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American Literature
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Washington Irving

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Washington Irving. Bracebridge Hall,Tales of a Traveller,The Alhambra
Bracebridge Hall,Tales of a Traveller,The Alhambra book jacket Edited by: Andrew Myers
Library of America
ISBN: 0-940450-59-3
Series Number: 52
Product Code: 200537; 1104 pages
Price: $35.00
Three story collections of great urbanity and poise from the first American author to burst onto the international literary scene. The Alhambra, Irving's "Spanish Sketchbook," was inspired by his 1829 residence at the ancient Moorish palace at Granada; weaving history, legend, and description, it remains the best guidebook to this haunting place. Over 120 tales in all.


Washington Irving. History, Tales and Sketches
History, Tales and Sketches book jacket Edited by: Cheryl A. Wall
Library of America
ISBN: 0-940450-14-3
Series Number: 16
Product Code: 200156; 1144 page
Price: $45.00
James W. Tuttleton, editor. Contains Letters of Jonathan Oldstyle, Gent., and Salmagundi; Irving's satires and burlesques of early 19th-century New York; The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent.; and the original 1809 edition of his irreverent and hilarious A History of New York. "Extremely funny and entertaining." -VLS. "His journalism contains delightful observations and the texture of the times."—Boston Globe


Washington Irving. Three Western Narratives
Three Western Narratives book jacket Edited by: James P. Ronda
Library of America
ISBN: 1-931082-53-7
Series Number: 146
Product Code: 201543
Price: $40.00
America's first internationally acclaimed author, Washington Irving established his fame with tales of the Hudson Valley in the days of Dutch rule, and then spent 17 years in Europe mining the Old World for stories. When he finally returned to the United States, he embarked on a trilogy of books on the American West that would prove decisive in molding his compatriots' conception of the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains, and the Pacific Northwest.

Irving's own encounter with the West came in 1832 when he accompanied the Commissioner of Indian Affairs on a month-long journey to what is now eastern Oklahoma. His account of that trip, A Tour on the Prairies (1835), described wild landscape, rugged inhabitants, and dramatic chases and hunts with an eye for romantic sublimity and a keen appreciation of the frontiersman's "secret of personal freedom."

After the success of his first western book, Irving undertook to write the history of John Jacob Astor's ultimately failed attempt to establish a fur-trading empire in the Northwest. In Astoria (1836), he created a sweeping epic of exploration, commercial enterprise, and "contest for dominion on the shores of the Pacific," drawing on Astor's rich archive of materials and enlivening it with his flair for vigorous storytelling. Very much in the spirit of Cooper's Leatherstocking Tales, Astoria is an account of dangerous journeys and violent imperial rivalries imbued with regret for a world already vanished.

In The Adventures of Captain Bonneville (1837), Irving focused on a single memorable figure—an army officer and fur trader who may also have been an American spy tracking British ambitions in the far country—to reveal the flavor of frontier life in the Rockies and beyond. This lively saga, based on Bonneville's own memoir of his wandering career, is Irving's most fully realized portrait of mountain men and western Indians.

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