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Dictionary of Building Preservation

Edited by Ward Bucher, AIA, Washington, DC

0-471-14413-4 560 pp cl 9/96 $39.95

An easy-to-use sourcebook that defines more than 10,000 terms commonly used in renovation, historic architecture, engineering, building technology, and preservation. Compiled by a practicing restoration architect, it offers both novices and professionals clear, straight-forward definitions, richly-detailed illustrations, and comprehensive cross-references, all of which amplify each term’s preservation context, origin, and national and regional vernaculars.

Market: Historic Homeowners, Preservationists, Restoration Consultants, Urban Planners, Architecture Buffs, Land-Use Attorneys, Architects, and Architectural Historians.


The Design Encyclopedia

byMel Byars, New York, New York

0-471-02455-4 612 pp cl 7/94 $60.00

This definitive encyclopedia covers all elements associated with decoration and design in eastern and western Europe, Australia, North and South America, and Japan. Over 3,000 entries form a compendium of designers, firms, movements, styles, and materials in the design world from the 19th century to the present. Features lists of major design exhibitions and fairs worldwide, ranging from the 1851 Great Exhibition in London through the 1992 Seville Expo, to a Pan-Russian Exhibition in Moscow in 1882. Every entry includes dates, biographies, details of design education and influences, exhibitions and awards, an in-depth discussion of important designs, plus a complete bibliography covering publications in all languages.

Market: Designers.


The Natural Building Compendium: The Guide to Alternative Residential Construction Systems

(Wiley Series in Sustainable Design)

byLynne Elizabeth, Sustainability and Ecological Design Consultant, Berkeley, California; and Cassandra Adams, Univ. of California, Berkeley, California

0-471-24951-3 352 pp pa 11/98 $45.00

This guide focuses on the appropriate use of alternative, natural and/or indigenous building materials and systems. Materials covered include adobe, rammed earth, bamboo, straw-bale and many more. This is the first comprehensive guide to a number of practices that are gaining popularity within the sustainable design movement and mainstream construction throughout the world.

Market: Green Builders and Designers; Construction Professionals and Specifiers; Homeowners interested in Green Building.


Landscapes in History, 2nd Ed., 2-Vol. Set

byPhilip Pregill, California State Poly-Pomona, California; and Nancy Volkman, Texas A&M, College Station, Texas

0-471-29328-8 768 pp cl 11/98 $79.95

This comprehensive reference covers the historical development of landscape architecture and environmental design—from the dawn of civilization to today. New to this edition are sections on Asian landscapes, and modern planning and planting practices.

Market: Landscape Architects.


Architectural Graphic Standards, 9th Ed.

byCharles G. Ramsey (deceased) and Harold R. Sleeper (deceased); Edited by the American Institute of Architects, Washington, DC

0-471-53369-6 928 pp cl 3/94 $199.00

"a valuable reference for architects…visually compelling and full of information."—Progressive Architecture. The ninth edition of the classic reference used by architects and builders since 1932 offers a wealth of information in a convenient format. This beautifully-illustrated and acclaimed resource contains practical information on traditional architectural standards, methods, and materials that cannot be found in any other source. Revised, updated, and expanded to match today’s stringent building codes.

Market: Architects, Engineers, Construction Professionals, Interior Designers, Related Design Professionals.


Architectural Graphic Standards CD-ROM, Version 2.0

Architectural Graphic Standards, Ninth Edition edited by the American Institute of Architects, Washington, DC and published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc./Architectural Graphic Standards CD-ROM developed by Jordani Multimedia and published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

New Users 0-471-24763-4 cd 1/98 $395.00

Upgrade For Current Users 0-471-25314-6 cd 1/98 $199.00

Architecture’s classic reference, Ramsey and Sleeper’s Architectural Graphic Standards, Ninth Edition, has been transformed into a high-speed, high-tech design tool on CD-ROM. Version 2.0 includes five times as many vector data drawings as Version 1.0; 10,000 architectural elements to download and manipulate; .DXF and .DWG formats for AutoCAD and other CAD program users, plus .DGN format for MicroStation users, and much more. Market: Architects, Engineers, Construction Professionals, Interior Designers, Related Design Professionals.


Smith, Currie & Hancock’s Common Sense Construction Law

Smith, Currie & Hancock, et al

0-471-01031-6 380 pp cl 1/97 $59.95

This book serves as a reference for virtually the entire construction industry. It provides a comprehensive and practical overview of the legal aspects and implications of the construction process—from design and bidding to completion and warranties. Implications of environmental liability, insurance, and bankruptcy are also discussed. Market: Civil Engineering, Architecture, and Construction Engineers.



Business & Investment
Accounting, Business Law

Assessment and Selection in Organizations: Methods and Practice for Recruitment and Appraisal, Vol. 2: International Handbook of Selection and Assessment

Edited by Neil Anderson, Golsmiths College, Univ. of London; and Peter Herriot

0-471-96638-X 680 pp cl 6/97 $125.00

Internationally-acknowledged authorities in the selection field address new techniques and ideas regarding assessment and selection. The topical issues discussed include changes in personnel selection and corporate strategy assessment for career development, interrelationships between systems of selection and training, and the psychological impact of recruitment and assessment procedures upon individual candidates.

Market: Human Resources Professionals, Consultants, Academics, Researchers.


