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The Oxford Dictionary of Sports Science and Medicine
Second Edition
MICHAEL KENT, St Austell College, Cornwall

This comprehensive and authorative dictionary provides an invaluable reference book for anyone interested in the fascinating subject of sport. It covers all the major areas of sports science and medicine, including anatomy, biomechanics, exercise physiology, nutrition, sports psychology, sports sociology, sports injuries, and training principles. This dictionary was compiled, in its first edition, by a team of eminent contributors and advisers. Since the first edition was published, the disciplines of sport science and sport medicine have grown rapidly and generated a wealth of new information. The second edition includes over 7500 cross-referenced terms which have been updated or added since the first edition. There are 165 illustrations, including twenty new ones, and four appendices have been added including one on Banned Substances. The dictionary will be of particular help to medical specialists, students of PE, coaches, and athletes who need to understand the scientific principles, physiological processes, and anatomical structures which affect sporting performance. It will also be useful to the general reader interested in health and fitness, or willing to understand the meanings of such terms as A-band, jogger's hipple, maximal aerobic power, social loafing, and zero-sum competition.

584 pp.; 162 linecuts; 0-19-262845-3; 1998; $39.95 (05) 

Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Second Edition

Fully up-dated revised edition

With over 17,000 endnotes, this reference work is a major source of information for all professionals, scholars, and students of biochemistry and molecular biology. It describes essential features of approximately 2000 enzymes and proteins, and 950 chemical structures are covered as well. It is fully updated and revised, making it ideal for all academics and professionals who have anything to do with the biomedical sciences.

Praise for the First Edition:

" . . . a wealth of useful and interesting information."--SGM Quarterly

"The best conceived and produced specialized scientific dictionary this reviewer has ever seen . . . enthusiastically recommended."--Choice

"A quite useful book . . . can be recommended for one's office or laboratory [and] should certainly be obtained by libraries."--Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

"An invaluable source for biochemists as well [as] other biologists, for teachers and their students . . . has to be on the shelves of each biological laboratory."--Immunological Investigations

672 pp.; 850 line illus.; 0-19-850673-2; Published: 2000; $65.00 (01) 

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