the collective biography of the American people...and as such should be available in every school, university, and public library in the country."--Bernard Bailyn, Harvard University (Emeritus)

22968 pp.; 7-1/2 x 10; 0-19-520635-5, Price: $795.00 (08) / Set of 24 vols.

NEW: American National Biography
Supplement 1
Edited by PAUL BETZ and Edited by MARK C. CARNES, Barnard College

Told more as stories than history lessons, the biographies in American National Biography Supplement I recount the tales of all the different people who shaped America--leaders, composers, entertainers, entrepreneurs, writers, scientists, and outlaws. Each one written by an expert in the field and masterfully woven together to present the most accurate and up-to-date information, the entries bring forth a powerful narrative of America's past and some of the most important figures that went into its formation.

As the first in a series, ANB Supplement I extends the coverage from the original ANB to include notables who died prior to the end of 1999. This adds another four years of captivating history to the original 24-volume print edition's cutoff date of 1995.

Among the biographies in the Supplement are articles first published in the ANB Online. The result is hour after absorbing hour spent exploring the dance of Gene Kelly and the music of Ella Fitzgerald along with the lives of Revolutionary War General Peter Gansevoort and literary scholar Fredson Bowers, among many, many others.

With over 400 new listings, bibliographies after each entry, and a cumulative revised index of occupations and realms of renown, the Supplement continues the ANB tradition of bringing the people who have meant so much to this country to the forefront.

936 pp.; 7-1/2 x 10; 0-19-515063-5. Price: $150.00 (Suppl. 1), Publication Date: 2002


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