The Accountant’s Handbook of Information Technology

byG. Jack Bologna and Anthony M. Walsh

0-471-30473-5 384 pp cl 2/97 $105.00

A comprehensive reference on information technology written specifically for accounting professionals. Contains many practical examples and checklists, as well as provides market information, lists and reviews of popular accounting software, and much more. Market: Controllers; Internal Auditors; Financial Managers; IT Professionals.


The Audit Committee Handbook, 2nd Ed.

byLouis Braiotta, State Univ. of New York at Binghamton

0-471-01028-6 432 pp cl 5/94 $85.00

This revised edition reflects the rapidly changing environment in corporate and financial communities. Uses a theoretical and practical perspective to examine audit committee members’ tasks and helps them oversee and monitor internal/external audit functions, understand crucial guidelines for minimizing legal liability, formulate important questions to ask during pre- and post-audit meetings, as well as review and attend to the internal control system, accounting policies, disclosures, questionable foreign payments, conflicts of interest, and contributions. Market: Audit Committee Members and Directors, CFOs, Directors of Internal Audit Departments, External Auditors, Foreign Company Audit Committee Members.


The CRB Commodity Yearbook 1998

byBRIDGE Information Systems

0-471-24705-7 416 pp cl 4/98 $99.95

The essential commodity reference for analysts, traders, and portfolio managers. Dubbed "the bible" by market analysts and traders since 1939, The CRB Commodity Yearbook provides invaluable reference information on 105 domestic and international commodities, from orange juice, to gold, to zinc.

Market: Investment Professionals.


Wiley’s English-German/German-English Business Dictionary

byChrista Britt and Lilith Schutte

0-471-13401-5 343 pp cl 11/95 $44.95

0-471-12140-1 343 pp pa 11/95 $19.95

Written by two native German speakers who have taught business German for more than 20 years, this is the most up-to-date and easy-to-use bilingual dictionary available. Contains the 16,000 words and phrases most-frequently used in international business covering such topics as economics, banking and finance, management, marketing, accounting, and statistics.

Market: Professionals, International Business Students.


Accountants’ Handbook, 8th Ed., 2-Vol. Set

Edited by D.R. Carmichael, Steven B. Lilien, and Martin Mellman

Vol. 1 0-471-25478-9 1008 pp pa 3/98 $75.00

Vol. 2 0-471-25475-4 800 pp pa 3/98 $75.00

2-Vol. Set 0-471-25479-7 1800 pp pa 1/99 $125.00

The recognized authority on current accounting standards and analyses for over 70 years, this edition has been updated and revised to reflect the latest financial accounting and reporting issues. With contributions from nationally-recognized accounting professionals, it represents the thinking of every major international accounting firm. Comprehensive contents provide analysis of over 40 critical areas of accounting. Supplemented annually to keep readers apprised of the latest procedures and developments.

Market: CPAs, Public Accountants, Corporate Accounting and Finance Professionals, Enrolled Agents.


The Operational Auditing Handbook: Auditing Business Processes

byAndrew Chambers

0-471-97060-3 546 pp cl 8/97 $110.00

This book is not essentially a "how to audit" book, but rather serves to raise the consciousness of the underlying issues, risks, and objectives for a wide range of operations and activities. It stimulates creative thought about the business context of operational audit reviews.

Market: Financial Controllers, Internal Auditors, Management Consultants.


International Accounting and Finance Handbook, 2nd Ed.

Edited by Frederick D.S. Choi

0-471-15281-1 1184 pp cl 2/97 $145.00

A useful reference guide that aids those who have international business and financial interests. Provides an in-depth look into the international dimensions of accounting, reporting, and control and finance. It highlights major differences in accounting principles around the world.

Market: Accountants, Auditors, Financial Executives and Analysts, Lawyers.


The Nonprofit Handbook, 2nd Ed., 2-Vol. Set

Edited by Tracy Daniel Connors, Bowie, Maryland; and James M. Greenfield, Newport Beach, California

The Nonprofit Handbook, 2nd Ed.: Management (Tracy Daniel Connors)

0-471-17967-1 809 pp cl 1/97 $115.00

1998 Supplement 0-471-19594-4 124 pp pa 4/98 $50.00

The Nonprofit Handbook, 2nd Ed.: Fund-Raising (James M. Greenfield)

0-471-15658-2 744 pp cl 1/97 $95.00

1998 Supplement 0-471-19597-9 128 pp pa 4/98 $57.00

2-Vol. Set 0-471-15400-8 576 pp cl 1/97 $210.00

The revised and expanded format enables us to provide more coverage to both "sides" of the nonprofit equation: management and fund-raising. In practice, these two aspects of a nonprofit’s organizational structure each keep to themselves. The Nonprofit Handbook: Management offers proven advice from experts in the field on every facet of a nonprofit’s daily operations: management and leadership, human resources, benefits, compensation, financial management, marketing and communications, and law and regulations. The Nonprofit Handbook: Fund-Raising covers every aspects of the practice from preparatory, organizational, and managerial issues, to both annual and major giving to specialized types of nonprofit organizations.

Market: Nonprofit Professionals.


