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Encyclopaedia Britannica 2007
My First Britannica, 2007 Edition

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My First Britannica. Children's encyclopedia

My First Britannica is a winner of the 2005 Teachers ChoiceTM Award!
My First Britannica


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Outside the US: $375.00
for international customers: 449.00

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Building the Foundation for a Lifelong Journey of Learning

     Encyclopaedia Britannica presents an exciting new reference set for children ages 7-11. My First Britannica instills a look-it-up habit and captures the imaginations of young children with engaging photography, artwork, and information on the topics they love.
   Articles are geared to school subjects and are organized into 13 thematic volumes, including space, technology, people, the arts, countries of the world, plants, and animals. With more than 525 superbly-written articles, 800 color photographs, and a comprehensive reference guide with maps, flags, and glossary, My First Britannica is the perfect tool for homework assignments, building research skills, and making learning fun!


Volume Details
  • Volume 1: The Earth and Earth Sciences
  • Volume 2: Physical Sciences and Technology
  • Volume 3: The Arts
  • Volume 4: People in History Volume
  • 5: Folklore and Religions
  • Volume 6: Europe
  • Volume 7: Asia, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Volume 8: Africa
  • Volume 9: The Americas
  • Volume 10: Plants
  • Volume 11: Birds, Insects, Reptiles, and Aquatic Life
  • Volume 12: Mammals
  • Volume 13: Reference Guide and Index
Product Details
  • Hardcover
  • 13 Volumes
  • 1,288 Pages
  • Article Title A variety of article types expose children to essays, biographies, letters, poems, and stories.
  • Article The standard length of each article is 250 words - ideally written for this age group.
  • Subject Category Each article covers a different topic, relating to the theme of the volume.
  • Colorful Photography Specially commissioned artwork and photography instantly capture a child's attention.
  • Bold-faced Words Bold-faced words indicate a glossary entry. A glossary is located at the back of each volume and Volume 13 contains a comprehensive glossary.
  • Cross References to Other Articles Most references can be found in the same volume, encouraging further research.
  • "Search Light" Activities Comprehension items check a child's understanding of the article. Answers are provided in an inverted, color-coded box.
  • "Did You Know?" Fun facts relate to topic themes but provide additional information.

  Please direct all inquiries to: orders@leabooks.com

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