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Bilingual French Dictionaries from 
Oxford University Press
Now with Text-to-Speech (TTS) software application

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The Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary on CD-ROM
Provides instant access to the very latest language

The Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary
Book & Text-to-Speech CD
Edited by Marie-Helene Correard and Valerie Grundy
019860744X, hardback, 1986 pages
2003 In Stock
Price: $49.95 (12)


bookshotAcclaimed by language professionals the world over, the Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary leads the way in modern bilingual lexicography. The first ever French dictionary to be based entirely on the statistical evidence of vast electronic databanks of real language, both written and spoken, it is the most comprehensive, reliable, and up-to-date dictionary of French and English available today. Now, for a limited time only, this outstanding dictionary will include the cutting-edge Text-to-Speech CD-ROM which will pronounce any word in French--FREE with purchase of the dictionary!

Text-to-Speech (TTS) is a software application that translates words on the screen into spoken language. Just type your sentence in French, and the computer will read it back to you with perfect pronunciation. Cut and paste a letter from a friend and you can hear what your friend has to say. It will even recognize times and dates written in abbreviated form and will change intonation according to punctuation. This new software makes language come alive, providing a unique opportunity to practice pronunciation, as well as giving excellent guidance in pronouncing particularly difficult words. This innovative language technology is an ideal learning tool, and there is nothing else like it available in the marketplace.

With more words and phrases than any other single-volume French dictionary, plus the groundbreaking Text-to-Speech CD-ROM, the new edition of the Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary remains the first choice in bilingual dictionaries.

Product Details

1986 pages; 0-19-860744-X

Marie-Héléne Corréard and Valerie Grundy are highly experienced bilingual lexicographers. The project teams have consisted of English and French native speakers, together with specialist advisors in Europe and North America.

1986 pp.; 7-1/2 x 10; 0-19-860363-0; Publ. 2001; Price: $45.00

The Concise Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary
Second Edition

Coverage of 175,000 words and phrases, and over 270,000 translations

Based on the highly acclaimed Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary, described by the Independent as `revolutionary', this dictionary provides students at intermediate level with an authoritative guide to French language and culture. The result of ground-breaking developments in bilingual dictionary-making, it is compiled entirely from the evidence of vast electronic databanks of every type of written and spoken French and English.

Its features include:

* Detailed in-text boxes cover topics such as numbers, nationalities, measurements, games and sports, and forms of address. These boxes review and summarize the function and usage of the vocabulary and word patterns of those essential language areas.

* An entirely new thematic wordfinder covers all the essential vocabulary in key topics and is specially designed as a reference section for writing

* A new guide to email and the Internet gives a unique gateway to French culture

The Chief Editors, Valerie Grundy and Marie-Hélène Corréard, are highly experienced bilingual lexicographers. The project teams are made up of English and French native speakers, together with specialist advisors in Europe and North America.

1488 pp.; 0-19-860242-1; Publ. 2000; Price: $27.95
Buy the Print and CD-ROM combined edition for $69.00

The Oxford-Duden Pictorial French and English Dictionary

Second Edition
"Proof that a picture is, indeed, worth a thousand words."--Library Journal

Now available in paperback editions, The Oxford-Duden Pictorial Dictionaries provide parallel English and foreign word lists containing 29,000 items for each language. Based on the premise that pictures can more clearly convey certain kinds of information, these dictionaries present a list of vocabulary relating to a subject together with a picture illustrating that subject.

Each double-page spread links the words by number to the picture situation drawn from everyday life; 384 sections cover a broad range of subjects in the fields of science, medicine, technology, industry, commerce, and arts and leisure, including astronomy, automobiles, swimming, supermarkets, nuclear energy, nightclubs, and much more. Both English and foreign words appear on the same page for easy use. The dictionaries also provide fully alphabetized indices in both languages which refer the reader not only to the various subjects and contexts in which a word is used, but also to the correct translation and vocabulary of the entire subject.

An essential reference for general readers, translators, travelers, and business people, The Oxford-Duden Pictorial Dictionaries serve as an invaluable supplement to other foreign language guides.

The Oxford-Duden Pictorial French and English Dictionary, Second Edition has been completely updated and revised to include the most recent innovations in science and technology and to offer increased coverage of all major fields of reference.

880 pp.; 384 picture sections throughout; 0-19-864538-4; Publ. 1996; Price: $22.50

The Oxford Color French Dictionary Plus

Second Edition

Fully revised and updated, this dictionary covers all the essential French vocabulary of everyday life. With extensive coverage, it presents over 100,000 words, phrases, and translations for those first learning French or for those simply needing a quick reference.

    It includes special treatment of key words--the frequently-used words that are the building blocks to learning the language. These words are given a special layout and usage notes to help learners access them easily and correctly. New warning symbols are provided to make slang and informal words and expressions instantly identifiable, and a glossary of grammatical terms as well as a short grammar guide offer extra help in communicating effectively. Additional features include a letter-writing guide, information on using e-mail, and games for developing dictionary skills, making this the ideal reference for anyone broadly curious about the French language.

640 pp.; 0-19-864564-3; Publ. 2001; Price: $9.95

Oxford French Dictionary & Grammar
Second Edition

This major new edition of a handy two-in-one reference to the French language offers a entirely new layout and design. Featuring over 100,000 words, phrases, and translations, and completely revised and updated, it covers all the essential vocabulary of everyday life. In addition, frequently used words, which are the building blocks to learning the language, are given a special layout with usage notes throughout to help users employ them correctly. Special warning symbols new to this edition make slang and informal words and expressions instantly identifiable. In addition, there is a comprehensive and easy-to-use guide to French grammar offering clear explanations of modern French usage and grammar with examples taken from everyday speech, newspapers, and magazines; sections on word order, punctuation, and prepositions; extra help on translation problems and pronunciation traps; and an extensive glossary and full index. Rounding out the dictionary are tables of regular and irregular French verbs, and a quick-reference number chart, making this a complete package for both the student or general user.

784 pp.; 4-1/2 x 7; 0-19-860387-8; Publ. 2001; Price: $14.95

The Oxford Starter French Dictionary

Revised Edition

Thoroughly revised, this dictionary breaks fresh ground in language-learning, providing essential information in a unique, user-friendly way. Specially designed for beginners, this volume contains nearly 20,000 words and covers everyday vocabulary and core survival phrases. From irregular verb forms to common idiomatic usage, it provides generous coverage of those aspects of the French language that are difficult to decode for English speakers. These innovative teaching tools make this dictionary an unparalleled introduction to the French language.

448 pp.; 0-19-860328-2

NEW!: / 2002:
The Oxford French Business Dictionary


This is an ideal dictionary for students taking French in combination with a business qualification at college or for anyone doing business in the French-speaking world. It provides an exhaustive range of business vocabulary across many core areas, far outstripping the competition in its coverage of e-commerce and Internet-related terms. Detailed treatment of all vocabulary items is provided, along with thousands of example phrases illustrating important constructions.

The extensive supplementary material offers sample business correspondence, including Curriculum Vitaes; faxes, emails, and invoices; lists of countries, nationalities, languages, and currencies; and guidance on using the telephone.

New and recent titles of related interest:

640 pp.; 5 x 7 3/4; 0-19-860483-1; Publ. 2002; Price: $21.50


How to use the dictionary
French-English dictionary
Supplements: business correspondence etc.
English-French dictionary

French-English Agricultural Dictionary
With English-French Index
Compiled by D. O'D. Bourke

304 pp.; 0-85198-767-2; Published 1992; Price: $115.00

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