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The Oxford American Dictionary and Language Guide
The Oxford American Dictionary of Current English
The Oxford American Desk Dictionary
The Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus
The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English
NEW!: / 2001: Oxford Dictionary of Current English, Second Ed.
The Oxford Modern English Dictionary
The Oxford Dictionary of Slang
The Oxford Encyclopedic English Dictionary

NEW!: / 2002:
The Oxford Reverse Dictionary
NEW!: / 2002: The Oxford Dictionary of Word Histories
The Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar
NEW!: / 2002: A Dictionary of European Anglicisms
An Etimological Dictionary of English Language
NEW!: / 2002: The Australian Oxford Dictionary
NEW!: / 2001: The Oxford Dictionary of Pronunciation of Current English
A Dictionary of Caribbean English Usage
NEW!: / 2002:
The Oxford Guide to Style

A Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 2000

The Oxford American Dictionary and Language Guide
A revolutionary new addition to The World's Most Trusted Dictionaries

Oxford is renowned throughout the English-speaking world for the quality of our dictionaries. With The Oxford American Dictionary and Language Guide, we have taken lexical reference to a new level of usefulness, incorporating innovative language help to create a revolutionary, information-packed dictionary, perfect for general use. Its features include:

* More language guidance: An all-new design featuring quick-reference icons pinpoints information on usage, spelling, nuances of meaning, word histories, and pronunciation of troublesome words

* Helpful illustrations: More than 600 specially commissioned illustrations, including 20 in large format (half-page or full-page), give the impact of a visual dictionary

* Sixty-four-page ready-reference supplement: Far more supplemental material than any other dictionary this size, from U.S. states and presidents to proofreader's marks to world religions

* Thoroughly up-to-date coverage of American English: Compiled by Oxford's U.S. Dictionaries Program, a full-time staff of lexicographers who draw on the massive OED as well as our exclusive North American Reading Program--the most extensive lexical resources of any American dictionary publisher

With fresh coverage of the latest new words and senses found in American English, unprecedented guidance in usage, pronunciation, and spelling, and thousands of biographical and geographical entries, The Oxford American Dictionary and Language Guide is packed with information. It is a perfect self-teaching tool for home or office.

Frank Abate is Editor in Chief of the U.S. Dictionaries Program of Oxford University Press, located in Connecticut. He has compiled or edited more than thirty dictionaries and a wide variety of other language and general reference works.

1330 pp.; 7 x 10; 0-19-513449-4; Published 1999; Price: $35.00

The Oxford American Dictionary of Current English

Based on a vast database of some 200 million words, The Oxford American Dictionary of Current English offers superb coverage of American English. Its features include: * 180,000 concise definitions and entries

* Grammar, Style, and Usage Notes give guidance on correct English
* Hundreds of Word Histories provide fascinating background to our language
* 225 illustrations, commissioned by Oxford's US Dictionaries Program, add important visual information that
 complements the definitions
* 3,000 biographical and geographical entries
* Reference appendices include information on weights and measures, metric conversions, chemical elements, countries of the world, US states and presidents, and much more

Affordable, durable, easy to read, and completely up to date, this is the finest dictionary of its size available.

1008 pp.; 143 line illus; 6-1/8 x 9-1/4; 0-19-513374-9; Published 1999; Price: $35.00
Paper Edition: $9.95, Publ. 2002

The Oxford American Desk Dictionary


Based on a database of American English compiled in the U.S., The Oxford American Desk Dictionary is completely up to date and designed for today's quick-reference needs. This superb dictionary also features more than 200 detailed illustrations (commissioned for this 1998 edition), helpful in-text Usage Notes, and hundreds of lively, informative Word Histories.


· More than 100,000 entries and definitions
· New words and senses, some not found in any other dictionaries
      (biodiversity, debit card, home page, SUV)
· Hundreds of in-text Usage Notes and Word Histories
· Eye-catching, detailed illustrations, specially commissioned for this edition
· Thousands of up-to-date biographical and geographical entries
· Expanded 24-page Special Reference Section with Countries of the World, Signs and Symbols, Weights and Measures, U.S. States and Presidents

As a concise, thorough, up-to-date, yet handy resource, this dictionary is unsurpassed.

