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English Multimedia Dictionaries (CD-ROM) from 
Oxford University Press

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NEW!: / 2002: The Oxford World English Dictionary Shelf
The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary on CD-ROM
NEW!: / 2002: The Oxford Chronology of English Literature
NEW!: / 2001: The New Oxford American Dictionary on CD-ROM
NEW!: / 2002: Dictionary of the Internet
Dictionary of National Biography on CD-ROM
Lawyer's Reference Shelf
NEW!: / 2002: The Oxford Bible Commentary Version 1.0 on CD-ROM

The New Oxford Annotated Biblical Reference Library
Who's Who 1897-1998

The Complete Birds of the Western Palearctic on CD-ROM
The Royal Historical Society Bibliography on CD-ROM
Frank Lloyd Wright: Presentation and Conceptual Drawings
Wittgenstein's Nachlass:Text and Facsimile Version

The Oxford World English Dictionary Shelf
Four of the world's most renowned English dictionaries, in one handy electronic format

From the new generation of quick-reference CD-ROMs, featuring the cutting-edge iFinger Pop-up feature in Internet Explorer, and the easiest-ever access to electronic dictionaries in Windows, The Oxford World English Dictionary Shelf offers truly instantaneous access to the four flagship English Dictionaries published by Oxford University Press.

This unrivalled suite of dictionaries will allow users to compare same word definitions and usage across the four main English-speaking cultures, providing a fascinating insight into the way the different World Englishes have developed according to their environment and culture. Users will also be able to trace the meanings of words unique to a particular country, region or ethnic group, and trace the origin of an unknown word, or sense of a word to its natural roots.

The World English CD-ROM contains:

The New Oxford Dictionary of English (1998) with 350,000 words, phrases, and definitions, is Oxford's most comprehensive single-volume dictionary, offering unrivalled coverage of current English.

The New Oxford American Dictionary (2001) is the brand-new and most up-to-date, accurate and richly descriptive coverage of American English ever published.

The Canadian Oxford Dictionary (1998) with 130,000 entries is the highly-successful foremost authority on current Canadian English, and contains over 2,000 distinctly Candian words covering every region of the country.

The Australian Oxford Dictionary (2000) is a remarkable work drawn from the largest database of Australian English in the world - the World Bank of Australian English - a fantastic record of the nation's history and culture.

System requirements: PC with 166MHz Pentium-class processor; Windows 95/98/98SE/ME; Windows NT4.0; Windows 2000; 90Mb free hard disc space; CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive; 56K Modem (to register and download software upgrades); 0-19-860445-9; Published: 2002; Price: $100.00

The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary on CD-ROM
The vast resources of The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary -- now on CD ROM

The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary is a treasure of words and information, the one dictionary "no writer, and no serious reader, can afford to live without," according to Pulitzer Prize-winning author Annie Dillard. "The publication of the New Shorter OED is among the major events of the last half-century," enthused the Chicago Tribune. And noted scholar Harold Bloom wrote that the Shorter, "in its immense reach and profound wealth, has no rival for utility and potential enlightenment." With half a million definitions, and over 7.5 million words, the Shorter is surpassed only by the 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary for the depth and breadth of its scholarship.

Now the vast resources of this acclaimed reference are available at the touch of a fingertip, with The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary on CD ROM. From literary English to street slang, historical to contemporary vocabulary, scientific to legal terms, the Shorter covers the entire English language in all its complex diversity as it is written and spoken around the world. This superb electronic edition allows users to explore the Shorter and the vast amounts of information it contains in ways that were previously unimaginable.

Indeed, its powerful search and retrieval machines will let you explore the dictionary in a staggering number of ways, and it locates the information you seek within seconds. Questions which would have taken ages to answer using the printed edition can now be answered almost instantaneously, from simple single word definitions to complex searches. For example, you can find all North American nouns first used in the 18th century (including cuspidor and chowder). You can pick out quotations by Anthony Burgess which contain the word love (there are three). You can locate every headword which became obsolete in the mid-sixteenth century (a list which includes ey, ofhungered, and terve). Or you can search the text of the definitions, enabling you to find the word which means "rain on a cloudless day," or the name of the tree under which Buddha received enlightenment (the bo tree). Or, with a click of the mouse, a reader can look up a quick definition using an easy keyword search, and then cross-reference to related words or look up any word within the text of a definition. Finally, a special rhyming index and an anagram solver make this the ultimate reference for crossword enthusiasts, Scrabble players, limerick writers, and word buffs of all kinds.

