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Simon & Schuster's International English/Spanish Spanish/English Dictionary, Second Edition (1973)
        Now called:
Webster's New World International Spanish/English Dictionary, 2nd Edition (2004)

NOW DISTRIBUTED BY JOHN WILEY (We have plenty of stock. Order as many copies as you need):

Webster's New World International Spanish/English Dictionary, 2nd Edition. This is the reprint edition of what was  
The Simon & Schuster International Spanish Dictionary, 2nd. edition.

Roger J. Steiner
ISBN: 0-7645-7643-7

Hardcover; 1632 pages,
July 2004
US $95.00

       From page IX of the current reprint's Foreword:
       As some users find to their satisfaction: "If you can't find it anywhere else, look in the Simon &Schuster's International Dictionary." 

       And on the same page: "The complete coverage shown in the Simon &Schuster's International Dictionary is a contribution to understanding among different peoples of the world."

Simon & Schuster's International English/Spanish Spanish/English Dictionary, Second Edition
This edition is no longer available. See entry to the left.

Roger Steiner (Editor-in-Chief)
ISBN: 0-02-862013-5

Hardcover; 1597 Pages
August 1997
US $95.00

Last known Simon & Schuster imprint edition:
 1973, ISBN: 0-671-21267-2, 1632 pages. The second edition came out with the ISBN shown above.

Wiley's website states in the current and previous description of this dictionary:    
        "For over 30 years, this resource (previously The Simon & Schuster International Spanish Dictionary) has been widely recognized as the most respected Spanish-English dictionary, with greater authority than ever. For almost 25 years, Webster''s New World International Spanish Dictionary has been known and respected throughout the world as the most complete and up-to-date bilingual dictionary of the Spanish and English languages. Now reissued as Webster’s New World International Spanish—English Dictionary, it contains over 210,000 up-to-date entries covering the latest technical and scientific terminology and featuring a rich selection of idioms and slang from 21 Spanish and six English regional variants.
        To the rich base of over 200,000 entries have been added almost 10,000 new words and phrases that reflect changes in the political world, technology, business, and society. Every dictionary entry has been reviewed and many have been revised to reflect both classical and current usage in the written and spoken vocabulary. The result is a new bilingual dictionary that exceeds some unabridged monolingual dictionaries in the completeness of its entry selection and definitions. Here, in thousands of words, phrases, examples, and idioms is the diversity of history, literature, tradition, and temperament of two worlds. The most exact equivalents and definitions given in a bilingual dictionary. The latest technical and scientific terminology. The richest, most extensive treatment of idioms, colloquialisms, and slang.
        Comprehensive treatment of Latin-American, Iberian, North American, and British variants and regionalisms. Precise transposition of both languages, with thousands of usage examples from history and literature. Encyclopedic entries in the fields of history, politics, religion, mythology, science, technology, and the arts. Extensive coverage of notable people and places, including all countries and their capitals. Chemistry symbols, acronyms, and abbreviations.
        Outline of English and Spanish grammars, and a complete table of irregular Spanish verbs and their conjugation. English pronunciation in the universally recognized International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) in each entry, and a guide to Spanish pronunciation. Large, clear type on pages designed for maximum readability and ease in locating entries. Webster's New World International Spanish Dictionary is an indispensable reference for students, teachers, translators, interpreters, and professionals-a must for schools and libraries."


Wiley's English-Spanish, Spanish-English Business Dictionary
Steven M. Kaplan
ISBN: 0-471-12664-0
Hardcover; 580 Pages; July 1996
US $60.00

Wiley's English-Spanish, Spanish-English Business Dictionary

Steven M. Kaplan
ISBN: 0-471-12665-9
Paperback; 592 Pages; July 1996
US $35.00 

The most complete, accessible, and up-to-date Spanish business dictionary available.

     Wiley's English-Spanish, Spanish-English Business Dictionary provides a ready reference to essential terms and phrases used in all areas of business, including international business, banking, management, commerce, and securities. Written by renowned lexicographer and professional translator Steven M. Kaplan, this authoritative and easy-to-use dictionary features:

El mas completo, accesible, y actualizado diccionario de negocios en espaqol disponible

     El Diccionario de Negocios Inglis-Espaqol, Espaqol-Inglis Wiley provee una referencia rapida para los tirminos y las frases esenciales usadas en todas las areas de los negocios, incluyendo negocios internacionales, banca, administracisn, comercio, y valores. Escrito por el reconocido lexicsgrafo y traductor profesional Steven M. Kaplan, este diccionario autorizado y facil de usar tiene:

     STEVEN M. KAPLAN, tras una educacmon primaria y secundaria completamente biling|e en Puerto Rico, prosiguis a obtener un bachillerato de Sarah Lawrence College, y una maestrma de Fordham University. Ha enseqado en la Universidad de Puerto Rico y en la Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico, y tiene muchas otras experiencias como maestro en marcos bi-ling|es. El Sr. Kaplan tambiin es autor del Diccionario Jurmdico Inglis-Espaqol y Espaqol-Inglis Wiley, el Diccionario de Psicologma y Psiquiatrma Inglis-Espaqol/Espaqol-Inglis Wiley, y el Diccionario de Ingenierma Elictrica y de Computadoras Inglis-Espaqol/Espaqol-Inglis Wiley. 