Frank Abate is Editor in Chief of the U. S. Dictionaries Program of Oxford University Press.

816 pp. 199 linecuts; 5-1/4 x 8-7/16 Price: $12.95t ISBN: 0-19-512673-4 September 1998

The Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus

American Edition

We all know the feeling: trying to find a synonym for a word, we turn to a thesaurus and find a group of words that might be right, but the thesaurus doesn't provide us with definitions. So, we then turn to the dictionary to check the meanings for the entire list of new synonyms and, after much flipping back and forth between thesaurus and dictionary, finally decide upon an alternative. Neither book, by itself, provides the full range of word choices. But now, The Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus offers a thoroughly integrated blend of entries from the dictionary and the thesaurus. This unified approach, treating meanings and related words within the same entry, makes it easy to find--in one place--an abundance of information about words, and provides a far more thorough analysis of the variety and nuances of our language than is possible in a dictionary or thesaurus alone.

* More than 200,000 entries and definitions and 300,000 synonyms thoroughly integrated for ease of use
* Hundreds of new words and senses such as shareware, downsize, grunge, sidebar, and hypertext
* Full coverage of English from around the globe--brassed off, merrythought, billabong, Charles's Wain, high tea Valuable appendices, including:
* Selected Proverbs--more than 1,000, including both old favorites and less-familiar bits of wisdom such as "Handsome is as handsome does," "A trouble shared is a trouble halved," and "There's many a good tune played on an old fiddle"

* Terms for Animal Groups (a clowder of cats, a skulk of foxes, a parliament of rooks)
* Weights, Measures, Scientific Units, and Formulas
* Chemical Elements and Periodic Table
* Musical Notation and the Orchestra
* Presidents of the U.S.; States of the U.S.
* Countries of the World
* Helpful points on English usage, and much more

No American dictionary or thesaurus offers as much as The Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus. It not only combines an up-to-date and thoroughly reliable dictionary of American English with full thesaurus coverage, but it also provides a unique global perspective of English, the lingua franca of the late twentieth century.

About the Editor:
Frank Abate is a Connecticut-based lexicographer whose credits include more than 20 different dictionaries. Recently, he was Managing Editor for The Oxford Desk Dictionary, American Edition, and served as special consultant for U.S. usage on The Concise Oxford Dictionary, Ninth Edition.

1996 1856 pp. 6-3/4 x 9-5/8 $35.00t 0-19-509949-4

The Concise Oxford English Dictionary
Thumb Indexed
Tenth Edition

Over 220,000 words, phrases and definitions covering current and historical English as well as specialist and technical areas, from around the English-speaking world

The Concise Oxford Dictionary is the most popular dictionary of its kind around the world. For this major new edition, Oxford's lexicographers have used evidence provided by The British National Corpus to rewrite every word and entry to represent English as it is used today throughout the English-speaking world. There are over 220,000 words, phrases, and meanings that cover current and historical English as well as numerous specialist and technical areas. Each entry is now clearer and more accessible, with the most modern meanings placed first, and definitions given in a clear and straightforward style. Authoritative guidance on grammar and usage is provided in highlighted boxes, that addresses contentious and controversial views. There are also new Word Formation panels that show how complex words are created and identify different word groups such as phobias, -cultures, and ariums, adding to the richest coverage of English available in any single-volume dictionary.

Oxford Dictionary of Current English
Second Edition

Containing over 120,000 clear definitions and entries, the Oxford Dictionary of Current English is the largest paperback dictionary of its kind, offering broad and accessible coverage of English as it is used today around the world. Written in a straightforward and non-technical style, the Dictionary uses thousands of examples illustrate idiomatic usage. In addition, all irregular noun, verb, and adjectival inflections are spelled out in full, while guidance on grammar and good usage is provided by in-text notes. Added features include Wordbuilder boxes giving information on related words and thematic tables on subjects such as countries, chemical elements, and nationalities.

Compact and easy to use, the Oxford Dictionary of Current English is ideal for all of your reference needs, whether you are at school, at home, or in the office.