The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary is the world's best unabridged dictionary of English. Whether you use it for scholarly research, as a detailed reference work, or purely for enjoyment, this new CD ROM edition allows you to explore this wealth of information in ways you never imagined possible, and at a convenient and affordable price.

System Requirements: IBM PC or compatible w/ 80386 processor or higher; Windows 3.1 or higher; 4 Mb RAM; 0.5 Mb hard disk space; VGA monitor or higher; CD-ROM drive; Mouse.; 0-19-268302-0; Published: 1997; Price: $110.00
Ask for details for the print edition, and combined prices of both. 

NEW!: / 2002: 

The Oxford Chronology of English Literature on CD-ROM

This powerful CD-ROM allows users full access to The Oxford Chronology of English Literature's 30,000 works by more than 4,000 authors. The CD-ROM features a clear and easy to use interface with a main screen that offers instantaneous access to the records grouped in three main indexes, according to the publication year, author, or title. Users can install the program to the hard drive or run it from the CD-ROM.

The powerful advanced search capabilities of this CD-ROM allows users to search by author name, dates or gender, by title or subject of work, date of publication, or the name of the publisher. And full text searching with wild cards and Boolean operators enables fast and selective access to database records.

Using an advanced search, users can quickly and easily check such specifics as subtitles of works; format (i.e. number of volumes); publisher/imprint details; place of publication; whether a work was published anonymously or pseudonymously; serialization details; where and when dramatic works were first performed; whether or not a work was illustrated and by whom It also makes it possible to group records according to shared characteristics in order to create lists which can be printed out or copied to a word processor.

In many entries, additional annotation is provided, especially where this is relevant to an understanding of a work's composition or publishing history. Careful attention has also been paid to women, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh authors who wrote/write in English, to English regional writers, and working-class texts. And the Chronology has broadened the definition of literature to include a large number of works whose popularity serves to exemplify contemporary taste or which have contributed to the development of a particular popular genre, such as detective fiction.

Works covered in the Chronology

DT Fiction [novels, novellas, short-story collections, anthologies, selected juvenile fiction] DT Poetry [individual works, single-author collections, anthologies] DT Drama DT Literary Scholarship [editions of English texts, editions of classical and foreign texts, editions of letters, dictionaries and other reference works, critical studies] DT Non-Fiction [essays, travel and exploration, literary memoirs, biographical studies, philosophical and religious works, historiography, economics]

System requirements: PC with minimum 166MHz Pentium-class processor; 64 Mb RAM; 20 Mb hard disc space; 8-speed CD-ROM drive; Windows 95, 98, 2000 or NT4; SVGA monitor or Macintosh computer with a PowerPC processor; Minimum 64 Mb of RAM (64 Mb highly recommended); 20 Mb hard disk space; 8-speed CD-ROM drive; Mac OS 8.1 or later; SVGA monitor: 640 x 480 pixels screen resolution.

Michael Cox works as Senior Commissioning Editor, Reference Books, at Oxford University Press. He is the author of the standard biography of the scholar M.R. James and has edited a selection of James's ghost stories for the World's Classics series. He has also edited or co-edited several Oxford anthologies of fiction.

0-19-860521-8;   Published: 2002; Price: $100.00

NEW!: / 2001: 
The New Oxford American Dictionary on CD-ROM
Special features:

The New Oxford American Dictionary, containing more than 250,000 definitions and 9,000 biographical and geographical entries, provides the most accurate and richly descriptive picture of American English ever offered. The CD-ROM version gives dictionary users what they really need from an electronic dictionary--easy, intuitive interaction with word processing and browser software.

