"Once again, I am taking the opportunity of thanking you for the expediency of your services. Shortly, you will hear from other colleagues to whom I have recommended your services." F.G.; U. MALAGA

L.E.A. is a company registered in New York State; Federal I.D. No.: 06-1124429. Member of the American Booksellers Assoc. and the Assoc. of Manufacturers and Wholesalers of the U.S. Listed in: American Booksellers Assoc.Handbook; N.A.C.S. Book Buyers Manual; American Book Trade Directory; Literary Marketplace; Publishers, Distributors & Wholesalers of the United States; Dun & Bradstreet.


L.E.A. started its operations in 1978 offering its services to academic institutions in Spain and in the United States. Its growth, slow at the beginning, accelerated in the late 1980’s and it has been an important supplier of books to many important universities and research centers in Spain and throughout Latin America. Our customers trust us with annual orders that can vary from a few thousand dollars to over $50,000.00.We supply them with books in every field of study and in some cases with journal subscriptions. In addition to books published in the well known countries (USA, England, Canada, Mexico, Spain), we have often supplied books published in many more remote nations (Australia, New Zealand, Hong-Kong, Japan, India, several African countries, as well as several northern European countries). If the book is in English or in Spanish and in print, we will get it.

And even if it is long out-of-print, in most cases, we will supply it. Besides fulfilling orders for current publications and an extensive back stock from any publisher, we have also supplied books published in the 19th century in their original first editions as well as many out-of-print and difficult to find books. One of the most prestigious libraries in Madrid, recently wrote to us saying we had supplied them with some books on the Spanish-American war that they consider are the only existing copies today in Europe.



1) Extensive: ANY PUBLICATION in any format, without any limitation as to the publisher, place of publication, or the publication format.

2) Expedited Shipments: Most of the books ordered are shipped between three and eight weeks from the time we receive the orders to the time our customers will receive the books. Approximately 15% of all books ordered take longer than that. Summer and Christmas seasons may experience some longer delays.

3) Competitive Prices: While most booksellers importing foreign books usually double their price of origin, L.E.A.’s price most of the times is the publisher’s price. Very often the savings when ordering from L.E.A. is 50% compared with prices offered by many booksellers within the countries we export to.

4) Customer Service: We take pride in offering a personalized customer service more attuned to the needs of most of our customers than that offered by much larger book distributors. All our customers know very well whom they are dealing with. We cannot guarantee there will be no problems, but if there are any, we will take care of them expediently and efficiently. This is the kind of service we offer also all our new customers.

L.E.A. Book Distributors?

"I am most grateful for the expediency in shipping the book we requested." F.D.M.; SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE

"L.E.A. is a serious company, very diligent and expedient in getting and shipping the books it distributes." J.A.P.B., CADIZ

"First, we thank you for your quick response... In view of your expediency, effectiveness and kindness toward us, we are requesting that you tell us if there is any way we can use your services from now on." G.C.A, MALAGA

"We are very grateful for your quick service and helpfulness. ... We have recently given our best recommendations to various professors from other departments who have inquired about L.E.A. services." C.R.V.; U. SANTANDER

"You were recommended to me by Professor F.C.A... because of the quality of your service. Therefore, I am writing to you because I wish to be one of your customers." S.F.M.; U. SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA

"Once again, I am taking the opportunity of thanking you for the expediency of your services. Shortly, you will hear from other colleagues to whom I have recommended your services." F.G.; U. MALAGA

"I am taking this opportunity to send my cordial greetings and appreciation for your efficient organization." C.D., COLEGIO U. LAS PALMAS

"Thank you for your helpfulness, expediency and efficiency in sending the invoice I requested during our phone conversation. I am delighted with your price for the Encyclopedia Americana because it allows us to buy the latest edition without any additional expenses in our regular budget. Considering the specialization of our library, you were thoughtful in including the other books to complete our budget for this order. Thanks again for all your help and be sure I will continue to recommend your company to my colleagues in Spain; you deserve it well because of your helpful and efficient service." M.P.L., MADRID

"I am very satisfied with the service your book distribution is offering me and I hope we will continue keeping a regular contact." O.A.R., U. BUENOS AIRES

"We found out about your book distribution service through a colleague of the Applied Physics Department in L. who is very pleased with the diligent service he has received from you." M.J.B..P., U. ZARAGOZA

"Just to add that I want to thank you for your courteous and efficient service." J.Z.C., U. COMPLUTENSE, MADRID

"I intend to use your valuable services in the near future. It has been most pleasant to use your company's service." O.R.R., U. BARCELONA

"I hope L.E.A. is progressing as it seems from the news I hear. You deserve it for your dependability and attention to your customers." M.P.L., MADRID

"I am taking this opportunity to express my satisfaction for your efficient service and I want to reassure you I hope to correspond in the same manner." U.PAIS VASCO, VITORIA.

"With appreciation for your efficiency, I am sending you the payment as soon as we got it." T.S.I., U. BARCELONA

"We want to notify you that last Friday ... we received your shipment in perfect condition. We are very grateful to you for your interest in this transaction as well as for your expedient service." E.S., BARCELONA

"We are very happy for the expediency and efficiency in your handling of our previous order." M.H.M., ST. LOUIS U. IN MADRID.