$100.00 (03) Tentative paper; 1104 pp.; 0-19-860378-9

The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English

Ninth Edition

Grunge, nip and tuck, pesto, and chill out--these are but a sampling of the over nine thousand new words and phrases to be found in The Concise Oxford Dictionary, Ninth Edition. This new and updated edition of Oxford's best selling single-volume dictionary brings together the latest and most comprehensive research in current English, based on the massive and constantly expanding database of the Oxford English Dictionary. Containing over 150,000 entries and 230,000 definitions, the Concise boasts up to 25% more content than the previous edition to give users the tools they need to stay current with our ever-changing language. Each entry is written in a clear, straightforward style to facilitate ease of use.

New features of the ninth edition of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary include:
· Over 25% new material
· Over 9,000 new words and phrases
· 150,000 entries and 230,000 definitions
· The most up-to-date spellings, with improved coverage of meaning, usage and coverage based on a computer 'snapshot' of today's language
· Over 300 new boxed usage notes with guidance on good English by a team of expert lexicographers
· New, clearer etymologies with extensive coverage of idioms, phrases, and abbreviations
· Improved coverage of scientific and technical terms including the new fields of environmental studies and information services
· New words and phrases including: pan-fry, post-traumatic stress, body wrap, multiculturalism, Cajun, heli-skiing, and thousands more
· New, more up-to-date pronunciation system, representing today's received pronunciation
· Thorough international coverage, making the Concise a bestseller worldwide

The Concise Oxford Dictionary, Ninth Edition, a standard within its field, is the definitive resource for scholars, professionals, and general readers alike.

About the Editor: Della Thompson is the Managing Editor of the Concise Oxford Dictionary Group, and also editor of the Pocket Oxford Dictionary and co-editor of the Pocket Oxford Russian Dictionary.

1995 1696 pp. 6-1/8 x 9-1/4 $27.50t plain 0-19-861319-9

The Oxford Modern English Dictionary

Second Edition

With over 187,000 definitions and entries in clear, current English, The Oxford Modern English Dictionary provides all the words and meanings you need on a day to day basis, along with substantial coverage of specialist, technical, and rare words. Its comprehensive range of additional features includes:

With its clear definitions and thorough coverage, The Oxford Modern English Dictionary is the ideal dictionary to keep you up to date with today's English.

About the Editor:

Della Thompson is the Managing Editor of the Concise Oxford Dictionaries Group. Previous publications include The Concise Oxford Dictionary (9/e), and The Oxford Russian Minidictionary.

1996 1248 pp. 5-1/4 x 8-3/8 Price: $18.95t ISBN: 0-19-860064-X

The Oxford Dictionary of Slang


Slang is language with its sleeves rolled up, colorful, pointed, brash, bristling with humor and sometimes with hostility. Now, in The Oxford Dictionary of Slang, John Ayto has brought together over 10,000 slang words and phrases common to 20th-century English, to provide a comprehensive and highly engaging guide to the most outspoken corner of our language.

Unlike most such dictionaries, this volume is organized thematically, with slang words gathered under such headings as "the body and its functions" or "sustenance and intoxication." Within each section, the words are listed chronologically, starting with the century's earliest words and phrases and progressing right through to the present day, thus illuminating the development of slang and colloquial language over the last hundred years. Word origins and other interesting features of usage are given wherever possible, as are illustrative quotations from a wide range of authors. A comprehensive A Z index lists all words included in the dictionary, so you can find a particular word quickly.

From "five-finger discount" to "forty-rod whiskey," here is an authoritative and up-to-date record of slang throughout the English-speaking world.

John Ayto is a professional lexicographer and author. His previous publications include The Oxford Dictionary of Modern Slang, The Oxford Diner's Dictionary, and A Gourmet's Guide: Food & Drink from A-Z. He lives in London.

1999 480 pp. Price: $35.00t ISBN: 0-19-863157-X
ISBN: 019280104X, $13.95 (03), paper

The Oxford Encyclopedic English Dictionary
Thumb Indexed Second Edition


When the popular first edition of The Oxford Encyclopedic English Dictionary appeared in 1991, readers greeted it as an innovative all-in-one reference book, providing within a single volume a comprehensive dictionary of current English supported by in-depth articles on a huge variety of complex topics. Now this extensively revised second edition of the Oxford Encyclopedic Reference Dictionary offers the comprehensive authority of the first edition, brought completely up to date to incorporate all the swiftly unfolding events of recent years. The 9,000 entries on people and places have been reconsidered, expanded, and updated, and new words and phrases from carjacking and supermodel to Game Boy and buckyball have been added to offer readers up-to-the-minute coverage.

