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The Lawyer's Reference Shelf-CD-ROM
containing the Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage, 2nd edition and the Oxford Dictionary of American Legal Quotations

Here in a full linked, easily searchable CD-ROM are two classic legal reference works: Bryan Garner's Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage, Second Edition, and Fred Shapiro's Oxford Dictionary of American Legal Quotations. With more than 9,000 definitions and more than 3,500 quotations on all aspects of the law, The Lawyer's Reference Shelf is a valuable professional resource for all who study, teach, practice, or write about the law--merging the "indispensable" legal dictionary (Michigan Bar Journal) with the "standard" (Library Journal) legal quotations source in one carefully integrated research tool.

0-19-510776-4; 1999; $95.00 (06); CD-ROM (Windows)


Named a 1994 American Library Association Outstanding Reference Source, Winner of the Joseph L. Andrews Bibliographical Award from the American Association of Law Libraries, Named a Best Legal Reference Book of 1993 by Law Library Journal, Specially Recognized for Accomplishment in Legal Research and Citation by Scribes
The Oxford Dictionary of American Legal Quotations
FRED R. SHAPIRO, Yale Law School

"The words which are criticized as dirty [in James Joyce's Ulysses] are old Saxon words known to almost all men, and, I venture, to many women, and are such words as would be naturally and habitually used, I believe, by the types of folk whose life, physical and mental, Joyce is seeking to describe. In respect of the recurrent emergence of the theme of sex in the minds of his characters, it must always be remembered that his locale was Celtic and his season spring."--John M. Woolsey, United States v. One Book Called "Ulysses"

The practice of law rests heavily on the incisive, pithy, and occasionally witty language of the best technical writing, and law-related themes are often found at the core of works of literature, politics, and other fields. Previous compilations of legal quotations have been limited, with significant gaps; many quoting rarely from American sources. For example, Supreme Court Associate Justice Potter Stewart's famous quip about pornography ("I know it when I see it") appears in no other work. The Oxford Dictionary of American Legal Quotations is the most scholarly and most complete legal quotation reference ever published. It includes a comprehensive collection of the most famous passages of American judges and legal commentators. This work also contains the wittiest sayings from literature, humor, motion pictures, and even song lyrics relating to American law. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., Clarence Darrow, and Abraham Lincoln share the pages with Mark Twain, Will Rogers, Kurt Vonnegut, Woody Allen, and Bob Dylan.

Over 3,000 entries are presented in a subject arrangement. An author index and an extensive "key-word" index further facilitate location of desired quotes. Each quote has been verified from the original sources, with the precise citations needed for legal reference.

"A book that should enable a whole new generation of lawyers to sound erudite or witty or pompous at will....It is filled with the stirring rhetoric of court decisions and constitutions."--The New York Times

"Destined to become the standard reference work for legal quotations in public, academic, and law libraries."--Library Journal in starred review

600 pp.; 6-1/2 x 9-1/4; 0-19-505859-3; 1993; $60.00 (01) 


A new edition of a landmark reference on legal usage and style!
Named an Outstanding Academic Book of 1996 by Choice
A Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage
Second Edition

With double the length and coverage of the original, this new edition of A Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage (DMLU) marshals and analyzes the modern legal vocabulary more thoroughly than any other contemporary reference work can claim to do. Since the 1987 first edition, Bryan A. Garner has drawn on his unrivaled experience as a legal editor to refine his positions on legal usage and to add a wealth of new material. Here's how Garner's revision makes DMLU, Second Edition indispensable:

-- Updates every existing entry, making this a second edition in the fullest sense;
-- Adds hundreds of new entries;
-- Adds hundreds of new sections within existing entries;
-- Adds over 3,000 new illustrative quotations from judicial opinions and leading lawbooks by prominent legal commentators;
-- Reconsiders previously held positions, now saying, for example, that contractions are sometimes permissible in legal writing;
-- Fully elaborates ideas only hinted at in the first edition;
-- Takes into account numerous comments received from first edition users;
-- Expands and updates cross-references to guide readers quickly and easily.

Influential writers and editors rely on DMLU daily. Charles Alan Wright, for example, says, "I consult Garner regularly. He offers authoritative guidance on many matters of usage that are unique to legal writing....Garner is almost always pithy; he is often witty. Any lawyer, no matter how expert on words and language, is sure to learn from Garner's fine book." And the editors of Harvard Law Review have found it essential: "In a work worthy of comparison to Fowler's Dictionary of Modern English Usage, Mr. Garner...sets forth an authoritative guide to American legal usage and style. All legal writers will find it an invaluable help; many law review editors will find it a source of delight. Don't confront your editor without it."


-- Functions both as a style guide and as a law dictionary
-- Guides writers to distinguish between true terms of law and mere jargon
-- Illustrates recommended forms of expression as well as common blunders with thousands of quotations and citations
-- Explains the origins of expressions lawyers regularly use, such as Know all men by these presents, or party of the first part
-- Records and evaluates more than 100 twentieth-century neologisms, from conclusory to farminor, from Mirandize to representee
-- Distinguishes American from British usage and refers to current practice among Australian, Canadian, and Scottish legal writers
-- Solves editorial problems by dealing with practical writing issues
-- Offers wit and erudition reminiscent of H.W. Fowler, author of the first so-called usage dictionary.

In short, in its Second Edition DMLU remains, as one reviewer hailed it in 1987, "truly unique in the literature of law." It is an essential resource for practicing lawyers, scholars of the law, and libraries of all sizes and types.

"Even law libraries that already own the first edition should benefit from Garner's new edition."--Law Library Journal

"Assiduous use of the newly revised Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage will improve mediocre legal writing and enhance good documents. Libraries that serve the legal community and people who read what lawyers write should add this work to their reference collections."--RQ

"This dictionary sets the standard for legal usage. It is absolutely indispensable for law libraries, lawyers, and judges, and a wonderful addition to all academic and public library reference collections."--Library Journal

"An impressive enhancement of the original edition....Garner's approach to legal language makes this resource essential to law and social science collections and to all levels of readers, including lawyers."--Choice

"Keep a copy of this book where you write briefs. You will use A Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage, Second Edition, again and again with confidence and delight. This is one of the best books ever written for lawyers."--The Appellate Practice Journal and Update

"This dictionary is not only useful, it is actually fun to browse in. Its entries are admirably clear and direct, and often clever. If used regularly by enough lawyers, it could put an end to legalese."--The Federal Lawyer

"The first edition was highly regarded; this new edition is even better."--Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing

"Every administrative law judge should have the 9000 entries in this 948-page A-Z law dictionary/style guide handy as they write and edit decisions. This desk reference will assist greatly in clear thinking and writing."--National Association of Administrative Law Judges Newsletter

984 pp.; 7 x 10; 0-19-507769-5;  $65.00 (01) cloth
$25.00 (03) paper; 0195142365 

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