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Ullmann’s Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, 5th Ed.
A Wiley-VCH Publication Edited by H.-J. Arpe
3-527-20159-9 CD-ROM Format
36-Vol. Set, plus index Print set 3-527-20100-9 00 pp C/CD-ROM

"…a major work which will prove immensely valuable to institutions and authorities related to the chemical industry."—Chemistry & Industry

"…ranks with Kirk-Othmer as one of the standard reference works on applied chemistry and chemical technology."—The Alchemist

"…should be acquired by any library that claims to offer comprehensive reference collections."—American Reference Books Annual

Available in both print and fully-networkable electronic formats, this 36-volume encyclopedia serves as an in-depth reference on industrial chemistry techniques and processes for researchers, scientists, and managers in industry, government, and academia, as well as university students. Featuring 37 volumes—28 alphabetical and 8 topical—plus an index, this encyclopedia includes over 26,000 double-column pages that detail industrial chemicals, product groups, and production processes in all branches of chemical and allied industries.

The encylclopedia contains over 1,000 articles, 10,000 tables, and 20,000 figures covering chemicals, product groups, areas of applications, processes, basic principles, analytical methods, and the essentials of environmental protection.

•The fully-networkable electronic format offers faster, more efficient access to the wealth of information.
•Can be accessed via local area networks (single user permitted at no additional cost).
•Chemical structures and formulas included.
•Sophisticated table viewer allowed simultaneous viewing of tables with contents.
Market: Industrial Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Materials Chemists, Plastics Engineers, Biotechnologists, Food Technologists, Environmental Scientists.


Chemical Tradename Dictionary
byM.B. Ash and I.A. Ash, Synapse Information Resources, Inc., Endicott, NY
0-471-18857-3 530 pp cl $99.95

The Chemical Tradename Dictionary serves as a comprehensive source for identifying product lines in the international chemical marketplace. This sourcebook is designed to save time and expense by providing all necessry contact information needed to locate a product quickly and easily. The book contains over 2,300 brief, accurate descriptions of products including chemical classification, function, and applications.
Market: Chemists; Chemical Engineers; Management, Marketing, and Salespeople in the chemical industry; Manufacturers.


Handbook of Industrial Chemical Additives: An International Guide by Product, Trade Name Function, and Supplier, A Wiley-VCH Publication

byMichael Ash and Irene Ash, Synapse Information Resources, Inc., Endicott, NY

0-471-72022-4 859 pp cl $225.00

This reference is a comprehensive source of information on chemical additive trademark products available in print form. This work classifies approximately 18,000 additive products by function, major chemical component, and manufacturer. Entensive cross-references to chemical component, function, and manufacturer permits the user to access a variety of tradename products that serve a particular function.

Market: Chemists, Researchers, Manufacturers, Trademark Attorneys.


Industrial Chemical Thesaurus, 2nd Ed., 2-Vol. Set, A Wiley-VCH Publication

byMichael Ash and Irene Ash, Synapse Information Resources, Inc., Endicott, NY

0-471-18893-X 1,288 pp cl $325.00

"A key resource for...researchers in chemical products and their applications."—


Providing a comprehensive cross-section of the chemical industry, this unique reference work contains approximately 40,000 international tradenames by which more than 6,000 generic chemicals are known and marketed worldwide. This set enables the user to locate tradename equivalents of generic chemicals. As an added feature, this edition provides extensive information about the generic chemicals and includes a separate listing of tradename products containing the chemical entry as a major constituent.

Market: Chemical Technologists, Formulators, Market Researchers; Chemical Purchasing Departments; Professionals involved in Chemical Products and their Applications.


Handbook of Enantioselective Catalysis with Transition Metal Compounds, 2-Vol. Set

byH. Brunner and W. Zettlmeier, Univ. Regensburg, FRG

3-527-29068-0 917 pp cl 9/93 $385.00

"This handbook provides a means of surveying rapidly the types of reactions reported in the literature, the catalysts used, and their effectiveness...a first class handbook...This handbook is an excellent compilation of literature information in a vitally important field. Its attractive arrangement and presentation make it not only an important reference work for all relevant research laboratories, but also a magnificent tool to aid creative thinking."—Newsbrief

"This well edited two-volume handbook gives [an] indispensable tool for those engaged in the enantioselective synthesis of optically active organic compounds."—Models in Chemistry


Applied Homogeneous Catalysis with Organometallic Compounds: A Comprehensive Handbook in Two Volumes, Edited by B. Cornils and W.A. Hermann

3-527-29286-1 1286 pp cl 8/96 $515.00

Homogeneous catalysis is the success story of organometallic chemistry. Since the discovery of hydroformylation by O. Roelen in 1938, catalytic applications have paved the way of organometallic compounds in industry. Bulk and fine chemicals, and even natural products are being produced via homogeneous organometallic catalysis. The enormous breadth of this topic in view of both basic research and industrial application is met congenially in this two-volume handbook edited jointly by W. A. Herrmann and B. Cornils. The list of over 90 contributors reads like a who’s-who in organometallic chemistry and homogeneous catalysis. In this handbook, experts will find the current state-of-the-art in their field, and advanced students will benefit from the concise treatment of important catalytic reactions and processes. Market: Industrial and Catalytic Chemists, Lecturers in Chemistry, Chemical Industry, Company Libraries, Libraries and Universities, Chemists in Organometallics, Organic Chemists.


Enzyme Catalysis in Organic Synthesis: A Comprehensive Handbook

byK. Drauz, Degussa AG, Hanau, FRG; and H. Waldmann, Univ. of Karlsruhe, FRG

3-527-28479-6 1,050 pp cl 4/95 $265.00

"...a truly comprehensive compilation of theory, design considerations, methods, and specific applications of enzyme catalysis in organic synthesis, with chapters written by the leading authorities in the excellent leading reference into the primary literature of this field."—Journal of the American Chemical Society "The handbook is an indispensable source of information about all types of enzyme-catalyzed reactions that can be used in synthesis...should be in every library."—Angew. Chem. Intl. Ed. English



Handbook of Heterogeneous Catalysis, 5-Vol. Set,

A Wiley-VCH Publication

Edited by G. Ertl, Department of Physical Chemitry, Fritz-Haber-Institute, Berlin, Germany; H.

3-527-29212-8 2,600 pp pa 8/97 $1,470.00 (1999 price).

Heterogeneous catalysis has become the basis of industrial and environmental chemistry. The Handbook of Heterogeneous Catalysis is the first comprehensive treatment of heterogeneous catalysis. The 5-volume set presents the available knowledge on this subject and provides the user with easy-to-find, in-depth information. Complete with contributions from over 200 leading international experts, the handbook covers all aspects of heterogeneous catalysis from physico-chemical foundations to large-scale industrial applications.

•Contains over two-thousand graphical representations in color and black and white.

•Numerous tables list properties of catalysts, supply sources, catalytic systems for specific reactions or catalytic process characteristics.

•Extensive reference lists provide access to a wealth of information in the original literature.

Market: Organic, Physical, Surface, Catalysis, Industrial, and Inorganic Chemists.


