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The Collected Works of John Dewey
The Electronic Edition (CD-ROM)

(Southern Illinois U. Press)

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The Collected Works of John Dewey: 1882-1953
The Electronic Edition

The Center for Dewey Studies and the InteLex Corporation are pleased to announce the publication of The Collected Works of John Dewey, 1882-1953: The Electronic Edition. Distributed on a single CD-ROM in both Windows and Macintosh formats, this edition is the newest addition to InteLex's PAST MASTERS® series. It contains the complete text of Dewey's work as it appears in the thirty-seven volume print edition published by Southern Illinois University Press between 1967 and 1990.

The Collected Works of John Dewey, 1882-1953: The Electronic Edition is a critical reading text that offers unprecedented access to Dewey's work. It features superior Boolean and hypertext search tools. In order to maintain the integrity of the text, it is distributed in "read only" format. To facilitate scholarly use, however, user-defined "shadow" files allow the reader to create and maintain highlights, bookmarks, and "sticky notes" as a personalized overlay to the text.

Complete instructions concerning all of these features are contained in the printed and on-line documentation that accompanies the disk.

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The Correspondence of John Dewey 

“The many sides of Dewey are displayed: philosopher, organizer, public intellectual and family man. Hickman's extensive 'Overview' is invaluable. Supplementary letters enrich the compilation: i.e., William James to F. C. S. Schiller ('Dewey is hard to understand.'). Because of its sophistication, the Folio VIEWS® requires several hours to master. However, once mastery of the interface is achieved, it is hard to imagine another way of examining a collected correspondence."

Drew Christie, University of New Hampshire

Database Language: English

Contents: The Correspondence of John Dewey.  A comprehensive electronic edition of letters to, from, and about John Dewey.

Volume 1: 1871-1918, has just been released. Includes letters of Dewey's family and the family of his first wife, Alice Chipman. Dewey's graduate school years and his years at the University of Michigan and the University of Minnesota. His marriage and family life. His decade at the University of Chicago and the founding of the "Dewey School." His move to Columbia University. His role as a founder of the American Association of University Professors and his political activities during World War One.

Volume 2: 1919-1939, scheduled for publication in the spring of 2001. Includes correspondence pertaining to Dewey's lectures in Japan and China. His visits to Turkey, Mexico, and the Soviet Union. The death of his wife Alice. His first retirement from Columbia University. His activism during the Great Depression. His role as chair of the Trotsky inquiry. His second retirement from Columbia University.

Volume 3: 1940-1953, scheduled for publication in the fall of 2003. Includes correspondence pertaining to his defense of academic freedom during World War Two and the Cold War. His defense of Bertrand Russell. His second marriage to Roberta Lowitz Grant. His ninetieth birthday celebration. His death in 1952 and the correspondence that followed.

ISBN#, Windows, 1-57085-262-6
Macintosh 1-57085-091-7
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