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Encyclopaedia Britannica
Compton's Student Encyclopedia, 2007 Edition

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Compton's Encyclopedia for Students



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The Perfect Learning Resource for Every Family - 20% Revised for 2007!

Dramatic visuals, engaging text, and detailed diagrams meet the needs of young readers and answer the more complex questions of advanced students. Younger readers begin with basic facts, while older students progress further into articles for more in-depth information. Convenient, carefully designed aids provided throughout each volume encourage research and fact-finding.

Complete Coverage for Middle and High School Students - Revised and Expanded for 2004!

A standard in learning since 1922, Compton`s Student Encyclopedia combines its authoritative heritage with the commitment to keep students informed with current, relevant information. You`ll find newly revised articles on George W. Bush, Saddam Hussein, Tiger Woods, Iraq, New York, and more. And the new 2007 Compton`s is expanded for 2007 with new articles on such relevant topics as: SARS, West Nile Virus, the Columbia disaster and more. The 2007 set also includes revised maps, updated world population and U.S. census figures, and full coverage of Nobel Prize winners, including 50 new biographies.

Entertaining and Educational

Compton`s Encyclopedia`s 26 durable library-bound volumes cover a broad range of subject areas, from ancient to contemporary. Containing more than 37,000 articles and over 23,000 illustrations, Compton`s is designed to inspire ambition, to stimulate the imagination, and to provide inquiring minds with accurate information.

Some of the features that make Compton`s Encyclopedia special:

  • Exploring: Motivating questions that introduce each volume.
  • Profile: Biographies and glossary terms related to the article.
  • Time Lines: Outlines illustrating a broad sweep of events.
  • Previews: Tables of contents in longer articles that help readers quickly locate major subdivisions.
  • Fact Finders: Practical cross-reference guides.
  • Here and There: A handy guide in each volume that organizes articles and page numbers by subject.
  • Volume 26, The Fact Index: A mini-encyclopedia with more than 31,000 short articles as well as a standard index.

Product Details

26 volumes
Library binding (hardcover)
11,000 pages
Individual volume size: 10 1/4" H x 1" W x 7 3/4" D Overall Width: 30" (2`6")


  Please direct all inquiries to: orders@leabooks.com

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