Azeotropic Data, byJ. Gmehling, Carl von Ossietzky Univ., Oldenburg, FRG

3-527-28671-3 1,793 pp cl $520.00

"In this extensive two-volume compilation the authors have covered nearly all the data currently available for binary and higher systems. This knowledge is the key for the successful separation of these azeotropic systems."—Chemical Business Market: Chemical Engineers, Physical Scientists.


Dictionary of Communications Technology: Terms, Definitions and Abbreviations, 3rd Ed.

byGilbert Held, 4 Degree Consulting, Macon, Georgia

0-471-97516-8 1100 pp cl 6/98 $160.00

0-471-97517-6 1100 pp pa 6/98 $69.95

A comprehensive reference to the terms, definitions, and abbreviations associated with data and computer communications. This comprehensive new edition contains almost 18,000 entries (approximately 50% more than the previous edition) covering communications definitions, terms, and abbreviations, making it an indispensable "Communications Bible." Approximately 6,000 new entries make it easier for the reader to use one reference to obtain up-to-date information on communications technology. New and expanded areas include a comprehensive list of Internet and Intranet terminology, and ATM, LAN, and communication products, reflecting the latest developments in communications technology. Includes approximately 1,000 trade names that allow the reader to easily identify devices and facilities.

Market: Telecommunications Engineers and Managers; Network Engineers and Managers; Marketing Personnel and Vendors in the telecommunications industry; Libraries; Undergraduate/Graduate Students in telecommunications.


Wiley’s English-Spanish/Spanish-English Chemistry Dictionary

bySteven M. Kaplan, Redding, CA

0-471-19288-0 267 pp cl 2/98 0-471-24923-8 267 pp pa 2/98

Over 350 million people worldwide speak Spanish. A growing number of research and industrial chemistry projects are being conducted or undertaken in association with Spanish-speaking countries and the often complex chemical terminologies can pose a serious problem to these projects. In North America, the free trade agreement has opened up Mexico to the chemical industry and in the future, as South America continues to develop, the audience for an accurate, comprehensive, and current chemical translation dictionary will only grow. Written by a best-selling Wiley author with considerable expertise in technical translations and who has taught chemistry in Spanish-speaking territories, this work is ideal for those who wish to increase their interaction with the international chemical community.

•Organized alphabetically, the English-to-Spanish section contains over 40,000 words and phrases followed by their Spanish equivalents; the Spanish-to-English section offers the converse.

•Accurate, concise, current, and easy to use.

•Will appeal to the chemists among the 115 million (25 million in the US alone) persons in North America who speak Spanish as well as English-speaking chemists.

•Written by a best-selling Wiley author with considerable expertise in technical translations and who has taught chemistry in Spanish-speaking universities.

•Includes organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, and physical chemistry, and all the specialized words and phrases encountered in these disciplines.

Market: Researchers, Industry Professionals, Students, and Translators working in chemistry who interact with Spanish-English language barriers. Individuals in academia, government, and industry will find this dictionary equally useful.


Encyclopedia of Inorganic Chemistry, 8-Vol. Set, byBruce King, Editor-in-Chief, Univ. of Georgia

(S)0-471-93620-0 5,000 pp cl 9/94 $2,600.00

(S)0-471-96789-X cd 11/97 $2,600.00

Special offer!—$1,300.00 for owners of the print version

(S)0-471-97107-3 5,000 pp cl/cd 1/98 $3,900.00

"...this is a work which should be on the shelves of all scientific libraries."—New Scientists

The Encyclopedia of Inorganic Chemistry offers comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of modern inorganic chemistry in six areas: bioinorganic chemistry, main group elements, organometallic compounds, physical and theoretical methods, solid state chemistry, and transitional metals. The encyclopedia is structured so references can be found easily.

•260 main articles, plus 850 definitions written by over 300 internationally known contributors.

•Extensively illustrated with photographs, figures, and computer-drawn structural formulae, tables, equations, and schemes.

•Networkable CD-ROM contains comprehensive search functions, including Boolean operators and state-of-the-art, user-friendly software.

Market: Inorganic, Organic, Physical, and Analytical Chemists; Materials Scientists; Chemical Engineers; Physicists; Biochemists; Biologists; Earth Scientists; Environmental Scientists.

Now complete!

Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology, 4th Ed., 27-Vol. Set

0-471-52704-1 cl 3/98 $7,884.00

An unrivaled libray of information for the chemical industry. Thoroughly up-to-date, the fourth edition includes many new subjects reflecting the growth and changes in chemical technology through the 1990s. The "bible of chemical technology," this encyclopedia consists of 27 volumes—25 alphabetical, plus a supplement and index. In addition to updating traditional subjects, the fourth edition features expanded coverage of biotechnology, materials science, computer technology, energy sources and conversion techniques, and environmental issues such as pollution control, toxicology, and recycling technology.

•Over 1,000 articles on industrial products, natural materials, and processes in such fields as: agriculture, chemical engineering, materials science, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, ecology and industrial hygiene, enzyme technology, food, fuels, industrial inorganic and organic chemicals, instrumentation and quality control, and more.

•Includes in-depth information on legal issues such as patents and licensing.

•Features CAS Registry Numbers.

•Over 5,000 photos, charts, graphs, figures, and tables.

Coming in 1999, Kirk-Othmer on the Web.

Market: Chemists, Researchers, Students, Engineers, Information Specialists, Materials Scientists, Legal Professionals.


Phtalocyanines: Properties and Applications, 4-Vol. Set

byC.C. Leznoff and A.B.P. Lever, Department of Chemistry, York Univ., Ontario, Canada

Vol. 1 0-471-18720-8 436 pp cl 11/89 $165.00

Vol. 2 0-471-18828-X 306 pp cl 11/92 $160.00

Vol. 3 0-471-18863-8 304 pp cl 1/93 $160.00

Vol. 4 0-471-18629-5 524 pp cl 4/96 $150.00

4-Vol. Set 0-471-23899-6 1570 pp cl 5/97 $499.00

"We are very favorably impressed with this book, and will not hesitate to add it to our libraries. If it had been available several years ago, it would have, by now, have saved us countless hours of toil in the library and in reading other reference books, often with frustrating results."—Photochemistry and Photobiology

This now-completed four volume series consolidates the academic and applied aspects of phthalocyanines, an important industrial commodity in the area of dyestuffs and pigments, into a single source representing the current state of knowledge in this fascinating area of chemistry.



Handbook of Derivitization Reactions for HPLC, byGeorge Lunn, Louise C. Hellwig, and Albert Cecchini

0-471-16458-5 1632 pp cl/cd 6/98 $495.00

This print and electronic database represents a tremendous time-saver for analytical chemists working in the popular area of HPLC (High-Performance Liquid-Chromatography). By abstracting and evaluating the most important procedures, chemists can avoid lengthy searches through the primary literature. Detailed procedures for the same reagent are listed together so readers may combine features of different methods to maximize results, and appendices contain information on procedures for reagents that are not commercially available. The CD-ROM is fully searchable by derivitization type, reagent, compound, reaction, procedure, and literature reference. Market: Analytical Chemists and Laboratory Technicians in the Organic Synthesis, Polymers, Medicinal and Pharmaceutical, Chemistry and Environmental Laboratories.


