1 – BOOKS:

L.E.A. will provide any book in English, from any publisher, in any field of study, published in any country.

Some of our potential customers may think we only supply books published in the U.S. In reality they may order any English-language book published in any country. In reality a sizable number of books we supply are published in England, the Netherlands or Germany, but the publishers’ US and European stock is nearly always available at the same price. Therefore we regularly supply all books published by Oxford UP, Cambridge UP, Methuen, Macmillan, Dekker, Elsevier, J. Benjamins, de Gruyter, Springer-Verlag, etc. to any customers in the world . In brief, it is easier, faster and more economical for our overseas customers to concentrate all their orders in our New York office than it is to order them from various countries in Europe.

We have often supplied English language books published in several other nations such as Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, India, and several African countries, as well as several northern European countries). If the book is in English and in print, we will obtain it for you.

We also supply books published in Canada (in English or in French). Nonetheless customers should consult about pricing for these books. Some publishers will have their stock in the US at priced in US dollars. Others sell them only from Canada in Canadian dollars.


Annual Reviews & Yearbooks

Advances in ... & Progress in ... :

Many of our customers subscribe to these annual and serial publications issued by many publishers in multiple fields. Customers may order any back volumes or initiate an order for automatic shipment of all volumes as they are published. Automatic shipments are the best way to keep up to date with the latest publications in a series. L.E.A. will invoice as per customer specifications.


L.E.A. offers, through UMI or the various universities, copies of any doctoral dissertation from the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Dissertations held by UMI:

Prices: Microfilm/microfiche, $59.50; paper: $78.00; cloth: $90.00

Dissertations from England: Microfiche: $105.00; paper: $180.00.

Dissertations ordered directly from universities:

If we have to order the dissertations directly from the universities where they were submitted, prices will vary from one case to the other (generally lower than the UMI price).



L.E.A. is an authorized UMI agent (University Microfilms International) for its article photocopy service ("UMI Article Clearinghouse"). Through this service, our customers have quick access to about 12,000 periodical publications, well aware that all the necessary copyright permits have been cleared.

Government documents and daily newspapers: In addition to daily newspapers such as The New York Times and The Chicago Tribune, the UMI archive includes numerous documents and materials published by the US Government and its various agencies.

Any subject area: The UMI archive covers every possible field of study as well as periodicals published in the US and in most foreign countries.

Prices: Each article, whether it is 2 or 50 pages long costs $19.50. If you need multiple copies of the same article and you order them at the same time, the cost per copy is $10.50 after the first one. (As a comparison, the British Library Documentation Center charges $38.00 for an article of up to 10 pages, and $9.00 for each additional 10 pages).

Single Issues of a Journal: If you need to complete gaps in your periodicals collection, you may buy complete, single issues of a journal or even complete volumes, bound in paper or cloth. Price per issue is $75.00, whatever the extension.

OTHER ARTICLES not provided by UMI: Most articles that are not available through the UMI service, will be ordered by LEA from other sources. We will quote prices if necessary.

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