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New WorldTM Student's Dictionary

New WorldTM Dictionary and Thesaurus

New WorldTM Compact Desk Dictionary and Style Guide

New WorldTM College Dictionary
(Thumb-Indexed Deluxe Leather Edition)

Barnhart Abbreviations Dictionary

New WorldTM Misspeller's Dictionary 

Dictionary of
Americanisms: A Glossary of Words and Phrases

The Browser's Dictionary of
Foreign Words and Phrases


Webster's New WorldTM Student's Dictionary, Revised Edition
Jonathan L. Goldman (Editor), Andrew N. Sparks (Editor)
ISBN: 0-02-861319-8
1056 Pages
September 1996
US $19.95 

Designed for students in grades five through eight, this illustrated dictionary of the English language contains more than 50,000 definitions as well as pronunciation guides, word origins, synonyms, maps, and other features.

Webster's New WorldTM Dictionary and Thesaurus, 2nd Edition
Editors of Webster's New World Dictionaries, Charlton Laird
ISBN: 0-7645-6339-4
Hardcover;  768 Pages;  May 2002
US $19.99 

Webster's New WorldTM Dictionary and Thesaurus, 2nd Edition
Editors of Webster's New World Dictionaries, Charlton Laird
ISBN: 0-7645-6545-1
Paperback;  768 Pages;  May 2002
US $13.99

* Completely revised from the previous edition.
* Increased page count
* More dictionary entries - 61,000 total
* 13,000 thesaurus entries
* 3,000 new dictionary terms, such as biscotti, dot.com, gene therapy, home page, no-brainer, portobello mushroom, skybox, surgicenter, veggie
* Revised design affords greater readability, with use of custom fonts
* Based on the authoritative Webster's New World College Dictionary, Fourth Edition
Table of Contents:
I. Foreword.
II. Guide to the Use of this Book.
III. Abbreviations and Symbols Used in this Book.
IV. A-Z section (741 pages).
V. Reference Back Matter.
VI. Weights & Measures.
VII. International Metric System.
VIII. The United States.
IX. U.S. Cities by Population.
X. Presidents of the United States.
XI. Canada.
XII. Nations of the World.
XIII. Geographical data (mountains, rivers, etc.).
XIV. Chemical Elements.

Webster's New WorldTM Compact Desk Dictionary and Style Guide, 2nd Edition
Michael E. Agnes (Editor-in-Chief), Editors of Webster's New World Dictionaries
ISBN: 0-7645-6337-8
704 Pages
July 2002
US $12.99 

The Complete Resource for Effective Communication

Use words with precision.

Clear, concise definitions help you say exactly what you mean. With 61,000 entries, 3,000 of them new, this dictionary covers the practical language you need every day. Based on the prestigious Webster's New World College Dictionary, this compact desk edition is up-to-date, authoritative, and easy to use.

Write clearly and persuasively.

Succinct explanations of grammar and punctuation help you avoid common errors. Expert advice on word usage adds polish to your writing. The clear, readable style guide, now completely rewritten, includes numerous examples of the "do's and don'ts" of effective writing.

Get the information you need.

Helpful tables give quick access to frequently needed facts, from capitals of the states to measurement conversions. Tables are grouped together so that information is easy to find.

The dictionary you know and trust plus a complete, concise style guide and more
* Widely used scientific, technical, professional, and business terms
* Frequently used foreign words and phrases
* Common abbreviations
* Guide to pronunciation
* Concise word origins
* Basic rules of grammar, punctuation, and capitalization
* Proper expression of numbers
* Spelling and hyphenation of compound words
* Guide to proper use of frequently misused words and phrases
* Handy reference tables

Webster's New WorldTM College Dictionary (Thumb-Indexed Deluxe Leather Edition), Fourth Edition
Michael E. Agnes (Editor-in-Chief), David B. Guralnik (Editor-in-Chief)
ISBN: 0-02-863471-3
1744 Pages
July 2000
US $99.95 

This luxurious leather-bound edition of the prestigious Websters New WorldTM College Dictionary is a memorable gift and a lasting addition to any personal library. Based on the all-new Fourth Edition, it is available in limited quantities, with a handsome, gold-stamped leather binding, gilded edges, gold printed thumb tabs, a presentation plate, and a ribbon marker. Completely revised and updated to reflect the changes in our language and our world, Websters New WorldTM College Dictionary, Fourth Edition is the best language reference available today. With over 160,000 entries, over 800 illustrations, including biographical photographs, and a 4-color world atlas, it is the premier dictionary of American English. This special edition comes shrink-wrapped in an open, gold-stamped gift box.