1998 International Tax Summaries: A Guide for Planning and Decisions

Coopers & Lybrand Global Tax Network, Washington, DC

0-471-18234-6 1280 pp cl 3/98 $135.00

International Tax Summaries provides vital information on the tax systems of 124 countries. Organized to make it easy to assess each system’s impact on investment and planning decisions, this book discusses income taxes on corporations, individuals, and nonresidents, as well as other taxes.

Market: Corporate Tax Managers, Public Accountants and Tax Consultants with an international clientele.


Wiley IAS 99: Interpretation and Application of International Accounting Standards 1999

byBarry J. Epstein and Abbas Ali Mirza

0-471-29626-0 864 pp pa 11/98 $62.00

This important reference, the first published in the US, keeps readers on top of the emerging international accounting standards that are vital to succeed in today’s global economy. It covers all the standards and provides valuable interpretation and practical insights along with case studies and real-world applications. It also includes a disclosure checklist to help ensure compliance with IAS disclosure requirements.

Market: Public Accountants, Chartered Accountants, Governmental and other Regulatory Officials, Students.


Export Handbook: Accounting, Finance, and Tax Guide

Edited by Robert Feinschreiber

0-471-13323-X 314 pp cl 1/97 $135.00

With the passage of GATT and NAFTA, there has been a reduction or elimination of trade barriers worldwide. Exporting is now a viable method of conducting business for many companies. This book provides legal, accounting, and tax strategies for those entering or already participating in the lucrative area of exports. Provides practical information on financial savings. Shows exporting companies how to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Market: Corporate Accountants, CPAs, Tax Practitioners.


Import Handbook: A Compliance and Planning Guide

Edited by Robert Feinschreiber and Charles L. Crowley

0-471-17742-3 377 pp cl 10/97 $135.00

With the increase in imports and trade, this much needed handbook provides up-to-date information and advice on import strategies. Upper management, accountants, and other financial executives will find useful details on tax and accounting issues regarding imports. It also explains the penalties involved with the Custom and Modernization and Informed Compliance Act and how to avoid them.

Market: Corporate Accountants, CPAs and Tax Practitioners in Import Goods/Materials, International Lawyers, and Tax Professionals.


Transfer Pricing Handbook, 2nd Ed., 2-Vol. Set

Edited by Robert Feinschreiber

0-471-17599-4 1328 pp cl 12/97 $250.00

This reference is based on the new transfer pricing Treasury regulations (Section 482). International corporations dealing with imported or exported products from their subsidiaries are affected by this new rule and those that do not comply face strict penalties which can be financially damaging. This book analyzes numerous aspects of transfer pricing including cost sharing, valuation of intangibles, and priority regulations. The final section helps the taxpayer prepare for audits or litigation. The two-volume set includes all updated and revised information on "Transfer Pricing" which is the sale, license, or lease of a product or service and any other intercompany transaction that takes place between affiliated businesses. The transfer pricing regulation determines the amount of income each party earns. The reference also provides important tax information of US foreign-owned corporations.

Market: Accountants, Cost Accountants, Tax Professionals, Attorneys.


Original Pronouncements: Accounting Standards, 1997/98 Ed.

byFinancial Accounting Standards Board

Vol. 1: FASB Statements Of Standards 0-471-19521-9 1500 pp pa 8/97 $45.95

Vol. 2: AICPA Pronouncements, FASB Interpretations, FASB Concepts Statements, FASB Technical Bulletins, Topical Index/Appendixes

0-471-19522-7 1500 pp pa 8/97 $45.95

These valuable resources contain all the original pronouncements put forth by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Volume One contains all the Statements of Financial Accounting Standards issued by the FASB from its inception in 1973 to June 1, 1997. Volume Two contains material issued by the AICPA or its committees through June 1973 and by the FASB to June 1, 1997.

Market: Accountants, Financial Executives, and Students in intermediate and advanced accounting courses.


Statements of Financial Accounting Concepts: Accounting Standards, 1997/98 Ed.

byFinancial Accounting Standards Board

0-471-19517-0 800 pp pa 8/97 $45.95

The FASB Statements of Financial Accounting Concepts contains the full text of five of the six Statements of Financial Accounting Concepts issued to date. These concepts establish the objectives, qualitative characteristics, and other concepts that guide selection of economic events to be recognized and measured for financial reporting in financial statements.

Market: Accountants, Financial Executives, Students in intermediate and advanced accounting courses.


Financial and Accounting Guide for Not-for-Profit Organizations, 5th Ed.

(Nonprofit Law, Finance and Management Series)

byMalvern J. Gross, Richard F. Larkin, Roger S. Bruttomesso, and John J. McNally

0-471-10474-4 704 pp cl 1/95 $135.00

This extremely accessible resource is packed with expert advice on the financial reporting, accounting, and control situations unique to nonprofit enterprises. Provides complete guidance for various types of organizations, tax and compliance reporting requirements, illustrated explanations of diverse types of acceptable statements, a how-to section on setting up and keeping books along with step-by-step procedures and forms, plus commentary on computers and accounting software. The revised and updated edition covers SFAS No. 116 and 117 as well as a discussion of a new AICPA exposure draft covering consolidated financial statements of affiliated organizations. Supplemented annually.

Market: Nonprofit Accountants; Financial Managers, Executives, and Directors; Boards of Directors and Trustees; Volunteer Treasurers; CPAs; Attorneys.


