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NEW: Encyclopædia Britannica
Ultimate Reference Suite, 2007 Edition on CD-ROM

Encyclopædia Britannica
Rand McNally's New Millennium World Atlas Deluxe CD-ROM

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary Deluxe Audio Edition

U.S. PRICE: $99.00 CD-ROM; OUTSIDE THE U.S.: $125.00

The Perfect Reference for Home, School, and Work

It's hard to beat a value like this one.  You'll get the entire text of Encyclopædia Britannica, Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary Deluxe Audio Edition, and Rand McNally's New MillenniumTM World Atlas Deluxe, all in engaging multimedia formats for use on Windows 95, 98 and NT computers.  Comprehensive articles, dictionary pronunciations using audio clips, and interactive maps will take you on a journey to explore, listen, and learn about the world like never before.

Britannica Has Answers From A-Z

The most respected name in encyclopedias, Britannica encourages discovery.  Britannica CD Multimedia Edition is perfect for nearly any member of your family because it provides answers tailored to your needs, from homework to serious research.  It will enhance, inspire, and engage your interests.

Merriam-Webster Makes Communicating Easy

Use the power of the computer to unlock a wealth of information in the dictionary and thesaurus.  Merriam-Webster delivers two of America's finest language references, easily accessible from your hard drive or one CD-ROM.  Look up words quickly from nearly any other program using M-L LinkTM.   Audio pronunciations, available on the CD-ROM, bring language to life.

Rand McNally's New Millennium™ Lets You Explore Your World!

Map your own journey through the world with Rand McNally's New Millennium World Atlas Deluxe CD-ROM.  In-depth geographical information and a sophisticated 3-D map base combine to help you understand the changing world.  Create your own maps, then explore, organize, add and save information.  New Millennium is the first atlas to recognize the fact that each person's view of the world is unique.

Powerful Yet Easy to Use

One of the most trusted sources for world learning, the Ultimate Reference Suite gives students, educators, business professionals, and hobbyists the kind of precise and accurate information that promotes understanding.  With friendly, intuitive interfaces that encourage learning, the Ultimate Reference Suite is a must-have for home, office, and school.  It will enrich your knowledge today, and for years to come.

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