HPLC Methods for Pharmaceutical Analysis, byGeorge Lunn and Norman R. Schmuff

0-471-18176-5 1,632 pp cl 11/97 $195.00

0-471-18198-6 cd 11/97 $250.00

0-471-13078-8 1,632 pp cl/cd 11/97 $445.00

HPLC Methods for Pharmaceutical Analysis eliminates the time and effort associated with exhaustive literature searches by placing a complete and current database of the current literature on the HPLC methods developed for the 170 most commonly prescribed pharmaceutical compounds.

This landmark work contains:

•Detailed summaries of analytical techniques that may be reproduced without referring to the original sources.

•Extensively annotated bibliographies.

•More than 2,300 abstracts taken from papers in the literature through 1996.

•(for the CD-ROM) Fully text-searchable format using Boolean operators on WindowsÒ and Macintosh-compatible programs.

•The CD-ROM allows its user to find the appropriate analytical method for a given compound in just a few simple keystrokes

Organized by compound, this unique reference provides summaries of analytical methods developed for each drug in sufficient detail that these analyses can be replicated without referring to the original source. As detailed procedures are listed together for each compound, the analyst can evaluate and combine features of different methods, e.g. the extraction procedure from one with the separation method of another, to create customized results. In addition to these complete summaries, the entry for each compound also features an exhaustive annotated bibliography citing additional relevant methods.

The speed and accessibility of this information may be increased by utilizing the CD-ROM version of HPLC Methods for Pharmaceutical Analysis. The complete database is available for both Windows and Macintosh platforms. The chemical compound, molecular formula and weight, CAS registry numbers, Matrix, column type, guard column, flow rate, injection volume, detector, mobile phase, retention time, author name, and publication date all provide search avenues, often with a convenient pull-down menu. Simple or complex searches may be easily performed using Boolean operators (‘and’, "or", or "not").

System Requirements: IBM-compatible 386 or Higher, WindowsÒ 3.1 or Higher, 9 megabytes of RAM; MAC systems of 7.0 or higher, 8 megabytes of RAM, 68030 processor.

Market: Analytical Chemists and Researchers in the Pharmaceutical and Genetic Drug Manufacturing Industries.


Organic-Chemical Drugs and Their Synonyms: An International Survey, 7th Revised and Enlarged Ed.

byM. Negwer, Technical Univ. in Berlin

3-05-501629-7 3952 pp cl 8/94 $280.00

For the seventh edition of this standard work in drug research, well-known as "the Negwer," 3,000 new drugs have been added to the list. The book now compiles more than 12,000 chemically unique drugs with more than 105,000 synonyms. The latter are not to be found, to this great extent, in any comparable book. Three detailed indices facilitate working with the list. Market: Researchers, Professionals in Pharmaceutical, Biology, and Chemistry; Students.


Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis, 8-Vol. Set

byLeo A. Paquette, Editor-in-Chief

0-471-93623-5 6234 pp cl 11/95 $3,120.00

"As synthetic chemists address problems of increasing complexity, the need for better and faster means of finding the optimum way to bring about individual chemical steps becomes even more urgent. The Wiley Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Chemistry represents a welcome advance in this direction because it make available crucial information on some 3,500 reagents which are important in synthesis…These volumes are destined to be heavily used by active synthetic chemists and extremely helpful to students."—Nobel Laureate Professor E. J. Corey, Harvard Univ.

This essential reference contains an authoritative and systematic description of the use of all reagents in organic chemistry. It includes approximately 3,500 alphabetically-arranged articles, a comparison of reagents with others capable of similar chemistry, a pro and con assessment for each reagent, extensive cross-referencing, and substantial subject and molecular formula indexes.

•Exemplary transformations are illustrated for each reagent.

•Safety information included where applicable.

•Reviewed by a distinguished International Advisory Board of leading organic chemists.

•Illustrated extensively with computer drawn structural formulas and equations.

Market: Biochemists; Organic, Physical, Polymer, and Analytical Chemists; Researchers.


Dictionary of Chemistry, 2-Vol. Set with CD-ROM, (Parat), by G. Wenske

Vol. 1: English/German 3-527-26428-0 1547 pp cl 12/91 $250.00

Vol. 2: German/English 3-527-26429-9 1547 pp cl 11/93 $250.00

2-Vol. Set 3-527-29273-X 3,595 pp cl 6/94 $415.00

3-527-29266-7 cd 1/95 $435.00

2-Vol. Set with CD-ROM 3-527-29274-8 3,595 pp cl/cd 12/94 $845.00

Fast, easy, and convenient access to almost 300,000 entries with one mouseclick. The CD-ROM shares all advantages of Microsoft Windows and is fully-compatible with many common word processing programs. Excellent help and retrieval routines are just a few key features of this unique CD-ROM.

Market: All Chemists, Technical Translators. Anyone involved in the international chemistry business.


Patterson’s German-English Dictionary for Chemists, 4th Ed., byAustin M. Patterson

0-471-66991-1 944 pp cl 12/91 $112.00

First published by Wiley in 1917, it set the standard for the entire field. Maintaining the same convenient layout and Patterson format with the same high standards of quality, is the first revision of this invaluable work since 1950. With expanded coverage and new terms, it captures the wealth of scientific discoveries made in the last four decades, including the DNA double helix, practical computers and microelectronic devices, plate tectonics, and man in space. Once again, German- and English-speaking scientists and engineers have an up-to-date and authoritative resource for understanding each other’s language.

Market: Graduate Chemistry Students, Professional Translators, Academic and Industrial Libraries, Chemists, Engineers.


Encyclopedia of Spectroscopy

byH.-H. Perkampus, Heine-University, Dusseldorf, Germany

3-527-29281-0 669 pp cl 3/95 $115.00

The world of spectroscopy at your fingertips! This book offers a wealth of information in a handy format. Clear, comprehensive, and richly-illustrated accounts cover spectroscopic principles, methods, applications, and instrumentation from atomic to molecular spectroscopy. Augmented with 300 figires, this encyclopedia of spectroscopic terms and concepts contains approximately 1,000 entries, cross-referenced and with literature citations to help lead to more deatiled accounts. Many acronyms are carefully explained.

Market: Students in Spectroscopy; Instructors, Chemists, Scientists, Laboratory Specialists.


Encyclopedia of Separation Technology: A Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia in 2 Volumes

Edited by Douglas M. Ruthven, Univ. of Maine, Orono, Maine

0-471-16124-1 2,000 pp cl 4/97 $395.00

Today, separation technologies comprise over half of the capital and operating costs in industry. The need for a comprehensive resource has never been greater for anyone looking to reduce operating costs and increase profits. The Encyclopedia of Separation Technology presents A-Z coverage of all the scientific principles and practical applications of modern separation technology. This is the authoritative reference to turn to when you need answers to your questions on current techniques used to effect separations of gases, liquids, and solids for purifications of new materials, feedstocks, process streams, and finished products.

•Over 30% new and revised material.