The Coopers & Lybrand SEC Manual, 7th Ed. with CD-ROM

byRobert H. Herz, Nelson W. Dittmar, Stephen J. Lis, William E. Decker, and Ronald J. Murray

0-471-17963-9 1344 pp pa/cd 7/97 $125.00

This seventh edition is designed as a reference source that provides up-to-date information on the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It familiarizes the reader with the financial reporting and disclosure requirements, and also gives a general understanding of SEC accounting practices and procedures.

Market: CFOs, Controllers, CPAs, Investment Bankers, Securities Analysts, Attorneys.


The Legal Answer Book for Nonprofit Organizations (Nonprofit Law, Finance and Management Series)

Bruce R. Hopkins

0-471-10606-2 320 pp cl 2/96 $79.95

This answer book presents advice, guidance, and warnings about the latest trends and developments in nonprofit law and provides sophisticated legal advice on creative strategies for enhancing and expanding a nonprofit organization’s activities.

Market: Nonprofit Managers, Attorneys, Consultants.


The Law of Tax-Exempt Organizations, 7th Ed.

byBruce R. Hopkins

0-471-19629-0 912 pp cl 8/98 $155.00

Nonprofit organizations are subject to a complex set of regulations and laws that reflect the diverse organizations that are covered under these rules: charitable organizations, social welfare organizations, memberships organizations, advocacy groups, and many more. These organizations face a special set of rules governing everything from how they charter their organization, to their methods of measuring unrelated business income, and how they lobby (and if, in fact, they should continue to be allowed to lobby). Nonprofit lawyers, accountants, and directors need an easy-to-use reference work in understandable language to help them comprehend the issues and make informed decisions.

Market: Nonprofit Lawyers; Nonprofit Accountants; Nonprofit Executives, Directors, and Managers; Nonprofit Consultants.


Wiley’s English-Spanish/Spanish-English Business Dictionary

bySteven M. Kaplan

0-471-12664-0 580 pp cl 7/96 $44.95

0-471-12665-9 580 pp pa 7/96 $19.95

Given today’s increased business activity with Mexico in the wake of NAFTA, the new open markets in South America, and the rapidly expanding number of Latino businesses in this country, more and more business professionals need the ability to communicate effectively in both English and Spanish. This dictionary clearly and accurately gives word-for-word and phrase-for-phrase translations of over 20,000 business terms essential for successful communication in today’s marketplace. Comprehensive, up-to-date, and easy-to-use, this reference is vital for both business people and students. Terms cover the full range of international business: accounting, advertising, commerce, economics, finance, international trade, tax securities, banking, real estate, and management insurance.

Market: Business Professionals, Students.


Fundamental Analysis Worldwide: Investing and Managing Money in International Capital Markets,

4-Vol. Set

byHaksu Kim, Pacific Investment Research, Inc., Cranbury, New Jersey

0-471-12224-6 3750 pp pa 7/96 $570.00

Misunderstandings often occur when financial statement data is communicated between countries using different accounting standards and methods. This excellent resource provides the only standardized technique of reporting international corporate financial information based on the concept of fundamental analysis. Assesses the annual reports of 1,500 global enterprises doing business in the major industrialized regions of the world. Presents comparable financial data by graphic locales, standardized industry classifications, and standardized operating ratios. Includes analytical software and is updated semiannually.

Market: CFAs, CPAs, Tax Specialists, Corporate Financial Planners and Analysts.


Emerging Market of Russia: Sourcebook for Trade and Investment

Edited by Vladimir Kvint, Arthur Anderson and Company, New York

0-471-17836-5 752 pp cl 12/97 $295.00

This text assists companies and entrepreneurs in their decision to do business in the Russian marketplace. Covering 80 republics, it provides information on the fast-changing economic and political climate of Russia, as well as all the "unofficial" data needed to make this decision.

Market: CFOs, Corporate and International Accountants, Lawyers, Tax Specialists, Venture Capitalists.


Brink’s Modern Internal Auditing, 5th Ed.

byRobert R. Moeller and Victor Z. Brink

0-471-52132-9 1008 pp cl 8/98 $125.00

Internal auditing is the process of reviewing the procedures and techniques of a corporation on the adherence to management policies, existence of proper internal controls, uncovering misappropriated funds, existence of proper record keeping, and effective operations of the business. This is the fifth edition of what many consider to be the leader in internal auditing.

Market: Internal Auditors, Controllers.


The NSFRE Fund Raising Dictionary

byNational Society of Fund Raising Executives

0-471-14916-0 224 pp cl 3/96 $29.95

Internal auditing is the process of reviewing the procedures and techniques of a corporation on the adherence to management policies, existence of proper internal controls, uncovering misappropriated funds, existence of proper record keeping, and effective operations of the business. This is the fifth edition of what many consider to be the leader in internal auditing.

Market: Internal Auditors, Controllers.


Montgomery’s Auditing, 12th Ed.

byVincent M. O’Reilly, Patrick J. McDonnell, Barry N. Winograd, James S. Gerson, and H.R. Jaenicke

0-471-14063-5 1200 pp cl 4/98 $165.00

This book is the most-consulted source among audit professionals. It helps auditors develop more efficient audit plans, greater control over audit risk, effective audit tests, and sound audit reports. It offers practice-tested guidance for every aspect of auditing, from standards and responsibilities, risk, and engagement strategy, through internal control, auditing specific cycles and accounts, and auditing reporting. In addition, detailed guidelines show the entire audit process and provide comprehensive auditing strategies and methods.