The Oxford Encyclopedic English Dictionary features more than 200,000 dictionary entries written in a straightforward, readable style, with the minimum of special symbols and abbreviations. Careful attention has been paid to provide clear explanations of grammar, usage, and word origins. The 15,000 encyclopedic articles remain the fullest to appear in a dictionary of this size. They cover a wide range of subjects such as current affairs, influential men and women through the ages and across the globe, science and technology, medicine, history, the arts, philosophy, mythology, sport, and places including countries, cities, rivers, and mountains. There are entries for people in the news such as Bill Clinton, Boris Yeltsin, Bill Gates and Steven Spielberg; organizations including the African National Congress and the European Parliament; and many other topics such as acid house, chaos theory, and desktop publishing. Further encyclopedic information is given in over 100 pages of appendices, including information on Presidents of the United States, the law-making processes of the European Community, Indo-European languages, the chemical elements, musical notation, weights and measures, the major skeletal and musculature structure of the human body, astronomy, sports, and many other topics. There is a chronology of world events from the paleolithic age to the collapse of communism and beyond; and a chronology of scientific achievements divided into trends in medical science, the telecommunications revolution, computer technology, and space exploration.

About the Editors: Judith M. Pearsall was Senior Editor on the Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus. William R. Trumble was Associate Editor of the New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary.

1995 1804 pp. 23 illus.; 6-7/8 x 9-1/2 Price: $35.00t ISBN: 0-19-521158-8

The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary on CD-ROM
The vast resources of The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary -- now on CD ROM

    The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary is a treasure of words and information, the one dictionary "no writer, and no serious reader, can afford to live without," according to Pulitzer Prize-winning author Annie Dillard. "The publication of the New Shorter OED is among the major events of the last half-century," enthused the Chicago Tribune. And noted scholar Harold Bloom wrote that the Shorter, "in its immense reach and profound wealth, has no rival for utility and potential enlightenment." With half a million definitions, and over 7.5 million words, the Shorter is surpassed only by the 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary for the depth and breadth of its scholarship.

    Now the vast resources of this acclaimed reference are available at the touch of a fingertip, with The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary on CD ROM. From literary English to street slang, historical to contemporary vocabulary, scientific to legal terms, the Shorter covers the entire English language in all its complex diversity as it is written and spoken around the world. This superb electronic edition allows users to explore the Shorter and the vast amounts of information it contains in ways that were previously unimaginable.

    Indeed, its powerful search and retrieval machines will let you explore the dictionary in a staggering number of ways, and it locates the information you seek within seconds. Questions which would have taken ages to answer using the printed edition can now be answered almost instantaneously, from simple single word definitions to complex searches. For example, you can find all North American nouns first used in the 18th century (including cuspidor and chowder). You can pick out quotations by Anthony Burgess which contain the word love (there are three). You can locate every headword which became obsolete in the mid-sixteenth century (a list which includes ey, ofhungered, and terve). Or you can search the text of the definitions, enabling you to find the word which means "rain on a cloudless day," or the name of the tree under which Buddha received enlightenment (the bo tree). Or, with a click of the mouse, a reader can look up a quick definition using an easy keyword search, and then cross-reference to related words or look up any word within the text of a definition. Finally, a special rhyming index and an anagram solver make this the ultimate reference for crossword enthusiasts, Scrabble players, limerick writers, and word buffs of all kinds.

The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary is the world's best unabridged dictionary of English. Whether you use it for scholarly research, as a detailed reference work, or purely for enjoyment, this new CD ROM edition allows you to explore this wealth of information in ways you never imagined possible, and at a convenient and affordable price.