The Wiley Dictionary of Civil Engineering and Construction: English-Spanish/Spanish-English
Felicitas Kennedy
ISBN: 0-471-12246-7
568 Pages
April 1996
US $90.00

    The Wiley Dictionary of Civil Engineering and Construction: English-Spanish/Spanish-English offers the first bilingual update of civil engineering terminology in forty years. With more than 50,000 entries in each language, it provides comprehensive coverage of a broad range of industrial disciplines, including architecture, engineering, surveying, building, heavy construction, and municipal engineering.

    Entries include technical terms and phrases not found in any general translation dictionary—many of these are taken directly from The Contractor's Dictionary by L. F. Webster, official publications, engineering specifications, and engineering textbooks. Virtually all terms and their functions were supplied by working professionals and experts in each field. Each translation has been confirmed by teams of reviewers in the United States and Latin America to ensure accuracy and reflect a wide range of Spanish dialects. Since there is considerable overlap among engineering disciplines, many of the terms in this book are also applicable to electrical, mechanical, and structural engineering.

    The Wiley Dictionary of Civil Engineering and Construction: English-Spanish/Spanish-English is an indispensable resource for civil engineers and contractors, translating correspondence, specifications, and working drawings; marketers for engineering firms, preparing bids and proposals for international contracts; and engineering students, struggling to understand complex course textbooks in a foreign language. It is the only source for accurate, reliable, up-to-date translations of the entire spectrum of engineering and construction terminology.


Dictionary of Environmental Science and Engineering: English-Spanish/Spanish-English
Howard Headworth, Sarah Steines
ISBN: 0-471-96273-2
324 Pages
November 1997
US $55.00 

The English/Spanish & Spanish/English Dictionary of Environmental Science and Engineering is aimed at the professional practitioner in the areas of business, consultancy, government, regulation or academia. It is particularly useful for environmental scientists, ecologists, geologists, hydrologists, water and wastewater engineers, landfill and contaminated land specialists and administrators. The diverse specialisms of the two authors and their knowledge of environmental assessment, hydrogeology and environmental engineering ensures that the book has thorough coverage. With nearly 30,000 entries, the book combines a traditional dictionary approach with a modern and up-to-date style of presentation. The authors have used their wealth of technical knowledge and their understanding of Spanish to produce a book of true value and timeliness. In addition, the external advisors, Manuel Regueiro y Gonzalez-Barros from Spain and Alberto Bustani Adem from Mexico bring their distinct cultural backgrounds to bear to ensure that the dictionary reflects modern usage and terminology in both Spain and Latin America. 

Wiley's English-Spanish Spanish-English Chemistry Dictionary
Steven M. Kaplan
ISBN: 0-471-19288-0
Hardcover; 530 Pages; February 1998
US $105.00 

Wiley's English-Spanish Spanish-English Chemistry Dictionary
Steven M. Kaplan
ISBN: 0-471-24923-8
Paperback; 530 Pages; February 1998
US $52.50

Comprehensive bilingual coverage of over 40,000 essential words and phrases found in chemistry literature.

Wiley'S English-Spanish, Spanish-English Chemistry dictionary

Wiley's English-Spanish, Spanish-English Chemistry Dictionary provides a ready reference to more than 40,000 essential terms and phrases found in the chemistry literature. Its quick, user-friendly format means that you won't waste valuable research time leafing back and forth in search of the appropriate entry. And distinguished lexicographer Steven M. Kaplan has made every effort to provide equivalents with maximum clarity, accuracy, and timeliness.

Up-to-date, comprehensive, and authoritative coverage

Wiley's English-Spanish, Spanish-English Chemistry Dictionary offers comprehensive up-to-date coverage of over 40,000 words and phrases you are likely to encounter in the chemistry literature. Designed for quick reference and clarity, it features an extremely user-friendly format that directs you instantly to the precise equivalent. The dictionary includes thousands of chemical compounds and contains most every prefix or suffix that can be a part of a chemical name—making it simple to piece together even the most unusual or complex construction.

For students, researchers, industry professionals, translators, and others who need quick, easy access to equivalent terms in Spanish and English, there is no better resource.


English-Spanish, Spanish-English Electrical and Computer Engineering Dictionary
Steven M. Kaplan
ISBN: 0-471-01037-5
Hardcover; 792 Pages; April 1996
US $99.95

English-Spanish, Spanish-English Electrical and Computer Engineering Dictionary

Steven M. Kaplan
ISBN: 0-471-39125-5
Paperback; 792 Pages; April 2000
US $52.50 

Comprehensive bilingual coverage of nearly 50,000 essential words and phrases in electrical and computer engineering

    In today’s global economy, the need for precise technical communication between speakers of English and Spanish has never been greater. The English-Spanish, Spanish-English Electrical and Computer Engineering Dictionary provides you with quick, ready access to nearly 50,000 essential terms and definitions found in the electrical and computer engineering field. Containing virtually every word and phrase you’re likely to encounter in the professional literature, this authoritative reference boasts an extremely user-friendly format that directs you instantly to the precise term you need.