Market: Public Accountants, Internal Auditors, CFOs, Controllers, Accounting Managers.


Handbook of Budgeting, 4th Ed.

byRobert Rachlin and H.W. Allen Sweeny

0-471-18350-4 1450 pp cl 9/98 $150.00

Fully-revised and updated, it is a complete, practical, how-to book of budgeting preparation, presentation, analysis, and uses in today’s marketplace for both profit and nonprofit organizations. Each chapter is composed by prominent experts in the budgeting field. Contains working examples of forms, techniques, and reports. Supplemented annually.

Market: Controllers, Financial Executives and Analysts, CPAs, Management and Public Accountants.


The International Guide to Nonprofit Law (Nonprofit Law, Finance and Management Series)

byLester M. Salamon

0-471-05518-2 400 pp cl 10/97 $125.00

A comprehensive reference to tax-exempt laws in more than 16 countries. Issues covered for each country include basic nonprofit law, types of organizations, internal management controls, taxation, business income, lobbying, reporting requirements, employee/board compensation and benefits, international activity, and general trends. Annual supplements contain updates to rules and regulations, and feature additional countries.

Market: Nonprofit Professionals, Attorneys, and Accountants; Corporate Giving Managers; Fund-Raisers; Estate and Financial Planning Professionals.


Licensing Intellectual Property 1998 Supplement: U. S., European Union, and Japan Licensing Regulation

John W. Schlicher

0-471-28359-2 152 pp pa 3/98 $55.00

This stand-alone supplement to the main volume focuses on U.S. antitrust enforcement policy on licensing and international licensing policy as reflected in the U.S., the European Union, and Japan, who are currently the furthest along in developing a workable policy. The discussion of the three different policies provides a valuable framework to evaluate or formulate existing policy.

Market: Licensing Executives, In-house Counsel, Attorneys, Business Professionals, Consultants, Accountants.


WEFA Industrial Monitor 1997, byWEFA

0-471-19946-X 488 pp cl 8/97 $59.95

Updated annually, the WEFA (formerly the Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates and Econometrics) Industry Monitor provides all the current information and forecasts on over 130 US industries. The analysis of each industry contains industry structure and business cycle analysis, as well as forecasts of industry sales, output, imports/exports, and prices that can be useful in determining investment opportunities or risks.

Market: Business Valuators, Treasurers, Corporate and Public Libraries, Business Economists, Mergers and Acquisitions Specialists.




Handbook of Child Behavior Therapy in the Psychiatric Setting

(Wiley Series on Personality Processes)

Edited by Robert T. Ammerman; and Michel Hersen,

0-471-57844-4 512 pp cl 9/94 $95.00

Established clinicians and researchers present articles dealing with applications of behavior therapy techniques in medical/psychiatric situations—where there is an increasing interest in such approaches to therapy but little experience or expertise. Each chapter features an analysis of the ideal means of conducting assessment and treatment for a specific syndrome compared with the actual ways these functions are ordinarily carried out. Examines issues impacting on the behavioral assessment procedure including psychiatric diagnosis, medical complications, child abuse, and developmental processes.

Market: Child Psychiatrists and Psychologists, Pediatricians, Child Psychiatric Nurses, Social Workers.


Handbook of Prevention and Treatment with Children and Adolescents: Intervention in the Real World Context

Edited by Robert T., and Michel Hersen, Nova Univ., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

0-471-12163-0 656 pp cl 8/97 $75.00

This book addresses the problems encountered while intervening with children, adolescents and their families who face poverty, child abuse, and substance abuse. It deals with the prevention and treatment of these problems including individual, school, and community-based programs that deal with specific issues and psychiatric disorders in these children and adolescents. Market: Clinical, Developmental, and Community Psychologists; School Counselors, Child Psychologists, Social Workers, Educators, Graduate Students.


Handbook of Memory Disorders

Edited by Alan D. Baddeley, Barbara A. Wilson, and Fraser N. Watts, all of Univ. of Edinburgh, UK

0-471-95078-5 668 pp cl 5/95 $99.50

An international panel of renowned scientists and clinicians offers an accessible, up-to-date, and practical review of the key research and latest clinical developments in the field. Describes theoretical concepts, assessment processes, clinical management, and therapy to produce results of considerable relevance to clinical practice and rehabilitation. Market: Clinicians, Researchers, and Students in Neuropsychology, Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry, and Occupational and Speech Therapy.


Handbook of Counseling Psychology, 2nd Ed.

Edited by Steven D. Brown, Loyola Univ., Chicago; and Robert W. Lent.

0-471-51254-0 880 pp cl 4/92 $130.00

In the second edition, the authors present the conceptual and scientific basis of counseling practice plus the latest developments in the field. Topics covered include psychotherapy and its relationship to counseling; assessment; racial and ethnic variables in counseling; gender considerations; counseling for health maintenance, retirement, life transitions, and social interaction; and much more. Market: Counseling and Educational Psychologists, Human Resource and Employment Workers, Professors, Graduate Students.