•Every article on separation technology from the Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology plus new, specially-commissioned articles on key topics such as bioseparations, contractors for separations processes, and high purity gases.

•Over 50 entries, organized alphabetically, extensively cross-referenced.

Market: Chemical Engineers and Research Chemists in Industry.



Encyclopedia of Computational Chemistry, 5-Vol. Set

Edited by Paul von Ragué Schleyer, Univ. of Georgia, Athens

0-471-96588-X 3,500 pp cl 11/98 $2,500 Special pre-pub offer!—$2,100.00

In its relatively short history, computational chemistry has become one of the mainstays of modern industrial and academic chemistry. Computer methods are used to solve chemical problems that would be difficult or even impossible using experimental methods. The Encyclopedia of Computational Chemistry is the most modern, complete, and authoritative reference work on the subject. The rapid emergence of computational chemistry as a new discipline with applications throughout chemistry means that this encyclopedia will fill an important role in providing information for teachers and students as well as for active researchers.

•Includes contributions from over 300 leading computational chemists.

•Reference list contains not only traditional material, but also FTP and HTTP sites and similar entries to electronic sources.

•Discusses both methods and applications.

•Classic encyclopedia format makes this reference accessible to specialists, students, and practitioners in a wide field of chemical applications.

•Over 500 illustrations throughout the encyclopedia show the reader the full potential of the methods described.

Market: Computational Chemists, Experimental Chemists. Accessible to readers from all chemical, pharmaceutical, biological, and medicinal disciplines, both in academia and industry.


Organic Coatings: Science and Technology, 2-Vol. Set

byZeno W. Wicks, Jr., North Dakota State Univ.; Frank N. Jones, and S. Peter Pappas,

Vol. 1: Film Formation, Components and Appearance

0-471-61406-8 368 pp cl 10/92 $95.00

Vol. 2: Applications, Properties, and Performance

0-471-59893-3 416 pp cl 11/93 $95.00

2-Vol. Set 0-471-30828-5 784 pp cl 3/94 $175.00

" essence of wisdom orginating in a life-long experience with paint science and technology...a valuable source of information...especially attractive for paint scientists and technologists."—Progress in Organic Coatings Market: Professionals, Instructors, and Graduate Students in Polymer Science and Technology, Chemical Engineering, and Materials Science.



Burger’s Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery, 5th Ed., 5-Vol. Set

Edited by Manfred E. Wolff, Technipharm Consultants, Laguna Beach, CA

Vol. 1: Principles and Practice 0-471-57556-9 1,064 pp cl 12/94 $225.00

Vol. 2: Therapeutic Agents 0-471-57557-7 700 pp cl 4/96 $225.00

Vol. 3: Therapeutic Agents 0-471-57558-5 900 pp cl 8/96 $225.00

Vol. 4: Therapeutic Agents 0-471-57559-3 700 pp cl 2/97 $225.00

Vol. 5: Therapeutic Agents 0-471-57560-7 900 pp cl 5/97 $225.00

5-Vol. Set 0-471-57561-5 3992 pp cl 4/97 $995.00

In order to best reflect the enormous and exciting changes that have occurred in medicinal chemistry during the fifteen years since the last edition of this internationally celebrated work, the fifth edition of Burger's Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery has been expanded and updated to an unprecedented five volumes containing 72 chapters. A stellar roster of expert academic and industrial researchers have contributed to this expanded fifth edition. In addition to its exhaustive coverage of the progress in drug discovery research and development, Burger's also examines emerging areas of concern such as management and human resource requirements, the growing interdisciplinary nature of the field, and important preclinical development issues.

The first volume supplies a complete grounding in the principles and practice of the field, and the next four volumes present comprehensive surveys of pharmaceutical agents by target organ or system. Within every volume, each chapter provides a complete overview of a particular class of drug. Each volume in Burger's Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery is self-contained and can serve as an invaluable text/reference on its own. Together, the five volumes provide an indispensable and convenient way for all researchers to stay on top of the field.



Part I: The Drug Discovery Process. Part II: Product Development Issues. Part III: Structural Medicinal Chemistry. Part IV: Drug Discovery Technologies.


Part I: Gastrointestinal Drugs. Part II: Cardiovascular Drugs. Part III: Chemotherapeutic Agents.


Part I: CNS Drugs. Part II: Endocrine Drugs.


Part I: Radiological Agents. Part II: Cardiovascular Drugs. Part III: Chemotherapeutic Agents. Part IV: Endocrine Drugs.


Part I: Chemotherapeutic Agents. Part II: CNS Drugs. Part III: Endocrine Drugs. Part IV: Radiological Agents.

Market: Medicinal Chemists working on Drug Discovery and Design, Professionals in the Biopharmaceutical Industry and Academic Research.



Industrial Hygiene

Patty’s Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology, 4th Ed., 3-Vol. Set, 10 Parts

Edited by George D. Clayton and Florence E. Clayton

0-471-?????-? 0000 pp cl ?? $?? 0-471-13530-5 cd

Version 2.0 (New Users) 0-471-18192-7 cd 2/98 $2,450.00

Special offer!—$2,195.00 until 5/30/98

Version 2.0 (Update) 0-471-24490-2 cd 0/00 $395.00

In the tradition that has made these volumes an industry classic, this edition offers in-depth, comprehensive, and timely coverage of cutting-edge issues and innovations in the field. This latest revision features 18 new subjects including visual display terminal safety, biological agents in the workplace, indoor air pollution, and design of analytical laboratories. These new additions build on the existing broad coverage of industrial hygiene as both a science and an art, devoted to the recognition, evaluation, and control of environmental factors and stresses affecting the health of all workers. Market: Engineers, Public Health Physicians, Toxicologists, Industrial Managers.


Handbook of Health Hazard Control in the Chemical Process Industry

bySydney Lipton, Consultant, Port Townsend, Washington; and Jeremiah Lynch, Exxon Chemical Company, East Millstone, New Jersey

0-471-55464-2 1,003 pp cl 4/94 $99.95

This book contains valuable information on hazard evaluation reflecting OSHA and EPA’s newest regulations. Provides comprehensive coverage of equipment, operating procedures, and a basis for recommending worker exposure control. Presents new technology developed to manage toxic hazards to human health in closed chemical process plants. Features an in-depth treatment of the engineering practice.

Market: Industrial Hygienists, Chemical Engineers, Safety Officers, Executives.


Mass Spectral and GC Data of Drugs,

Poisons, Pesticides, Pollutants and Their Metabolites

2nd Revised and Enlarged Ed., Pts. 1, 2, 3

byK. Pfleger, H.H. Maurer, and A. Weber

3-527-26989-4 3409 pp cl 12/92 $995.00

The second edition of this famous reference work triples the number of spectra (4370 entries), includes pesticides and pollutants, and allows identification of doping agents. It offers nearly complete coverage of centrally active drugs, designer drugs, registered pesticides, pollutants, and organic solvents.

Market: Chemists, Scientists, Students in Pharmacology, Pharmacologists.