The dictionary engine is user-friendly and unobtrusive (it automatically docks to the title bar of the application that you're using). By simply pointing your cursor over a word (either on or off-line), the results from the dictionary appear instantly in a pop-up box with a summary of the complete entry. With just another click, the rest of the information appears instantly in the Article Window. Additionally, the search box can be used to find any main entry quickly and easily.

Completely intuitive, unobtrusive, and fast, the New Oxford American Dictionary on CD-ROM is an essential tool for anyone concerned with accuracy and style.

"Tops in the tradition category, and good in both currency and diversity."--Copy Editor

0-19-515061-9;  Published: 2001; Price: $100.00

Dictionary of National Biography on CD-ROM
British Edition

The Dictionary of National Biography (DNB) is widely recognized as a major historical and literary achievement. Since publication of the original volumes between 1885 and 1900, supplements have been issued bringing the current total to thirty-two printed volumes. The availability of the DNB on CD-ROM creates a whole new range of possibilities for exploring the content of this massive publication. Documented in this impressive reference work are the lives of nearly 40,000 people. Now, not only does computerization allow for instant access to this wealth biographical information, it also facilitates wide-ranging searches which are impossible to perform using the printed volumes. Searches can now be constructed which range from general to specificfrom queries relating a group of people with similar descriptions to obscure references concerning little known individuals.

While the DNB's authoritative content is of great scholarly interest to professionals including biographers, historians, journalists, genealogists and archivists; its entries, which combine fact, anecdote and personal memoir in readable and entertaining form, possess a charm which has always made the DNB appealing to general readers. All of these features combine to make the CD-ROM edition of the DNB an essential reference and research tool which no library should be without.

CD-ROM Advantages:

Instantly locate biographies of individuals by name.
Quickly locate articles of interest by browsing any of the available indexes including: title, occupation, location and date.
Search for words across the full text of the DNB--all 32 volumes in seconds.
Create precise searches using Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) and employing filters such as gender and case sensitivity.
Sort results of searches to allow for efficient browsing.
Save or print the results of searches.
Bookmark items of interest.
Change font styles and sizes for greater readability on screen.

"Schools, libraries and historians should be grateful that this disc makes available at an affordable price what GM Trevelyan called "the best record of a nation's past that any civilization has produced"."--Software Reviews

"This is a superb and impressive reference source....The DNB is what CD-ROM is all about - it is serious, solid, jam-packed with information and provides many a happy hour of browsing."--Personal Computer World

"One of the most famous works of reference in the English language...and a recognized national institution, transformed by cutting edge technology into a speedily accessible mine of information that can be explored in a variety of ways....Research that might takes months or years using the printed volumes can be accomplished literally in seconds."--Publishing News

"Searches are now easy and very powerful. Historians will be able to make connections that were impossible before, such as looking for references to clubs and meeting places and seeing who might have met whom, but general readers will also find the text fascinating."--Daily Telegraph

"It is amazingly quick and easy to use, with fast, flexible searching and instant cross-referencing."--Business Computer World

"A browser's paradise...you are guaranteed to make startling discoveries....Now you can look up anything and luxuriate, while doing so, in the changing fashions of a century of biography."--The Independent

minimum system requirement: IBM or compatible PC w/ 80386 processor, 4MB free RAM (8MB recommended), DOS 5.0, 3MB free hard-disk space, VGA or Super VGA monitor, CD-ROM drive, MSCDEX 2.1, Windows 3.1, Microsoft mouse or compatible.; 0-19-268312-8; Published: 1996; Price: $550.00

The Lawyer's Reference Shelf
containing the Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage, 2nd edition and the Oxford Dictionary of American Legal Quotations

Here in a full linked, easily searchable CD-ROM are two classic legal reference works: Bryan Garner's Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage, Second Edition, and Fred Shapiro's Oxford Dictionary of American Legal Quotations. With more than 9,000 definitions and more than 3,500 quotations on all aspects of the law, The Lawyer's Reference Shelf is a valuable professional resource for all who study, teach, practice, or write about the law--merging the "indispensable" legal dictionary (Michigan Bar Journal) with the "standard" (Library Journal) legal quotations source in one carefully integrated research tool.