Handbook of Psychology in Legal Contexts

Edited by Ray Bull, Univ. of Portsmouth, UK; and David Carson, Univ. of Southampton, UK

0-471-94182-4 694 pp cl 6/95 $115.00

Features edited chapters by prominent contributors in law and psychology who present an accessible summary of key legal procedures and issues along with practical reviews of psychological concepts, research, and practice pertaining to these topics. The combination of psychology and legal material as well as the focus on interdependent processes of psychology and law make this work unique. Supplemented annually to apprise readers of the latest developments in the law and research. Market: Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Attorneys, Criminologists, Care Professionals.


Developmental Psychopathology, 2-Vol. Set (Wiley Series on Personality Processes)

Edited by Dante Cicchetti and Donald J. Cohen, both of Yale Child Study Center, New Haven, Connecticut

Vol. 1: Theory And Methods 0-471-53243-6 787 pp cl 4/95 $115.95

Vol. 2: Risk, Disorder, And Adaptation 0-471-53244-4 908 pp cl 4/95 $115.95

2-Vol. Set 0-471-53257-6 1695 pp cl 4/95 $225.00

These important volumes offer a new perspective on mental illness which links mental disorder to normal development. Each prominent author strives to elucidate the reciprocally-informing nature of normal and abnormal development, thereby contributing to theoretical advances in these respective areas. Volume One covers the history, theory, and techniques of this new viewpoint and examines the relationship between developmental psychopathology and genetics, neuropsychology, epidemiology, and ethology. It also explores the implications for psychometric theory. Volume Two deals with assessment, classification, and diagnosis; risk factors including maltreatment and family discord; and disorders ranging from retardation, through addictions, to schizophrenia. Market: Clinical and Research Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Developmental Psychologists, Students, Instructors, Clinicians, and Practitioners.


Concise Encyclopedia of Psychology, 2nd Ed.

Edited by Raymond J. Corsini, Honolulu, Hawaii and Alan J. Auerbach

0-471-13159-8 928 pp cl 4/96 $195.00

Abridged Version 0-471-19282-1 928 pp pa 3/98 $65.00

Condensed versions of the highly-successful, four-volume Encyclopedia of Psychology, 2nd Edition. The abridged version is intended for individual and small-library sale. In comparison to the full encyclopedia, all substantive entries concerning terms, theories, and concepts which appear in the Encyclopedia are included in the Concise version (some entries are abridged). Historical summaries of psychology in the US and abroad have been eliminated (the four-volume set is available for such research). In place of extensive bibliographies, each entry is followed by a list of suggested readings and cross-references. Long biographies have been replaced with a listing of important figures in psychology and a one-sentence summary of the person’s contribution to the field. Subject and author indexes have been eliminated (cross-references serve that purpose). Market: Psychologists, Mental Health Professionals; Students in Psychology, Psychiatry, and Social Work.


Encyclopedia of Psychology, 2nd Ed., 4-Vol. Set

Edited by Raymond J. Corsini, Honolulu, Hawaii

0-471-55819-2 2408 pp cl 3/94 $575.00

Contains approximately 2,500 subject and biographical entries, and close to 20,000 references covering all aspects of psychology. Entries range from a single paragraph to several pages including concepts, terms, theories, and several short biographies on contributions of major workers in the field. Features frequent cross-references and several thousand citations of important sources. Market: Librarians, Mental Health Professionals.


Handbook of Cognition and Emotion

Edited by Tim Dalgleish, Cambridge Univ., UK and Mick Power, Univ. of Edinburgh, UK

0-471-97836-1 500 pp cl 11/98 $125.00

Special offer!—$99.00 through 11/31/98

Edited by leading figures in the field, this handbook gives an overview of the current status of cognition and emotion research by giving the historical background to the debate and the philosophical arguments before moving on to outline the general aspects of the various research traditions.

Market: Librarians, Mental Health Professionals.


Handbook of Child Psychology, 5th Ed., 4-Vol. Set

Edited by William Damon, Brown Univ., Providence, Rhode Island

Vol. 1: Theoretical Models Of Human Development 0-471-05527-1 1274 pp cl $9/97 $150.00

Vol. 2: Cognition, Perception, And Language 0-471-05730-4 1030 pp cl $9/97 $150.00

Vol. 3: Social, Emotional, And Personality Development 0-471-07668-6; 1208 pp, cl, $, 9/97, $150.00

Vol. 4: Child Psychology In Practice 0-471-07663-5 1188 pp cl $9/97 $150.00

4-Vol. Set 0-471-17893-4 3008 pp cl $9/97 $600.00

Special offer!—$499.00 through 3/31/98

This fifth edition of a multi-volume handbook spanning the entire field of child development has been completely revised and updated under a new team of editors. The first volume in the four-volume set covers contemporary theoretical perspectives guiding research on child psychology. Volume Two covers mechanisms of cognitive and perceptual development, and language acquisition. Volume Three deals with mechanisms of socialization and personality development including parent/child and peer relationships, emotional development, gender role acquisition, preschool and anti-social development, motivation, achievement, social cognitive, and moral reasoning. Volume Four addresses child psychology in practice in clinical, educational, and social settings. Market: Cognitive, Developmental, and Child Psychologists; Child Psychiatrists and Clinicians.