Materials Science

Handbook of Microscopy:

Applications in Materials Science, Solid-State Physics and Chemistry,

3-Vol. Set Edited by S. Amelinckx, D. van Dyck, J. van Landuyt, and G. van Tendeloo

Vol. 1: Methods I 3-527-29280-2 550 pp cl 12/96 $345.00

Vol. 2: Methods II 3-527-29473-2 550 pp cl 12/96 $345.00

Vol. 3: Applications 3-527-29293-4 550 pp cl 12/96 $345.00

3-Vol. Set 3-527-29444-9 1101 pp cl 12/96 $825.00

Comprehensive in coverage, written and edited by leading experts in the field, this handbook is a definitive, up-to-date reference work. The volumes Methods I and Methods II detail the physico-chemical basis and capabilities of the various microscopy techniques used in materials science. The volume Applications illustrates the results obtained by all available methods for the main classes of materials, showing which technique can be successfully applied to a given material in order to obtain the desired information.

Market: Material Scientists, Solid State Chemists, Solid State Physicists, Engineers, Analytical Chemists, University Libraries.


Materials Science and Technology: A Comprehensive Treatment

Edited by R.W. Cahn, Univ. of Cambridge, UK; P. Haasen, Univ. of Göttingen, Germany; and E.J. Kramer, Cornell Univ., Ithaca, New York

Vol. 1: Structure of Solids 3-527-26814-6 600 pp cl 12/92 $300.00

Vol. 2A: Characterization of Materials, Part I 3-527-26815-4 724 pp cl 7/92 $300.00

Vol. 2B: Characterization of Materials, Part Ii 3-527-28265-3 774 pp cl 1/94 $300.00

Vol. 3A: Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Metals and Ceramics, Part I

3-527-26816-2 642 pp cl 12/91 $300.00

Vol. 3B: Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Metals and Ceramics, Part II

3-527-28264-5 625 pp cl 12/93 $300.00

Vol. 4: Electronic Structure and Properties of Semiconductors

3-527-26817-0 603 pp cl 11/91 $300.00

Vol. 5: Phase Transformations in Materials 3-527-26818-9 648 pp cl 12/90 $300.00

Vol. 6: Plastic Deformation and Fracture of Materials 3-527-26819-7 697 pp cl 12/92 $300.00

Vol. 7: Constitution and Properties of Steels 3-527-26820-0 824 pp cl 12/91 $300.00

Vol. 8: Structure and Properties of Nonferrous Alloys 3-527-26821-9 878 pp cl 11/95 $300.00

Vol. 9: Glasses and Amorphous Materials 3-527-26822-7 797 pp cl 10/91 $300.00

Vol. 10A: Nuclear Materials, Part I 3-527-26823-5 550 pp cl 4/94 $300.00

Vol. 10B: Nuclear Materials, Part II 3-527-29236-5 500 pp cl 5/94 $300.00

Vol. 11: Structure and Properties of Ceramics 3-527-26824-3 841 pp cl 12/93 $300.00

Vol. 12: Structure and Properties of Polymers 3-527-26825-1 786 pp cl 8/93 $300.00

Vol. 13: Structure and Properties of Composites 3-527-26826-X 625 pp cl 9/93 $300.00

Vol. 14: Medical and Dental Materials 3-527-26827-8 469 pp cl 1/92 $300.00

Vol. 15: Processing of Metals and Alloys 3-527-26828-6 628 pp cl 8/91 $300.00

Vol. 16: Processing of Semiconductors 3-527-26829-4 715 pp cl 2/97 $300.00

Vol. 17A: Processing of Ceramics, Part I 3-527-26830-8 405 pp cl 11/95 $300.00

Vol. 17B: Processing of Ceramics, Part II 3-527-29356-6 378 pp cl 11/95 $300.00

Vol. 18: Processing of Polymers 3-527-26831-6 906 pp cl 6/97 $300.00

18-Vol. Set 3-527-26813-8 cl

Materials Science and Technology is the first in-depth, topic-oriented publication that systematically describes the properties and processing of today’s most important classes of materials. Each volume is a comprehensive reference work that details a particular subdiscipline of materials science and technology, and offers a wealth of information to both the specialist and the generalist. Written and edited by over 400 internationally-renowned scientists and engineers, it includes extensive cross-references, thorough bibliographies, and subject indices.

•Contains far more detailed information than in other encyclopedias.

•Covers both theory and practice.

Market: Materials Scientists and Engineers, Physicists, Chemists, Chemical and Electrical Engineers.


Sensors: A Comprehensive Survey, 8-Vol.

Set plus Index and Updates 1-3 byW. Gopel

Vol. 1: Fundamentals and General Aspects 3-527-26767-0 641 pp cl 11/89 $300.00

Vol. 2: Chemical and Biochemical Sensors, Pt. 1 3-527-26768-9 717 pp cl 10/91 $300.00

Vol. 3: Chemical and Biochemical Sensors, Pt. 2 3-527-26769-7 1323 ppCloth 12/91 $300.00

Vol. 4: Thermal Sensors 3-527-26770-0 412 pp cl 12/90 $300.00

Vol. 5: Magnetic Sensors 3-527-26771-9 513 pp cl 12/89 $300.00

Vol. 6: Optical Sensors 3-527-26772-7 659 pp cl 12/91 $300.00

Vol. 7: Mechanical Sensors 3-527-26773-5 675 pp cl 12/93 $300.00

Vol. 8: Micro and Nanosen-Trends In Sensor Markets 3-527-26774-3 566 pp cl 12/95 $300.00

A Comprehensive Survey Cumulative Index 3-527-29244-6 163 pp cl 12/95 $180.00

8-Vol. Set Plus Index 3-527-26538-4 cl 1/98 $2,120.00

Update Vol. 1 3-527-29329-9 285 pp cl 8/96 $240.00

Update Vol. 2 3-527-29432-5 313 pp cl 10/96 $240.00

Update Vol. 3 3-527-29433-3 370 pp cl 12/97 $240.00

An authoritative and time-saving reference offering a comprehensive overview of all aspects if research, design, and application of sensor technologies. Each volume is self-contained, topic-specific, and offers both specialists and generalists up-to-date information in the field.

•Compares various types of sensors with respect to their applications.

•Extensive bibliographies with every article.

•Thorough indexing and cross-referencing.

•Detailed coverage of "hot" topics.

Market: Physicists, Applied Chemists, Engineers, Sensor Technologists, Measurement Scientists, Graduate Students and Professors.


Handbook of Extractive Metallurgy, 4-Vol. Set

Edited by Fathi Habashi, Univ. Laval, Canada

3-527-28792-2 2000 pp cl 11/97 $1,200.00

A wealth of data on metals, their extraction, their alloys, and their most important inorganic compounds is revealed in this four-volume handbook, essential for the practicing metallurgist. The title contains an amazing amount of information combining basic knowledge and discussions of metal extraction processes with information on how a particular metal is extracted industrially from different raw materials and what its important alloys and compounds are. Market: Metallurgists, Mining Specialists, Materials Scientists, Mineralogists, Industrial Chemists, Inorganic Chemists, Chemical Engineers.