Wiley's English-Spanish Spanish-English Dictionary of Psychology and Psychiatry
Steven M. Kaplan
ISBN: 0-471-19284-8
608 Pages
November 1997
US $39.95 

    With the ever-increasing number of Spanish-speaking people in the United States, it is essential for those working in the mental-health arena to have a precise understanding of the Spanish language, particularly since the information communicated is of such a technical nature. This important tool contains more than 60,000 entries—30,000+ in each language—providing clear, concise definitions for virtually every word and phrase involved in the study and practice of psychology and psychiatry.


Webster's New World Pocket Spanish Dictionary: English-Spanish, Spanish-English
Michael W. Keathley (Series Editor), Alicia de Benito harland (Editor), Fernando Leon Solis (Editor), Hugh O'Donnell (Editor)
ISBN: 0-7645-6543-5
416 Pages
June 2001
US $6.99 

    A must for Spanish-language students, Spanish speakers, and travelers! Clad in durable vinyl and small enough to slip easily into a pocket or purse, this handy little bilingual dictionary concentrates on the essential vocabular that people use in everyday situations. With over 25,000 entries, concise translations, a succinct grammar section, and broad coverage of Latin American Spanish, it's clear to see why you'll love Webster's New World Pocket Spanish Dictionary!


Cassell's Spanish-English, English-Spanish Dictionary
Anthony Gooch, Angela Garcia de Pareded
ISBN: 0-02-522910-9
1136 Pages
September 1978
US $22.95 

This is the thoroughly revised and updated edition of Cassells internationally known Spanish dictionary. Special features of this new edition include
Cassell's Concise Spanish-English English-Spanish Dictionary, Concise Edition
Brian Dutton (Compiled by), L.P. Harvey (Compiled by), Roger M. Walker (Compiled by)
ISBN: 0-02-522660-6
464 Pages
October 1977
US $13.00 


The eminence of Cassell dictionaries has been established over a period of more than 120 years of dictionary publishing.

Cassell's accumulated experience in such a highly specialized field has been accompanied by unceasing vigilance to maintain the high standard for which it is world-famous.

Cassell's Concise Spanish Dictionary has been specially compiled to provide in compact form the words most frequently used in normal speech and contemporary literature, and incorporates literary and poetical terms recurrent in classical, literary Spanish. It embodies common idiomatic expressions and new words that have recently become accepted usage, and includes Latin-American terms. Verb tables are provided in both languages. 


Cassell's Spanish and English Dictionary
Brian Dutton (Compiled by), L.P. Harvey (Compiled by), Roger M. Walker (Compiled by)
ISBN: 0-02-013690-0
460 Pages
September 1986
US $7.99 

The greatest name in foreign language dictionaries is Cassell, the preeminent publisher of dictionaries for over 120 years.

For fast, easy reference and comprehensive coverage, Cassell's is unbeatable. With entries covering daily conversation as well as technical and professional terms, this handy pocket-sized dictionary is the only reference you need while traveling, studying, or working.

Cassell's is portable, easy to read and full of helpful usage information that's simple to access. This invaluable volume, backed by the world's foremost language authority, is the best pocket guide available to the Spanish language.


Conversational Spanish for Hospitality Managers and Supervisors: Basic Language Skills for Daily Operations
Matt A. Casado
ISBN: 0-471-05959-5
304 Pages
July 1995
US $50.00 

Indispensable for hospitality managers who need to communicate effectively with their Spanish-speaking employees, this unique book gives you the basic Spanish language skills you need at work every day. You'll quickly learn Spanish phrases, questions, and instructions that you can use immediately—in all the areas of your daily operations. This concise but comprehensive book gives you all the tools you need:
Spanish For Dummies®
Susana Wald
ISBN: 0-7645-5194-9
432 Pages
December 1999
US $24.99

Is speaking Spanish nothing more than a bad high school memory for you? Are the phrases "Yo quiero Taco Bell" and "Hasta la vista, baby" the extent of what you can say in Spanish?

Whether you need a quick primer for an upcoming business trip or want to build on a basic understanding of the language, Spanish For Dummies can help. But the book is more than just a language text full of cool phrases and useful vocabulary -- it's also a cultural guide for those moments when you really need to know how and why things are done.

Part of what makes this book so valuable is its whole-language approach to Spanish. Instead of burdening you with endless vocabulary lists and tricky grammar rules, Spanish For Dummies gives you the tools to take your Spanish on the road. Focus on everyday situations and hone your small-talk skills that help you with basic communication in Spanish. What's more, the authors have scattered throughout the book tidbits that contextualize the language so you understand the people, places, and things that are unique to Spanish-speaking cultures. An audio CD enables you to hear Spanish as it's really spoken by presenting dialogues between native Spanish speakers. 


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