Handbook of Psychological Assessment, 3rd Ed.

byGary Groth-Marnat, Curtin Univ. of Technology, Perth, Australia

0-471-05220-5 816 pp cl 12/96 $55.00

This reference on psychological testing covers the principles of assessment, evaluation, referral, and report writing. It reviews the most-frequently used instruments including Weschsler Intelligence Test, Bender Gestalt, Rorschach, TAT, MMPI, projective drawings, and California Psychological Inventory. It also covers new and revised tests such as the Minnesota Multiphasic Inventory for Adolescents (MMPI-A), the WISC-III, Benton Visual Retention, and Rey-Osterreith Complex Figure Tests. Features personality factors and clinical analysis questionnaires. Market: Clinical Psychologists, Therapists, School Psychologists, Counselors.


Handbook of Alcohol Dependence

Nick Heather, Centre for Alcohol and Drug Studies, Newcastle, UK

0-471-98375-6 750 pp cl 12/98 $125.00

Special offer!—$99.95 through 12/31/98

Comprehensive coverage of the field of alcohol studies, from molecular genetics to sociology via medicine and psychology. Focusing on alcohol dependence and alcohol-related problems in general and their causes, treatment and prevention, the book also addresses the basic mechanisms of alcohol and its effect on human physiology and behavior, including the beneficial consequences of alcohol comsumption.

Market: Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Sociologists.


Handbook of Comparative Interventions For Adult Disorders, 2nd Ed.

Michael Hersen, Pacific Univ., Forest Grove, Oregon

0-471-16342-2 560 pp cl 8/98 $65.00

A revised edition of a well-regarded graduate-level text and professional reference on the treatment of psychological disorders in adults. The first edition looked at the three major therapeutic approaches (psychodynamic, behavioral, & pharmacological) to the most common psychiatric disorders and compared the techniques, theoretical differences in viewing and understanding the disorder, treatment strategies, and case-handling procedures. There are several noteworthy new features in this second edition. The first is the use of unified formats in Parts 1 & 2; the second is that the book has been updated to focus on DSM-IV diagnoses and criteria; and the third is the addition of a new sub-section on Prescriptive Treatment and Managed Care; which represent the latest thinking in the field and which is the highlight of the book.

Market: Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counselors, Libraries.


The Handbook of Forensic Psychology, 2nd Ed.

Edited by Allen K. Hess, Auburn Univ., Montgomery, Alabama; and Irving B. Weiner

0-471-17771-7 725 pp cl 10/98 $69.95

Forensic psychology deals with the interface of psychology and the law, and with the application of psychology to legal issues. This book is the most comprehensive source of information on forensic psychology. Market: Forensic Psychologists, Criminologists.


Handbook of Research Methods in Clinical Psychology, 2nd Ed.

Grayson Holmbeck, Loyola Univ., Chicago, Illinois

0-471-29509-4 592 pp cl 1/99 $59.95

This book provides an important perspective on the role of research in clinical psychology an a comprehensive collection of theoretical and methodological models that span the major areas of research (e.g., assessment, treatment, psychopathology, etc.).

Market: Clinical Psychologists, Researchers.


Wiley’s English-Spanish/Spanish-English Dictionary of Psychology and Psychiatry

bySteven M. Kaplan, Miami, Florida

0-471-01460-5 594 pp cl 4/95 $59.95

0-471-19284-8 594 pp pa 11/97 $29.95

A handy, interlingual dictionary providing ample coverage of various areas of psychology. The more than 62,000 entries are gathered from periodicals, reference volumes, textbooks, professional manuals, and other sources pertaining to the subject.

Market: Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Students, Translators, and Interpreters.


Handbook of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 7-Vol. Set

(Wiley Series in Child and Adolescent Mental Health)

Edited by Joseph D. Noshpitz, George Washington Univ., Washington, DC

Vol. 1: Infancy And Preschoolers 0-471-55079-5 624 pp cl 3/97 $125.00

Special offer!—$95.00 through 3/31/98

Vol. 2: The Grade-School Child 0-471-55075-2 720 pp cl 3/97 $125.00

Special offer!—$95.00 through 3/31/98

Vol. 3: Adolescence 0-471-55076-0 480 pp cl 3/97 $125.00

Special offer!—$95.00 through 3/31/98

Vol. 4: Varieties Of Development 0-471-55078-7 704 pp cl 3/97 $125.00

Special offer!—$95.00 through 3/31/98

Vol. 5: Clinical Assessment And Intervention Planning 0-471-19330-5 848 pp, cl 1/98 $125.00

Special offer!—$95.00 through 3/31/98

Vol. 6: Basic Psychiatric Science And Treatment 0-471-19331-3 640 pp cl 1/98 $125.00

Special offer!—$95.00 through 3/31/98

Vol. 7: Advances And New Directions 0-471-19332-1 592 pp cl 1/98 $125.00

7-Vol. Set 0-471-19328-3 4300 pp cl 1/98 $850.00

Special offer!—$650.00 through 3/31/98

Renowned authorities in their respective fields present the most up-to-date coverage of all that is known regarding child and adolescent psychiatry. Presented developmentally, prominent contributors have produced a body of knowledge that describes what children are, what they need, and what hurts and helps them. Volume One deals with infants and preschoolers, Volume Two with grade-school children, Volume Three deals with adolescence, and Volume Four with varieties of development. Volume Five contains information on assessing, diagnosing, and treatment planning for the range of psychiatric and psychologic problems children and adolescents may experience during their development. Volume Six introduces the basic science of child and adolescent psychiatry, and presents a myriad of treatment options available to psychiatrists. Volume Seven contains an overview of the history of the field of child psychiatry and examines contemporary issues facing child and adolescent psychiatrists.