Handbook of Composite Reinforcements

A Wiley-VCH Publication, Edited by S.M. Lee

0-471-18861-1 715 pp cl 11/92 $175.00

This comprehensive, single-volume handbook covers every aspect of reinforcement science, from hands-on subjects, such as manual "lay-up" processing, to theoretical discussions concerning rheology and modeling. Taken from the recently published, six-volume International Encyclopedia of Composites, this reference volume offers scholarly and practical knowledge of distinguished industry-experts, academics, and government researchers in one accessible and informative handbook.

Market: Engineers, Materials Scientists, Technologists.


International Encyclopedia of Composites, 6-Vol. Set

A Wiley-VCH Publication,, Edited by Stuart M. Lee

Vol. 1 0-471-18749-6 563 pp cl 12/89 $300.00

Vol. 2 0-471-18750-X 524 pp cl 4/90 $300.00

Vol. 3 0-471-18751-8 526 pp cl 11/90 $300.00

Vol. 4 0-471-18759-3 532 pp cl 12/90 $300.00

Vol. 5 0-471-18760-7 574 pp cl 6/91 $300.00

Vol. 6 0-471-18761-5 600 pp cl 12/91 $300.00

6-Vol. Set 0-471-18706-2 3293 pp cl 12/89 $950.00

The first complete reference work to cover in-depth engineering information of all phases of composites in six volumes. Professionals will find this a single source of information to consult when seeking in-depth engineering topics in composite technology, thus eliminating the need to spend hours in the library reading through various journals and reports. Market: Chemists; Physicists; Industrial, Academic, and Government Material Scientists and Engineers; Analysts, Designers, Fabricators, and Users in Industrial Composites.


Ternary Alloys:

A Comprehensive Compendium of Evaluated Constitutional Data and Phase Diagrams,

15-Vol. Set, byG. Petzow

3-527-26967-3 00 pp cl 11/96 $

"The compendium is the most comprehensive source of reliable data on ternary systems available worldwide. It will prove indispensible to everyone concerned with the research and development of materials…"—STN International

Market: Materials Scientists, Chemical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Plant Designers, Inorganic Chemists, Metallurgists, Physicists, all Metal-Working-Related Industries.


Intermetallic Compounds: Principles and Applications, 2-Vol. Set

Edited by J. H. Westbrook, Brookline Technologies, Ballston Spa, New York and R.L. Fleischer, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York

0-471-93453-4 1934 pp cl 1/95 $900.00

These two volumes provide a comprehensive source for scientists and engineers interested in intermetallics. Experts from 15 countries cover fundamental theory, experimental aspects, practical applications (both current and potential), and critical assessment. Volume One is devoted to the science of intermetallic compounds—their formation, structure, bonding, and properties. Volume Two deals with the applications of intermetallic compounds—initial uses, present commercial, and future applications.

Market: Materials Scientists, Engineers, Metallurgists, Solid State Physicists, Crystallographers, Students.





Encyclopedia of Biostatistics, 6-Vol. Set

Edited by Peter Armitage, Univ. of Oxford, UK; and Theodore Colton, Boston Univ., UK

0-471-97576-1 3,000 pp cl 4/98 $2,400.00

Special pre-pub offer!—$1,950.00 through 3/31/98

Comprising over 1,200 articles written by more than 800 contributors, this truly international reference work provides extensive coverage of statistical issues pertinent to life scientists, health care professionals, and practicing statisticians. Entries in Encyclopedia of Biostatistics range from basic statistical concepts and practical issues arising in medical research, to advanced methods and theoretical developments.

Market: Statisticians, Biostatisticians, Epidemiologists, Life Scientists, Clinical Trialists, and Medical Researchers.


Human Reliability and Safety Analysis Data Handbook

byDavid I. Gertman and Harold S. Blackman

0-471-59110-6 472 pp cl 10/93 $79.95

Takes into account the human element as well as the classical aspects of mechanical, electrical, and chemical designs that contribute to risk. Features a significant amount of data essential for risk analysis not normally available. Contains numerous examples of authentic applications and case studies.

Market: Reliability Engineers, Human Factors Analysts, Design and Systems Engineers, Graduate Students.


Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences, 9-Vol. Set

Edited by Samuel Kotz, Univ. of Maryland; Norman Lloyd Johnson, Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; and Campbell B. Read, Southern Methodist Univ.

9-Vol. Set 0-471-05544-1 6332 pp cl 4/88 $1,974.00

Supplement Volume 0-471-81274-9 304 pp cl 3/89 $163.00

Update Vol. 1 0-471-11836-2 568 pp cl 4/97 $195.00

Update Vol. 2 0-471-11939-3 745 pp cl 1/98 $195.00

Brings together, in a ready-access encyclopedic format, theories, methods, applications, and historical background in the statistical sciences. More than 4,000 entries by leading statisticians, mathematicians, educators, and major figures in the development of statistics cover all principle subfields including probability theory, statistical distribution theory, computational methods, sampling survey methods, decision theory, sequential analysis, and multivariable analysis. Fully indexed.




Medical Sciences

International Textbook of Diabetes Mellitus, 2nd Ed., 2-Vol. Set

Edited by K.G.M.M. Alberti, The Medical School, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK; P. Zimmet, International Diabetes Institute, Victoria, Australia; and R.A. DeFronzo, Univ. of Texas

(S)0-471-93930-7 1930 pp cl 5/97 $325.00

The most comprehensive reference on both clinical and scientific aspects of diabetes, this edition reflects the numerous advances in the science, understanding, and management of types 1 and 2 of the disease. Features over 300 pages of new material including diabetes in the tropics, the insulin resistance syndrome, the relationship between obesity and diabetes, dietary management of diabetes mellitus in the Middle East, implantable pumps, monitoring of lipids and diabetes, glucose sensors, and psychosocial problems of diabetes mellitus. Also features a significant number of additional illustrations.

Market: Clinical Endocrinologists, Diabetologists, Epidemiologists, General Practitioners, Nurses, Dieticians, Geneticists, Pediatricians, Public Health Officials.



Chromosomal Variation in Man: A Catalog of Chromosomal Variants and Anomalies, 8th Ed.

byDigamber Borgaonkor, Christiana Hospital, Newark, Delaware

0-471-24332-9 1,191 pp cl 10/97 $250.00

The newly updated and expanded eighth edition contains almost 19,000 entries with bibliographic data on both rare and common chromosome alterations and abnormalities. A complete overview of published data on chromosome abnormalities without the tedium of searching through primary literture. Completely revised and updated throughout—with almost 3,000 new entries and new information on techniques such as FISH, UPD, PRINS, and more. Online access to the complete database comes with the book. The database is continually updated.

Market: Human and Medical Geneticists, Cytogeneticists, Cytogenetic Laboratory Technicians.


Handbook of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders, 2nd Ed.

Edited by Donald J. Cohen and Fred R. Volkmar, both of Yale Child Study Center, New Haven, Connecticut

0-471-53242-8 1120 pp cl 4/97 $89.95

This updated edition presents a comprehensive survey regarding all available information about these disorders, drawing upon findings and clinical experience from a number of related disciplines. Discusses descriptive and diagnostic characteristics, biological contributions, intervention techniques, and legal and social issues. This version includes the latest work on motor functioning, social cognition, brain imaging, emotional development, new genetic discoveries, and novel approaches to educating and intervening with these types of cases. Market: Child Psychiatrists, Clinical Child Psychologists, Developmental Psychologists, Researchers, Academics, Students.