System Requirements: IBM PC or compatible w/ 80386 processor or higher; Windows 3.1 or higher; 4 Mb RAM; 0.5 Mb hard disk space; VGA monitor or higher; CD-ROM drive; Mouse.; 0-19-268302-0; Publ. 1997; Price: $110.00

NEW!: / 2002:
The Oxford Reverse Dictionary

How do you find those elusive words that you just can't bring to mind but are on the tip of your tongue? Can you remember the word used to describe a fear of heights? Do you know the word for the plastic used for gramophone records? What is the word for a water slide at a swimming pool?

The Oxford Reverse Dictionary will help you find words you can't remember whereas a thesaurus will find alternatives to a word that you know. Words are grouped by subject-related key words, for example lapdog, pack, retriever, and hackles can all be found under the key word dog.


*Contains 31,000 entries listed under a wide range of subject areas and key words
* Ideal for crossword and other word game lovers who want to find the words that they are looking for
* A perfect vocabulary builder, it gives information on related adjectives, irregular plurals, and combining forms
David Edmonds is a freelance lexicographer. He compiled the Reverse Dictionary supplement in the Oxford Compact Thesaurus.

416 pp.; 0-19-280113-9; Publ. 2002; Price: $15.95

NEW!: / 2002:
The Oxford Dictionary of Word Histories

This book describes the origins and sense development of over 11,000 words in the English language, with dates of the first recorded evidence from ongoing research for the OED. Well-known idioms are included, with dates of original use and details of how and when they came about, e.g. "say it with flowers." Colorful popular beliefs about the origins of words like "posh" and "snob" are explored and insights are given into our social history revealed by language development, e.g. the connection in a Roman soldier's mind of "salary" with salt. Throughout, boxed word-building elements show the various meanings of a shared prefix, such as in "hyperspace," "hypersonic," and "hyperlink."

New and recent titles of related interest:
Glynnis Chantrell is Senior Editor in the English Language Teaching department at OUP. For several years she was Senior Editor in the Dictionaries department, working on many books including the Concise Oxford Dictionary (9th edn), and the New Oxford Dictionary of English (responsible for Word Histories). Glynnis taught modern languges for many years, and is multi-lingual. She has taught at every level, including adults.

420 pp.; None; 0-19-863121-9; Publ. July 2002; Price: $30.00

NEW!: / 2001:

The Oxford Dictionary of Allusions

The most wide-ranging dictionary of allusions in print

Allusions give us a marvelous literary shorthand, drawing on our collective knowledge of literature, mythology, and the Bible to help us describe people, places, feelings, and events. A miser is a Scrooge, a strong man is a Samson or a Hercules, a beautiful woman is a Venus or a modern-day Helen of Troy. We can suffer like Sisyphus or linger like the smile of the Cheshire Cat.

Ranging from classical mythology to modern movies and TV shows, this new reference work explains the meanings of the allusions in use in modern English, from Abaddon to Zorro, Tartarus to Tarzan, and Rubens to Rambo. Based on an extensive reading program that has identified the most commonly used allusions, this fascinating volume includes numerous quotations to illustrate usage, from a range of authors and sources, from Thomas Hardy and Charles Dickens to Bridget Jones's Diary. Moreover, the dictionary is thematically structured, so that readers not only can look up Medea to find out who she was and how her name is used as an allusion, but also can look up the theme of "Revenge" and find, alongside Medea, entries for other figures used to allude to revenge, such as The Furies or The Count of Monte Cristo.

Andrew Delahunty, Sheila Dignan, and Penelope Stock are all freelance lexicographers who have extensive experience compiling dictionaries.

480 pp.; 5-1/4 x 8-1/2; 0-19-860031-3; Published 2001; Price: $27.50

The Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar

This major new reference offers the general reader, student, and professional clear and immediate A-Z access to 1,000 grammatical terms and their meanings. All currently accepted terms are included, as well as traditional terms, more controversial newer terms, and terms belonging to linguistics. Each term is accompanied by a concise definition and detailed explanations, including examples of language in use and frequent quotations from existing texts.

