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Encyclopaedia Britannica 2010
New! 2010 Edition

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What’s New?

Revised Plan for Encyclopaedia Britannica’s
2010 Printing of the 15th Edition.
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The 2007 printing of Encyclopaedia Britannica’s 15th edition features a large number of new articles, new titles, and revisions.  In fact, the new set includes 8,000 revised articles and 350 new ones (310 in the Micropaedia; 40 in the Macropaedia); this is six to seven times as many new articles as any revised printing in recent years.

Covering both the historical scene as well as contemporary world culture, the new material discusses a wide range of subjects, from the literary and political to the scientific and technological.  In addition, thousands of population figures have been updated, and some 90 percent of country articles have been revised.  As always, the entries are written and revised by the foremost scholars and experts in the world.  The 2007 printing includes some 100 new contributors to the encyclopedia.  A statistical overview of the revision follows:


Content Pages Changing Macropaedia 
Total Revised Articles
Total New Articles
New Contributors 
New Line Drawings
New Maps
New Photographs 

General Articles

Holocaust” and “Holocaust Remembrance Days” by Michael Berenbaum, president of the Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation, author of The World Must Know and After Tragedy and Triumph

 Globalization” by James Watson, Harvard University, author of Golden Arches East: McDonald’s in East Asia

 Feminism” by Elinor Burkett, author of The Right Women: A Journey Through the Heart of Conservative America

 AIDS” by Robert Siliciano, M.D., Johns Hopkins University

 Rock Music” by Simon Frith, University of Strathclyde (Glasgow), author of Performing Rites: On the Value of Popular Music and Youth, Leisure, and the Politics of Rock ‘n’ Roll

 U.S. Presidency” by Forrest McDonald, University of Alabama and a former Jefferson Lecturer, America’s highest honor in the humanities; author of The American Presidency, among others

 First Lady, U.S.” by Betty Carolli, America’s foremost writer on the First Lady and her influence

 Art Criticism” by Donald Kuspit, leading international art critic

 New York City” by George Lankevich, author of American Metropolis: A History of New York City

 Israel” by Russell Stone, American University, author of Social Change in Israel: Attitudes and Events; and by Harvey Sicherman, president, Foreign Policy Research Institute, author of Palestinian Self-Government (Autonomy): Its Past and Future

 Jazz” by Gunther Schuller, author of The History of Jazz, The Compleat Conductor, and The Swing Era

 Artificial Intelligence” by B.J. Copeland, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, author of Artificial Intelligence

 Computers (History of)” by Paul Freiberger and Michael Swaine, co-authors of Fire in the Valley: The Making of the Personal Computer

 Aerospace Industry” by Stanley Weiss and Amir Amir, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

 Information Theory” by George Markowsky, University of Maine, author of A Comprehensive Guide to the IBM PC, among others

 Witchcraft” by Jeffery Burton Russell, the University of California, Santa Barbara, author of Witchcraft in the Middle Ages, Religious Dissent and Reform, and A History of Heaven

 Race” by Audrey Smedley, Virginia Commonwealth University, author of Race in North America: Origin and Evolution of a Worldview

 Dinosaurs” by John Ostrom, Yale University, co-author of Marsh’s Dinosaurs: The Collections from Como Bluff; and by Kevin Padian, curator at the University of California Museum of Paleontology, co-editor of the Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs

 Animation” by Dave Kehr, longtime American film critic

 Boxing” by Jeffrey Sammons, New York University, author of Beyond the Ring: The Role of Boxing in American Society

 Baseball” by Milton Jamail, University of Texas at Austin, author of Full Count: Inside Cuban Baseball; and by Benjamin Rader, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, author of Baseball: A History of America’s Game

Other new titles include “Snow boarding,” “Ecstasy,” “Falon Gong,” “Branch Davidians,” “Hip-Hop,” “Millennium Dome,” “Bollywood,” “Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder,” “Bipolar Disorder,” “Canadian Alliance,” “Wicca,” “Afrocentrism,” and “Nunavut,” plus there are new entries on:

      Leading computer companies in the world
Leading aerospace companies in the world
40 types of cancer
New political parties and world leaders
Recent Nobel Prize winners in science, economics, and peace
Numerous international organizations, from the IMF and WTO to Doctors              Without Borders and the World Bank


John Adams” and “Thomas Jefferson” by Joseph Ellis of Mount Holyoke College, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for his writings on Adams and the National Book Award for his work on Jefferson

Pope John Paul II” by Bill Blakemore, longtime Rome bureau chief for ABC News

Hitler” by John Lukacs, author of The Hitler of History, among others

Tchaikovsky” by Alexander Poznansky, Yale University, author of Tchaikovsky Through Others’ Eyes

Muhammad Ali” by Thomas Hauser, official biographer of Ali and author of Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times and The Black Lights: Inside the World of Professional Boxing

Buddha” by Donald S. Lopez, Jr., University of Michigan, author of forthcoming The Story of Buddhism : A Concise Guide to Its History & Teachings

Jesus” by E.P. Sanders, Duke University, author of Jesus and Judaism, The Historical Figure of Jesus, and Paul and Palestinian Judaism: A Comparison of Patterns of Religion

Other new biographies include “Madonna,” “J.K. Rowling,” “Sammy Sosa,” “Tiger Woods,” “Dale Earnhardt,” “Lance Armstrong,” “George W. Bush,” “Hillary Clinton,” “Chen Shui-bian,” “K.R. Narayanan,” “Vicente Fox,” “Silvio Berlusconi,” “Osama Bin Laden,” “Jody Williams,” “Steve Jobs,” “Sir Sean Connery,” “Verdi,” “Frederico Garcia Lorca” and “Joan Didion.”

In addition to the new text, Encyclopaedia Britannica has updated some 140 of its Olympic and Sporting Records tables.

New and revised line drawings (140) are found in various entries, from “Team Sports” and “Immunity” to “Broadcasting” and “Dinosaurs.”

New and revised maps (126) are found throughout the edition, on subjects as varied as “New York City,” “Skin Colour Around the World,” and “World Religions.” 

The 2002 printing also includes 38 new color plates, covering such subjects as: “Monet,” “Dinosaurs,” “Picasso,” “Shakespeare,” and “Boxing.”


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