The Barnhart Abbreviations Dictionary
Robert K. Barnhart (Editor)
ISBN: 0-471-57146-6
464 Pages
September 1995
US $39.95 

A definitive reference from the name synonymous with distinguished lexicography

For fast, up-to-date, and reliable information on the correct spelling and usage of today's myriad abbreviations, turn to a name you can trust. The Barnhart Abbreviations Dictionary is the most complete, authoritative reference of its kind now available. More than 60,000 entries put the materials you need at your fingertips. It explains the recommended usages of current abbreviations, as well as their literal meanings, while the distinctive, two-part format (see examples below) makes it easier than ever to find the answers you're looking for. With The Barnhart Abbreviations Dictionary you can:

An indispensable tool for the Information Age, when quick, concise communication is vital, The Barnhart Abbreviations Dictionary is your fastest, easiest, and best source. Authoritative and up-to-date, with more than 60,000 entries, this innovative volume is a landmark of its kind. Its publication marks the first time a staff of dictionary editors has constructed a new list of abbreviations from working files of contemporary English. Materials have been gathered from general interest newspapers, books, and magazines, and a wide array of technical publications, among other sources.

Beyond the scope of its contents, however, what separates The Barnhart Abbreviations Dictionary from similar reference works is its user-friendly, two-way format. Readers may look up an abbreviation to find out what it stands for, or—equally important—may look up a term or phrase to learn how to abbreviate it, an advantage that makes this volume invaluable.

In addition to literal definitions, you'll find detailed information on the meaning and context of each abbreviation, where needed. For example, under the entry Rh, readers learn not only that Rh stands for Rhodium or Rhesus Factor, but that Rhodium is a chemical element, and that Rhesus Factor refers to antigens found in red blood cells.

Other important features include:

Organized, efficient, and very easy to use, The Barnhart Abbreviations Dictionary is an essential reference for both home and office.

Webster's New WorldTM Misspeller's Dictionary (Pocket), 2nd Edition
Michael E. Agnes (Editor-in-Chief)
ISBN: 0-02-861720-7
244 Pages
June 1997
US $4.95 

Here's the perfect answer to the question
"How can I look it up in the dictionary if I can't spell it?" Created by the editors of Webster's New World, this handy dictionary alphabetically lists the most common misspellings of more than 15,000 frequently used words, and gives the correct spellings in easy-to-read boldface type. Brief definitions help distinguish among the different meanings of many words. Readers are aided by syllable divisions that make it easier to remember the correct spelling, tips on becoming a better speller, and useful advice on avoiding common causes of misspellings. Easy-to-read page design helps readers quickly find the information they need. And now, many new words have been added, including many difficult technology terms, to make this the most up-to-date misspeller's guide available.

Dictionary of Americanisms: A Glossary of Words and Phrases, Usually Regarded as Peculiar to the United States
Richard Lederer
ISBN: 0-471-22877-X
448 Pages
December 2002
US $24.95 

An all-American linguistic classic—back in print at last
First published in 1848, John Russell Bartlett’s Dictionary of Americanisms is a landmark compendium of American slang—a book that offers a fascinating glimpse into the politics, culture, and language of pre-Civil War America. Now republished with a foreword by language maven Richard Lederer, this is a great rediscovery and a perfect glimpse into how Americans talked in the mid-1800s. From New England regionalisms (funkify), New York Dutch words (olycoke), and Native American borrowings (netop) to colorful Western expressions (to see the elephant) and other surprisingly early usages (the blues, flunky), this is a highly readable, engaging dictionary for word buffs and American history fans alike.

John Russell Bartlett (1805—1886) was a bookseller, politician, ethnographer, draftsman, and linguist. His Dictionary of Americanisms went through four editions between 1848 and 1877.

Richard Lederer (San Diego, CA) is a bestselling authority on language, puns, and word usage. The author of Anguished English and other popular language books, he appears regularly on National Public Radio and elsewhere in the media.

The Browser's Dictionary of Foreign Words and Phrases
Mary Varchaver, Frank Ledlie Moore
ISBN: 0-471-38372-4
288 Pages
September 2001
US $24.95 

"Kudos (Greek), encomiums (Latin), and accolades (French) to the authors for their enlightening and amusing lexicon, a testament that English is the most cheerfully democratic and hospitable language ever cobbled together."–Richard Lederer, author of The Miracle of Language

From angst to zydeco, the ultimate guide to foreign terms and phrases

This handy, practical, and browsable A-to-Z reference tells you all you need to know to understand, pronounce, and appreciate the nearly 2,000 foreign words and phrases commonly used by speakers and writers of English. The Browser's Dictionary covers a wide variety of subject areas and includes loan-words from more than sixty languages around the world, such as:

Latin (desideratum) • the romance languages (rapprochement, macho, imbroglio) • German (gestalt) • Russian (gulag) • Hebrew (shibboleth) • Yiddish (shtick) • Persian (tambura) • Hindi (purdah) • Arabic (loofah) • Hawaiian (kanaka) • Creole French (zydeco) • and Japanese (netsuke)

In addition, each entry provides:

The Browser's Dictionary of Foreign Words and Phrases is sure to become a favorite reference for anyone with an interest in words and language.

The Macmillan Visual Dictionary: 3,500 Color Illustrations, 25,000 Terms, 600 Subjects
Jean-Claude Corbeil, Ariane Archambault
ISBN: 0-02-528160-7
862 Pages
October 1992
US $45.00


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