"This is a remarkable resource....The illustrative quotations are superb at facilitating understanding of complicated concepts....The book will be used often by teachers, students...writers, and of course, students of grammar."--Booklist

"It is a needed, welcome tool for students of the sophisticated science of language and its structure."--Wilson Library Bulletin
464 pp.; 9 figs; 0-19-280087-6; Published: 1996; Price: $14.95

The Oxford Dictionary of Phrase, Saying, and Quotation

A unique combination of quotations, proverbs, and phrases

Sometimes a good quote will do, such as "A man in love is incomplete until he has married. Then he's finished" (Zsa Zsa Gabor). Or perhaps "Marriage has many pains, but celibacy has no pleasures" (Samuel Johnson). Other times, a proverb seems just right, such as ""wedlock is a padlock" or "marriages are made in heaven" or "marry in haste, repent at leisure." Now, in The Oxford Dictionary of Phrase, Proverb and Quotation, readers and writers have over 10,000 quotations, proverbs, and phrases, in one convenient volume, the only such reference book available.

    The Dictionary covers over 350 themes, providing a wonderfully diverse range of topics, including actors and acting, animals, the arts, bores and boredom, elections, food and drink, kissing, madness, the past, schools, science, taxes, virtue, the weather, and youth. Thus, under Absence, we find quotations such as "The more he looked inside the more Piglet wasn't there" (A.A. Milne), proverbs "absence makes the heart grow fonder," and phrases "gone with the wind." Explanatory notes are given wherever needed, and cross-references point the reader to other relevant themes in the volume. Finally, readers can also consult two different indexes, one organized by author and one by keyword.

Whether you are interested in ambition or conscience, madness or marriage, or business or politics, you will find here the quotation, proverb, or phrase that suits your needs. The Dictionary of Phrase, Proverb, and Quotation belongs on the reference shelf of writers, public speakers, occasional toast givers, and everyone else who enjoys that which they've "often thought but never so well expressed."

About the Editor:
Elizabeth Knowles is Managing Editor of the Quotation dictionaries group at Oxford University Press.

720 pp.; 7 x 9-1/4; 0-19-866229-7; Published: 1997; Price: $45.00

The Oxford Dictionary of New Words

A cornucopia of new words and phrases popularized in the last ten years

New words are the footprints of time. Just to recite some of the phrases that have become popular in the 1990s--feng shui, Generation X, jelly shoes, Netscape, Prozac, road rage, shock-jock, Twinkie defense, voice mail, warehouse club--is to fast-forward through our recent history. Now, in the second edition of 
, readers can savor a smorgasbord of new words and phrases that have been coined--or popularized--in the last ten years.

    Here are hundreds of informative and intriguing articles that provide the pronunciation, definition, sample sentences, and, perhaps most important, the origin and informal history of over 2,500 words and phrases that have come into popular usage in recent years. The editors have drawn words from politics, the environmental movement, computers and technology, business, sports, and entertainment, from recent crazes such as Magic Eye art and microbreweries, politically charged terms such as tree-hugger, feminazi, lipstick lesbian, and McJob, and popular expressions such as "the _____ from hell" (waiter from hell, dentist from hell), "get a life," and "been there, done that." About 70% of the articles are new to this edition, and the repeat articles--on words included in the first edition which are still sufficiently prominent to warrant attention--have been either revised or newly written.

The Dictionary of New Words is a resource that is both useful and engaging, the first place to turn for information when faced with new words and phrases (from auto bra and Beltway Bandit to trainspotting, wormhole, and zaitech) and a gold mine of language for word lovers everywhere.

About the Editors:
Elizabeth Knowles is Managing Editor in the Quotation dictionaries group, and Julia Elliott is Senior Editor in the Thesauruses group, both at Oxford University Press, UK.

368 pp.; 5-1/4 x 8-1/2; 0-19-863152-9; Published 1997; Price: $35.00

NEW!: / 2001:

A Dictionary of European Anglicisms
A Usage Dictionary of Anglicisms in Sixteen European Languages

The first dictionary of its kind to provide an exhaustive comparative treatment of the influence of English on other European languages. Covering sixteen selected languages from different language families, entries consist of words which are recognizably English in form and which appear in at least one of the languages tested. Entries are comprised of a brief definition, followed by a summary paragraph containing a wealth of historical and linguistic information. Many entries are also accompanied by a grid summarizing the distribution of the word across Europe.
Manfred Gorlach is Professor in the Department of English at the University of Koln, Germany

384 pp.; 1 map; 0-19-823519-4: Published 2001; Price: $99.00

An Etymological Dictionary of the English Language

New edition revised and enlarged.