0-19-510776-4; Publ. 1999; Price: $95.00

NEW!: / 2002:
The Oxford Bible Commentary Version 1.0 on CD-ROM
Single User Version
Edited by JOHN BARTON, Oxford University, and JOHN MUDDIMAN, Mansfield College, Oxford

A complete, searchable version of The Oxford Bible Commentary has been created by Logos Library System, the worlds market-leading Bible software, which can be used stand-alone, or integrated with other Logos publications.


Search the full text by word, phrase, Bible reference, etc
Cut and paste content into your word processor
Add your own notes to the text
Click between the commentary text and any Logos Library
Bible text (including AV, RSV, NRSV, NIV, NJB, NASB and many more)
Click between the commentary text and hundreds of other Logos Bible reference works

0-19-924252-6;  Publ. 2002; Price: $65.00

The New Oxford Annotated Biblical Reference Library
CD-ROM Version for Macintosh
Edited by Bruce M. Metzger, Princeton Theological Seminary, Roland E. Murphy, Duke University Divinity School, and Michael David Coogan

Minimum req.: Macintosh system 7.x; 0-19-528439-9;  Publ. 1998; Price: $100.00

Who's Who 1897-1998
CD-ROM for Windows and Macintosh
Who's Who 1897-1998 includes over 110,000 biographies of people from all walks of life who have contributed to the political, economic, scientific, social, and artistic life of Britain and the world. First published in 1996 and now fully updated, the CD-ROM includes the nine volumes of Who Was Who 1897-1995, Who's Who 1998 and the entries (not currently available elsewhere) of those who have died in the intervening years.

minimum system requirements: Windows: 486 processor, 33 MHz (Pentium 100 recommended). 4Mb RAM (8Mb recommended). DOS 5.0 or higher. 20Mb hard disk space (30Mb recommended). VGA or SVGA monitor. Windows 3.1X, 95, NT (Windows 95 recommended). 4x CD-ROM drive. MSCDEX. Compatible printer (additional memory recommended). Novell or NT network (for network version).

Macintosh: PowerMac. OS 7.5 or higher. 16Mb RAM (32Mb recommended). 20Mb hard disk space. 4x CD-ROM drive. CD system version 4 or higher. Compatible printer (additional memory recommended).; 
0-7136-4516-4;  Publ. 1999; Price: $450.00, Single User
0-7136-4516-4;  Publ. 1999; Price: $900.00, Network Version

NEW!: / 2002:
Dictionary of the Internet
Book and CD-ROM

The most comprehensive dictionary of the Internet, in a print and CD-ROM bundle

A blizzard of new words and phrases, from "bookmark portal" and "cookie poisoning" to "script kiddie" and "viral marketing," have been created by the explosive growth of the Internet.

Now, in Dictionary of the Internet, Darrel Ince defines more than 4,000 terms from the Web, software technology, jargon, e commerce, security, and the technical and organizational infrastructure of the Internet. Ince includes definitions of basic terms, such as "usenet" or "web server" as well as many entries on the colorful jargon of the computer world, such as "Vannevar" or "grey bar land." A free CD-ROM included with the book contains the full dictionary entries in a browsable format with hyperlinks between entries, and links to relevant web sites. The dictionary will be supported by its own web site with updates.

Whether you are a "weasel" (an inexperienced user) or a "webhead," here is an essential reference work, filled with up-to-date information.
Darrel Ince is Professor of Computing at the Open University, in the UK.

560 pp.; 5-3/8 x 8-3/8; 0-19-280286-0; Published: 2002; Price $30.00

The Complete Birds of the Western Palearctic on CD-ROM
Originally conceived and edited by the late STANLEY CRAMP
Editors: DAVID SNOW and CHRIS PERRINS, Oxford University

Based on Stanley Cramp's definitive and critically acclaimed nine-volume Birds of the Western Palearctic and on the new revised concise edition, this Windows CD-ROM is the most authoritative resource for ornithologists. It contains hundreds of video clips, sound recordings, color plates, photographs, and illustrations, and its flexible search tools make this wealth of material accessible as never before.