Cardiac Problems in Pregnancy, 3rd Ed.

Edited by Uri Elkayam, M.D., Section of Cardiolody, Department of Medicine, Univ. of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA; and Norbert Gleicher, M.D., Center for Human Reproduction, Chicago, IL

0-471-16358-9 784 pp cl 4/98 $235.00

Special pre-pub offer!—$199.00 until 4/30/98

This new third edition describes in detail the broad range of cardiac diseases in pregnant women and their fetuses, and explains the most current diagnoses and treatments in a clear and organzied manner. The most successful features of the previous edition have been retained, including the book’s unique dual point of view—organ review of both the mother and fetus within one volume. The book’s division into two separate sections on the maternal and fetal aspects of pregnancy helps bridge the gap between disciplines, and offers a highly useful clinical perspective in dealing with cardiac problems not only in the mother, but also in the fetus. Market: Cardiologists, Obstetricians, and Perinatologists.


Principles and Practice of Clinical Bacteriology

Edited by A.M. Emmerson, Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham, UK; P.M. Hawkey, Univ. of Leeds, UK; and S.H. Gillespie, Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, London, UK

(S)0-471-93617-0 818 pp cl 6/97 $240.00

This book provides an up-to-date, comprehensive, clinically-oriented account of the molecular biology, pathogenesis, clinical features, diagnosis, and management of human bacterial diseases, as well as their control and prevention.

Market: Clinical Microbiologists, Medical Microbiologists, Epidemiologists, Infectious Disease Specialists, Virologists, and Immunologists.


Catalog of Chromosome Aberrations in Cancer, ’98

byFelix Mitelman, Univ. Hospital, Lund, Sweden; Associate Editors: Bertil Johansson and Fredrik Mertens, Univ. Hospital, Lund, Sweden

0-471-17603-6 CD-ROM, Version 1 6/98 $650.00

Special pre-pub price!—$595.00 until 6/30/98

Subsequent upgrades—$125.00

A complete, up-to-date source of the chromosome changes that have been reported in cases of human neoplastic disorder. This CD-ROM features a systematic and uniform presentation, and covers karyotypes, the morphological classification of the neoplastic condition, tumor site when appropriate, and references. It offers an interactive database which provides all the information found in the printed edition together with new databases not currently included in print. Its search capability allows users to easily access the karyotypes presented in the database. Offers searchability and hyperlinked cross-references. Includes MEDLINE abstracts, clinical cytogenetic correlations, demographics, and prior treatment of patients.

Market: Researchers and Clinicians in Oncology, Cytogenetics, Medical Genetics, Molecular Genetics, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Virology, and Hematology.


Principles and Practice of Geriatric Medicine, 3rd Ed., 2-Vol. Set

Edited by M.S.J. Pathy, St. Woolos Hospital, Newport, Wales, UK, and Emeritus, Univ. of Wales School of Medicine, Cardiff, UK

(S)0-471-96348-8 338 pp cl 6/98 $430.95

The third edition of this comprehensive and invaluable work has been thoroughly-revised and updated to include many new and important areas of geriatric medicine, including: demography of aging; nutrition and aging; housing; environment; smoking in old age; the older driver; education in geriatric medicine; disorders of the stomach, colon, and rectum; smell and taste disorders; headache; and facial pain.

Market: Researchers and practitioners in geriatric medicine, Specialists in health policy and community care.


Comprehensive Neurology, 2nd Ed.

byRoger N. Rosenberg, M.D.; and David E. Pleasure, M.D.

0-471-16958-7 1,280 pp cl 4/98 $225.00

Since the publication of the first edition in 1991, there have been many important advances in basic neuroscience and neurology. This book is a reference that integrates basic neurobiologic information wherever possible to provide a scientific understanding of the pathogenesis of disorders and a clear rationale for their treatment. This new edition is greatly expanded and reflects the rapid expansion of the field over the last six years. It bridges the gap between basic science and clinical neurology, and is a useful reference for many other fields including psychiatry, neuroscience, and psychology.

Market: Neurology residents and clinical neurologists, as well as physicians and scientists in related fields such as Neurosurgery.


Compendium of Quality of Life Instruments

Edited by Sam Salek,

(S)0-471-98145-1 1,000 pp b/d 7/98 $795.00

Featuring over 200 instruments all validated by key references, this compendium provides researchers working on clinical trials protocols with a single, easy-access source of established instruments for measuring the quality of life when assessing treatment results. Reliability, validity, and strengths and weaknesses of each instrument are presented, enabling researchers to decide how and when to use which instruments. Market: Health Researchers, Clinicians, Pharmacoeconomists, and Physicians involved in statistical design and interpretation.


MRI of the Abdomen and Pelvis: A Text-Atlas

byRichard C. Semelka, M.D., Department of Radiology, Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC; Susan M. Ascher, M.D., Department of Radiology, Georgetown Univ., Washington, D.C.; and Caroline Reinhold, M.D., Montreal General Hospital, McGill Univ., Montreal, Canada

0-471-16164-0 744pp cl 5/97 $195.00

Received honorable mention for best book in clinical medicine at the American Association of Publishers/Professional and Scholarly Publishers’ 1997 Awards

Profusely illustrated with over 2,400 crystal-clear images obtained on state-of-the-art equipment, this book provides invaluable practical insights about which imaging protocols are most beneficial to use when investigating disease entities in every major organ system of the abdomen, as well as female and male pelves. Logically organized into chapters devoted to major organ systems, the text supplies extensive descriptions and illustrations of normal appearances, common diseases, common diseases, and rare entities. A helpful study design section explaining critical technical factors in MR imaging of the abdomen and pelvis with specific attention to MR protocols is also included. Market: Radiologists, Gastrointestinal and Oncologic Surgeons, Oncologists, Urologists, Gastroenterologists, Obstetricians, and Gynecologists.



Table of Isotopes, 8th Ed., 2-Vol. Set with 1998 Book/CD-ROM Update

byRichard B. Firestone and Virginia S. Shirley

1998 Update with CD-ROM

0-471-24699-9 152 pp pa/cd 3/98 $175.00

2-Vol. Set with 1998 Book/CD-ROM Update

0-471-29091-2 3000 pp cl/cd 3/98 $350.00

An up-to-date, comprehensive, and easily-accessible compilation that provides data on isotopes—two or more forms of an element having the same atomic number and similar chemical properties but differing in mass number and radioactive behavior. Coverage includes isotopic mass, natural abundance, nuclear spin, decay energies, half-life, certainty and means of identification, and much more. Market: Researchers in nuclear physics, health physics, chemistry, and engineering.



Encyclopedia of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, 8-Vol. Set

byDavid M. Grant, Univ. of Utah; and Robin K. Harris, Univ. of Durham, UK

Vol. 1: Historical Perspectives 0-471-95839-5 826 pp cl 5/96 $270.00

8-Vol. Set 0-471-93871-8 5590 pp cl 4/96 $4500.00

The complete and preferred reference for anyone seeking information on any aspect of NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance), this encyclopedia contains over 700 articles on all aspects of NMR across many fields of science and technology, emphasizing its interdisciplinary nature.