Market: Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists and Psychologists, Development Specialists, Clinicians, Hospital Administrators, Clinical Social Workers.


The Handbook of School Psychology, 3rd Ed.

byReynolds Cecil, Texas A & M Univ.; and Terry Gutkin, Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln

0-471-12205-X 1120 pp cl 8/98 $86.95

As the standard reference in the field, this handbook focuses on how a school psychologist can operate and create change within the educational system instead of focusing solely on the diagnosis and treatment of an individual. Chapters have been updated and revised to provide a contemporary view of the field. This book serves as a benchmark to indicate where the field is now as well as describes where research and creative practice is headed over the next decade. Market: School Psychologists, Social Workers, Psychologists, Guidance Counselors.


Handbook of Work and Health Psychology

Edited by Marc J. Schabracq, Univ. of Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Jacques A. M. Winnubst, Univ. of Utrecht, The Netherlands; and Cary L. Cooper,

0-471-95789-5 512 pp cl 5/96 $95.00

International experts explore a range of topics linking the two fields of work and health psychology. They survey illness and health in diverse occupations in various parts of the world. Describes basic theoretical issues of work and health psychology including job control, autonomy, individual differences, social support, and organizational environment. Market: Academics and Professionals in Universities, Medical Schools, and Health Promotion Agencies; Industrial and Organizational Health Consultants.


Handbook of Antisocial Behavior

Edited by David M. Stoff, James Breiling, and Jack D. Maser, all of National Institute of Mental Health

0-471-12452-4 600 pp cl 9/97 $95.00

This comprehensive handbook offers much-needed insight into the psychological, social, and biological causes that lead to violence. The editors offer concrete guidelines for the clinical and social treatment of antisocial behavior. It contains over 50 chapters on aspects of antisocial behavior such as: patterns; assessment and diagnosis; and social, neurological, endocrinological, and cultural factors.

Market: Mental Health Practitioners, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Neuroscientists, Public Health Professionals, Epidemiologists, Sociologists, Criminologists.


Handbook of Clinical Child Psychology, 2nd Ed.

(Wiley Series on Personality Processes)

Edited by C. Eugene Walker; and Michael C. Roberts, 0-471-50361-4 1168 pp cl 6/92 $195.00

Covers normal and abnormal development, assessment and diagnosis, psychopathology (in three sections encompassing infancy, childhood, and adolescence), and intervention strategies. A final section examines special topics. Serves as a reference and graduate text on the full range of children’s psychological problems. Includes relevant research on each of the topics covered as well as a bibliography and guidelines for practice. Particularly useful for board certification review. Market: Graduate Students in Clinical Child Psychology, Pediatric Psychology, and Child Psychiatry; Child and Pediatric Psychologists and Psychiatrists; other Mental Health Professionals.


Handbook of Psychotherapy Supervision

Edited by C. Edward Watkins, Univ. of North Texas, Denton, Texas

0-471-11219-4 657 pp cl 2/97 $75.00

Comprehensive reference providing an in-depth analysis and guide of psychotherapy supervision. This valuable text is divided into six main sections: historical, methodological, and conceptual foundations; theories and models of supervision; approaches to teaching psychotherapy skills; specialized forms and models of supervision; researching psychotherapy supervision; and professional, ethical, and legal issues. Covers supervision in a variety of therapeutic models and with a number of special patient populations.

Market: Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Counselors and other Mental Health Professionals, Graduate Students.


Handbook of Empirical Social Work Practice, 2-Vol. Set

Edited by John S. Wodarski, State Univ. of New York, Buffalo; and Bruce A. Thyer,

Vol. 1: Mental Disorders 0-471-15361-3 504 pp cl 1/98 $75.00

Vol. 2: Social Problems And Practice Issues 0-471-15362-1 482 pp cl 1/98 $75.00

2-Vol. Set 0-471-15363-X 1200 pp cl 1/98 $150.00

Special offer!—$130.00 through 3/31/98

This timely two-volume handbook includes all the latest information regarding effective techniques for social workers. Containing scientifically-validated interventions, it covers all the major psychological and social problems commonly encountered in social work practice. Volume One looks at mental and emotional problems, while Volume Two deals with social, occupational, and practice issues.

Market: Clinical Social Workers, Graduate Students, Mental Health Professionals, Libraries.


Handbook of Clinical Psychology of Ageing

Edited by Robert T. Woods, Univ. of Wales, Bangor

0-471-96136-1 694 pp cl 7/96 $121.50

This book draws together the diverse knowledge, literature base, and expertise that contribute both to the practice of clinical psychology with older people, and more generally to the application of psychological principles and techniques to the problems faced by this important sector of the community. In each section, chapters cover a particular area in a rigorous and balanced fashion, supplemented by several other brief and focused contributions which provide more depth or present a specific view in detail. Identifies the cutting edge of new developments by featuring contributions from the leading international authorities in the field. Market: Psychologists and Psychiatrists working with Older People, Gerontologists.