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American Literature
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William James

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William James. Writings 1878-1899
Writings 1878-1899 book jacket Edited by: Gerald Myers
Library of America
ISBN: 0-940450-72-0
Series Number: 58
Product Code: 200594; 1212 pages
Price: $35.00
The brilliant, engagingly written early works of the writer and teacher who has profoundly influenced the way Americans think. The Will to Believe and Other Essays in Popular Philosophy argues that each of us has the right to believe in hypotheses that are not susceptible to proof and that such beliefs might actually change the world. Also includes Psychology: Briefer Course, a condensed and revised version of the monumental Principles of Psychology, Talks to Teachers and to Students, and nine important essays.


William James. Writings 1902-1910
Writings 1902-1910 book jacket Edited by: Bruce Kuklick
Library of America
ISBN: 0-940450-38-0
Series Number: 38
Product Code: 200388; 1379 pages
Price: $40.00
The Varieties of Religious Experience, Pragmatism, A Pluralistic Universe, The Meaning of Truth, Some Problems of Philosophy, selected essays including addresses on Emerson, the Philippine question, the California earthquake, and the famous "The Moral Equivalent of War." The last great works from a seminal figure in the history of American philosophy and psychology.

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