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English Literature
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Spring & Fall 1999

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Bodleian Library
Pre-1920 Catalogue of Printed Books on CD-ROM

Founded by Sir Thomas Bodley in 1602, the Bodleian Library contains collections in practically every field of human knowledge. It has one of the largest collections of scientific work in Europe and the biggest open-shelf collection of legal materials in the UK. The first Bodleian Library Catalogue which was published by Thomas James in 1605, spread the library's fame around the learned world. The catalogue grew in size until in 1920 it contained 1.3 million records. In the 1960s the decision was taken to convert the Pre-1920 Catalogue to machine readable form. This was completed in 1989 and now Oxford University Press publish the catalogue on a single CD-ROM. For academics worldwide this is a major step forward in information retrieval. The data in the Pre-1920 Catalogue has been revised and enhanced so that academics can carry out sophisticated searches in their field of interest.

minimum system requirements: IBM PC or compatible 386 or higher. 2Mb free RAM. DOS 5.0 or higher. 2Mb free hard drive space. VGA or SVGA monitor. CD-ROM drive. MSCDEX 2.0 or higher. Windows 3.1 or higher. Microsoft mouse or compatible.; 0-19-268633-X

1998 $295.00 (09) CD-ROM (Windows)

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