minimum system requirements: Windows 3.1, 95, or NT4. Pentium strongly recommended. 16Mb RAM. 4x CD-ROM drive (or faster). Screen set to 64k colors at 800x600 resolution. 16 bit sound card.; 0-19-268579-1; Published: 1999; Price $295.00

The Royal Historical Society Bibliography on CD-ROM
The History of Britain, Ireland, and the British Overseas
Containing 250,000 records and incorporating the complete seven volume printed edition, this CD-ROM is a comprehensive database of bibliographic references to British historical literature. You can search by author, subject, date of publication, and literature of a particular period to find references to sources including journals, books, and theses. Searches can also be combined to find, for example, all the writings on a given subject between 1750 and 1820. Ideal for academic research and an invaluable library purchase this CD-ROM allows you to locate and compile bibliographic references quickly and easily.

minimum system requirements: IBM PC or compatible 486 or higher (Windows 3.1), Pentium or higher (Windows 95). 8Mb RAM (Windows 3.1), 16Mb RAM (Windows 95), or 24Mb RAM (Windows NT). SVGA montior w/ 256 colours. CD-ROM drive. Windows 3.1 or higher, Windows 95 or Windows NT 3.5.1 or higher. Microsoft mouse or compatible. MSCDEX 2.1 or higher.; 0-19-268573-2; Published: 1998; Price $425.00

Named one of PC Magazine's top 100 CD-ROMs
Frank Lloyd Wright: Presentation and Conceptual Drawings
4 Compact Discs

A momentous event in art and electronic publishing, this magnificent project presents nearly 5,000 drawings by Frank Lloyd Wright, America's most influential 20th-century architect. A collaboration between Luna Imaging, Inc. and the Frank Lloyd Wright Archives, it offers full-color, high resolution digital reproductions of the highest fidelity to the original works in a format that provides unprecedented control over the enormous quantity and scope of the material. Here is the largest collection of Wright's drawings ever published.

Over 860 projects are included, ranging from private homes, churches, banks, and office buildings to skyscrapers, apartment buildings, museums, and schools. Familiar projects like Fallingwater and the Guggenheim Museum appear with hundreds of other accomplished designs. The works span Wright's career--from student drawings of 1887 to his last rendering in 1959. Never before has so much of Wright's work been so accessible.

The electronic format frees readers from the constraints of the print medium. With Insight software, users can search for, sort, mark, rearrange, group, and print images and documentation. Insight is an easy-to-use visual environment tailor-made for the way people use collections of art reproductions.

Unlike any print edition available, Frank Lloyd Wright: Presentation and Conceptual Drawings on CD-ROM combines a vast collection of striking images with scrupulous catalog documentation in one versatile product. A groundbreaking work, this extraordinary publication is an incomparable reference for students and scholars of Frank Lloyd Wright and American art and architecture.

"There are more than 20,000 drawings in the archives of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation at Taliesin West in Arizona. Thanks to Luna Imaging and Oxford University Press--and the magic of CD-ROMs--we now have easy access to much of this Wrightian hoard....This is not an electronic substitute--no such wide-ranging collection has ever been published before....To have easy access to 5,000 drawings, colored renderings, pencil studies, rough sketches and assorted preliminary studies is unprecedented....There is no doubt that this computerized collection represents a remarkable achievement. It will enable us--scholars and interested public alike--to discover new things about Wright and his work."--New York Times Book Review

"...for anyone interested in researching the masters drawing collection, the package is invaluable....The images are beautiful....for libraries and architecture firms, its sure to be love at first sight." --PC Magazine Top 100 CD-ROMs 1995.

"...a scholarly electronic publication that may set new standards for making visual collections available to academic audiences." --The Educom Review, July/August 1995

"...a work of meticulous scholarship....This will surely become an indispensable reference for Wright scholars and aficionados." --Architectural Record, August 1995

First Prize 1995 Museum Publications Design Competition

"The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundations CD-ROM/interactive media package is an example of what's possible when money, solid content, and design talent coincide. First class in every regard." --Museum News, July/August 1995

5000 full color graphic images on 4 CDs; Intro Guide; Users Guide; 2 diskettes; requires Windows 3.1 or higher; 0-19-509576-6
 Published: 1995; Price $1,500.00


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