•Covers historical developments, biological and biomedical applications, imaging principles and applications, inorganic and organic applications, instrumentation, and basic principles.

•Includes extensive tables, graphs, spectra, illustrations, photographs (both black and white and full-color).

•Volume 1 is a self-contained work featuring over 200 articles on the historical development and perspectives of NMR.

Market: Researchers, Scientists, and Students in Chemistry, Physics, Materials and Earth Sciences, Biochemistry, Biology, and Medicine.; Medical and Scientific/Technical Libraries.


Encyclopedia of Physics, 2nd Ed.

A Wiley-VCH Publication, byR.G. Lerner and G.L. Trigg

0-471-18719-4 1408 pp cl 12/90 $110.00

The editors of Encyclopedia of Physics, whose earlier edition a decade ago won international acclaim, now provide a fully-revised, expanded, and updated second edition of this comprehensive reference resource. In a single volume, 500 experts offer an indispensable state-of-the-art account of physics and the physical world. They include fourteen Nobel laureates and numerous other scientific award winners.

Market: Physicists, Instructors, and Students in Physics; Libraries.


UV-VIS Atlas of Organic Compounds, 2nd Ed.

byH.-H. Perkampus, Heine-University, Dusseldorf, Germany

3-527-28510-5 1,416 pp cl 10/92 $595.00

An invaluable source of information, this practical reference provides over 1,175 critically-selected and evaluated UV-VIS spectra of organic and inorganic compounds. Handy features include transmission curves for the most important spectroscopic solvents, 177 tables showing the effects of substituents and solvents on typical chromophores, helpful indexes (unsaturation values, substance names and classes, molecular formulas, CAS Registry Numbers, etc.), and supplementary texts on individual substance classes by renowned experts. Market: Students in Organic Compounds; Chemists, Specialists, and Non-Specialists.


Encyclopedia of Applied Physics, 23-Vol. Set

(Encyclopedia of Applied Physics)

Edited by George L. Trigg, formerly Editor of Physical Review Letters

3-527-26841-3 00 pp cl 11/93 $6,400.00

The Encyclopedia of Applied Physics provides a thorough knowledge of physics and its numerous technical and industrial applications at a "civilian" level of understanding. While it is an essential reference for all physicists, it is also a much-needed source of information for the thousands of professionals in industry whose work requires a solid background knowledge of physics.

•Each volume contains 22 to 25 articles spanning about 600 pages and includes approximately 400 black and white and color figures and illustrations.

•All articles contain a detailed table of contents, a glossary of unfamiliar terms, a detailed reference list, an extensive index for quick access to desired information, numerous cross-references, and uniform terms, abbreviations, symbols, and units.

Market: Physicists, Engineers, and Scientists working on electronics, computers, aerospace, polymers, physical chemistry, radiology, biology, and geophysics.



Polymer Science

Handbook of Plastic Compounds, Elastomers, and Resins: An International Guide by Category, Tradename, Composition, and Supplier

<Imprint>A Wiley-VCH Publication

Edited by Michael Ash and Irene Ash, Synapse Information Resources, Inc., Endicott, NY

0-471-18830-1 872 pp cl 11/91 $250.00

Representing a complete, accurate, and current data source on primary material tradename products for the rubber and plastic industries, this handbook gives short, easy-to-find information on over 15,000 chemical trademark products currently sold throughout the world. It is actually a four-books-in-one reference guide covering tradename by category reference, tradename cross-reference, chemical component cross-reference, and chemical manufacturers’ directory. International in scope, this highly-practical volume is well-organized and time-saving.

Market: Chemists in Rubber and Plastic Industries.


Polymer Handbook, 4th Ed.

Edited by Johannes Brandrup and E. H. Immergut/Associate Editors: Akihiro Abe, Tokyo Institute of Polytechnics; Daniel R. Bloch, Manager, Aldrich Chemicals; and Eric A. Grulke, Univ. of Kentucky

0-471-16628-6 1,920 pp cl 11/98 $295.00

This handbook is a thoroughly-updated edition of the definitive work in the field. Now almost 2,000 pages, this one-stop reference brings together all the data needed in theoretical and experimental polymer research. It continues to be the only source for fundamental, validated property data of polymeric material.

•Explores the developments in the field since 1989—30% new data.

•Improved nomenclature to improve indexing, and search and retrieval.

Market: Polymer Scientists, Material Scientists, and Chemical Engineers.


Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Engineering, 2nd Ed., 19-Vol. Set byMark

0-471-86519-2 cl 3/90 $4959.00

This 19-volume work has been rewritten and expanded to reflect the vast changes that have taken place in the polymer industry over the past 20 years. Over 100 new subjects are introduced and there is a 50% increase in material covering engineering and processing, including CAD/CAM, robotics, and composites.

Market: Industrial, College, and University Libraries.



Handbook of Organic Conductive Molecules and Polymers, 4-Vol. Set

Edited by Hari Singh Nalwa, Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd., Ibaraki, Japan

Vol. 1: Charge-Transfer, Salts, Fullerenes and Photoconductors

0-471-96593-6 828 pp cl 3/97 $260.00

Vol. 2: Conductive-Polymers Synthesis and Electrical Properties

0-471-1-96594-4 888 pp cl 3/97 $260.00

Vol. 3: Conductive-Polymers Spectroscopy and Physical Properties

0-471-96595-2 890 pp cl 3/97 $260.00

Vol. 4: Conductive-Polymers Transport, Photophysics and Applications

0-471-96813-7 728 pp cl 4/97 $260.00

4-Vol. Set 0-471-96275-9 3334 pp cl 4/97 $1,190.00

Conductive polymers have applications in telecommunications, electronics, materials science, chemistry,and physics. This handbook brings together, in four self-contained volumes, all aspects of conductive polymers and organic molecules including chemical and physical properties, synthesis, technology, and applications. While each of the four volumes is self-contained, together the set spans all available information on organic conductive materials, their chemical and physical properties, and the applications and commercial uses of these products.

•Over 13,300 bibliographic citations.

•Fully cross-referenced topics to facilitate information searches on particular topics.

•Thousands of illustrations, photographs, tables, chemical structures, and equations.

Market: Graduate and Advanced Undergraduate Students, and Scientists in Chemistry, Solid-State Physics, Materials Science, Biology, Electronics, Photonics, and Polymer Engineering.


Handbook of Plastic Materials and Technology

Edited by Irvin I. Rubin, Robinson Plastics Corporation

0-471-09634-2 1792 pp cl 4/90 $225.00

This complete single source reference offers in-depth coverage of the latest advances in plastic materials, processing, and industry practices, as well as assembly, technology, and decorating issues. Prominent industry professionals answer questions regarding 119 different plastic topics—each in its own separate section. Useful auxiliary information, comprehensive tables, and handy appendices are included as well.

Market: Plastics Engineers, Manufacturers, Processors, and Students.