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NEW! in 2003  Elsevier's Dictionary of Art History
French-English and English-French

Elsevier's Dictionary of Electronics
English-French, French-English

Dorian's Dictionary of
Science and Technology
  (Print & CD-ROM Edition)

Elsevier's Dictionary of
Police and Criminal Law
  (Print & CD-ROM Edition)
English-French and French-English


Elsevier's Dictionary of Art History
French-English and English-French
J.P. Michaux, La Chapelle d'Armentières, France

The dictionary will contain terms covering the following fields and subfields of arts and antiques: painting, drawing, engraving, sculpture, architecture, dressmaking, armament, heraldry, ceramics, styles and art criticism, music, furniture, religious monuments and objects, textile, gilding, numismatics, jewels, cabinet-making etc.

Year 2003   

Elsevier's Dictionary of Electronics
English-French, French-English

G.G. King

One of the main features of these dictionaries is that, rather than being compilations of terms taken from other publications, they are original works. Each entry was noted as encountered in the author's daily work, subsequently fully investigated, and the material finally assembled into these wide-ranging, practical reference works. 150 domains are covered within the scope of electronics, from physics to telecommunications tools.

Terms which have been standardized by international and national standards organizations have been included, the purpose being to encourage their use in the interests of more explicit writing; the abbreviated names of the organizations are given with the entry. These comprehensive dictionaries are a welcome addition to the reference resources of all those dealing, in English or in French, with the technical literature and terminology of electronics.


Year 1986   


Year 1988   

Dorian's Dictionary of Science and Technology
French-English;  English-French

A.F. Dorian

With over 150,000 terms relating to more than 100 different fields, this dictionary has been compiled to keep pace with the constant development of the many branches of science and technology. Providing rapid access to French and English technical terms, the dictionary also gives precise definitions of the fields to which the terms belong where there may be some ambiguity.

Preparation of this dictionary has been a vast project. Its sheer size, and the clarity with which it tackles the obscurities of the two languages, will provide valuable assistance not only to scientists and technologists, but also to translators, libraries, office staff and all those who have to work with technical French and English literature.

Year 1980   

Year 1980   

Elsevier's Dictionary of Police and Criminal Law
English-French and French-English
R. Ingleton, Maidstone, Kent, England


The growing interaction between police forces in the UK and those in France, encouraged by the removal of the restrictions on movement of persons between the EC countries, has provoked both an academic interest in the organisation and work of the police in these two nations and an increased professional involvement in criminal matters (in the widest sense) on either side of the Channel.

In this dictionary one can find a definitive record of the terms relating to the organisation and functions of the police, the criminal law and rules of evidence, traffic control, drugs, terrorism, accidents and disasters, slang and jargon in common use, as well as an extensive list of acronyms in English and French. The entries reflect the police and criminal justice systems in France and in England and Wales, but also occasional references are made for those applying in other English-speaking countries (Scotland, USA) and French-speaking countries (Belgium, Switzerland).

Police officers, lawyers, writers of detective novels and professional linguists will find this dictionary to be a reliable source for the translation of the various specialised words and phrases which they encounter in their work.

The Police Journal
"... an excellent contribution towards more fluent co-operation between police on the two sides of the Channel."
The Linguist
"It is a fascinating survey of criminal as well as police vocabulary, including many slang and jargon terms used by each side, and will no doubt be helpful ..... to writers of detective novels as well as to police officers, lawyers and linguists. "
The Year in Reference
"This is a specialist work aimed at a specialist audience. It should find a place in all police and criminology collections. It could also be useful in larger academic and reference libraries, especially those with a linguistic or legal readership. "

Year 1992   

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