824 pp.; 0-19-863104-9; Published 1959; Price: $150.00

NEW!: / 2001:

The Australian Oxford Dictionary
Edited by BRUCE MOORE, Australian National Dictionary Center, Canberra

Drawing on Oxford's unrivaled databases in International English and Australian English, The Australian Oxford Dictionary offers readers a timely and up-to-date guide to Australian English language and usage as well as a full range of encyclopedic material.

1616 pp.; 0-19-550793-2; Published: Announced for 2000; Issued: 2002; Price: $75.00

A Dictionary of South African English
Fourth Edition

This scholarly reference work is also an entertaining guide to the English spoken in South Africa. It includes forms of English that are peculiarly South African, as well as words adopted from Afrikaans, African and Khoisan languages, and from local Malay, Indian and Jewish communities. The fourth edition reflects the beginning of a new era in South Africa, and contains quotations from a wide variety of sources, including Steve Biko and Nelson Mandela, among many others.

444 pp.; 0-19-570595-5; Published 1992, Price: $45.00

NEW!: / 2001:

The Oxford Dictionary of Pronunciation for Current English

    The Oxford Dictionary of Pronunciation is the most up-to-date record of the pronunciation of British and American English. Based on research by a joint UK and US team of linguistics experts, with support from Oxford English Dictionaries, it is a unique survey of how English is really spoken in the twenty-first century.

Dr Clive Upton is based at the School of English, University of Leeds. Dr William Kretzschmar is based at the Department of English, University of Georgia, USA. Rafal Konopka was formerly based at the University of Georgia, USA.

1232 pp.; 0-19-863156-1; Published 2001; Price$45.00

The Dictionary of Caribbean English Usage
RICHARD ALLSOPP, University of the West Indies, Barbados
With a French and Spanish Supplement by JEANETTE ALLSOPP

This unique reference is the first attempt in over four hundred years to provide an authentic record of current English from twenty-two territories in the eighteen states of the Caribbean archipelago. The Dictionary surveys a range of over 20,000 words and phrases drawn from over 1000 written sources. A specially-designed system of labelling--four levels of identification from Creole to Formal and labels to denote social or grammatical register--provides maximum clarity and accessibility. Including hundreds of illustrative examples, Allsopp also includes etymological and usage notes and a short Supplement listing Caribbean French and Spanish equivalents.

"Will help teachers and students understand better the literary texts they are examining, and can provide one approach to a wider examination of cultural differences....An essential supplement to any collections where Commonwealth or Caribbean literature form part of the curriculum, and useful for linguistic studies."--Choice

776 pp.; 0-19-866152-5; Published 1996; Price: $75.00

NEW!: / 2001:

The Oxford Guide to Style

A completely rewritten edition of Hart's Rules for Compositors and Readers, which is currently in its revised thirty-ninth edition, The Oxford Guide to Style has been expanded to encompass modern issues in preparing copy for publication. Hart's Rules is a classic text in printing and publishing houses, and this successor to it is sure to become a classic also. It consists of 16 topic-based chapters giving advice on how to present the written word. It incorporates the most recent changes in citing electronic media, and details on submission of material for publication electronically. The text is full of explanations, examples, and lists on, for example, mathematical symbols, abbreviations and capitalization, and there is exhaustive information for editors on foreign languages and how to present them on the page. There is also advice on how to treat quotations, notes and references, specialist subjects, and indexing.

As well as giving advice on the traditional skills needed in the preparation of copy and proofs, there is further information for editors on issues such as copyright laws and legal references. This really is the ultimate guide for all printers, book, magazine, and Internet publishers on the preparation and presentation of the written word.

Robert Ritter as an Editor for more than ten years in OUP's Academic Division; currently he is Publications Manager for the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies. His wide-ranging editorial experience has been gained in a variety of publishing houses in both the UK and the USA. He is the editor of The Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors (2nd edition 2000), which is the companion volume to The Oxford Guide to Style; he has also been a consultant editor for the Concise Oxford Dictionary and consultant for OWLS (the Oxford English Dictionary Word and Language Service).

642 pp.; 0-19-869175-0; Published: 2002; Price: $25.00

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