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CD-ROM English-Spanish Bilingual Dictionaries

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NEW EDITION: Print and CD-ROM (2003)
The Oxford Spanish Dictionary

Third Edition
Beatriz Galimberti Jarman,  Roy Russell,  Carol Styles Carvajal and Jane Horwood
ISBN: 0-19-860475-0, hardback, 2080 pages
Published: 2003;   In Stock;  Price: $49.95 (12)
CD-ROM EDITION, Version 2.0:
ISBN: 0-19-860683-4; Published: 2003;  In Stock;  Price: $49.95 (12)

COMBO OFFER: Print + CD-ROM edition:  $95.00


Compiled by expert teams of Spanish and English lexicographers, the Oxford Spanish Dictionary provides the richest, most contemporary coverage of Spanish from around the world. The result of thorough research using sophisticated computer programs to search for new terminology and ensure that all the latest vocabulary from Latin American Spanish and American English is covered, this brand new edition covers over 24 varieties of Spanish as it is written and spoken throughout the Spanish-speaking world--from Spain to Mexico, from Peru to the River Plate.

This groundbreaking edition of the Oxford Spanish Dictionary features 20,000 new entries (10,000 in each language), with the updating focused particularly on business, IT, and scientific terminology. Special entries on life and culture explain the differences between institutions, administrative systems, educational systems, and general life in the Spanish and English-speaking worlds, offering vital background to the language. 

Also, for a limited time only, all OSD's will be packaged with a free CD that contains cutting-edge text-to-speech software. This software enables users to type in any word, phrase, question, or date, and an audio version of the text will immediately pronounce it with appropriate inflection. No other Spanish dictionary offers this revolutionary software.

With a newly designed user-friendly format, the dictionary is more accessible than ever. Each entry is in color making it easy for the reader to distinguish between and search for words. With half of the entries in English and half in Spanish (including the frontmatter), the Oxford Spanish Dictionary is the ideal reference for native speakers of either language. Handy, easy-to-use, and now packaged with the groundbreaking text-to-speech software, this dictionary is also the essential tool for all students and teachers, as well as translators and language professionals. Jacket covers are also available in Spanish.


Beatriz Galimberti Jarman, Roy Russell, Carol Styles Carvajal, and Jane Horwood are expert bilingual lexicographers who have led a team of Spanish, Latin American, British, and American editors throughout this project.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Spanish CD-ROM Second edition (1996) is now out-of-print. New edition available as above. 
LEA has stock for the Three-in-One , including Spanish, French, and German for $75.00. Not the current edition.
Oxford Three-in-One Bilingual Dictionary on CD-ROM
Now Oxford is pleased to offer all three electronic bilingual dictionaries on one CD-ROM: The Oxford 3-in-1 Bilingual Dictionary. Perfect for anyone who works with more than one foreign language, the 3-in-1 offers the most accurate, comprehensive, and accessible information on modern Spanish, French, and German.

* Tthe Oxford Hachette
* The Oxford Spanish
* The Duden German Dictionaries 
                                on a single CD-ROM. 

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