L.E.A. is primarily a
wholesaler. We sell all books published in English to customers outside the United States, mostly to academic institutions, research centers, corporations, bookstores and some academic professionals who buy significant amounts throughout the year. Except for well-established customers, the minimum order for individuals is $100.00 and the minimum isntitutional order is $200.00.

Most of the books published in the U.S. are sold at the publisher’s price. But, considering there are over 30,000 publishers in this country, there variations to this basic rule according to the discount policies set by a particular publisher. The most common variations to the basic publisher's catalogue price are:


"TRADE BOOKS": Catalogue price. Volume discounts for booksellers (please consult for details).
"SHORT DISCOUNT BOOKS" (text, scientific, medical, technical, reprints, university presses): Publisher's catalogue price.
"REFERENCE BOOKS" (e.g.: Wilson, Gale, ALA, ABC-Clio, Bowker similar publishers): 15-40% surcharge depending on publisher's discount policies.
"NET-PRICED BOOKS." Some companies offer books to book dealers at a net price Our surcharge for books sold to us with no discount is 40% (as suggested by most of those publishers). The same surcharge applies when small associations and publishers sell their books with no discount to booksellers.
"DOUBLE-PRICE BOOKS." Some American publishers have a double price for their titles, one for the US and Canada, and another one for the rest of the world (e.g. CRC, Lippincott, Raven, Plenum, Wilkins, etc.). We will apply the publisher's policies in this respect.
ENGLISH BOOKS PUBLISHED OUTSIDE THE US and EUROPE: We will get any book published anywhere, but pricing for books outside the traditional geographic areas will be priced competitively. Whenever feasible and possible, we will quote prices to our customers.
SPANISH BOOKS. L.E.A. stocks some reference materials in Spanish and some textbooks. But we will order any books in Spanish published anywhere as special orders. Our prices are competitive with most importers for the US market. Send us your lists for pricing.
JOURNALS AND PERIODICALS. We take orders from our customers either for yearly subscriptions or for entire collections. Please consult for rates; send us your list for price quotations.

• ALL ORDERS ARE FIRM. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. L.E.A. will only accept and credit returns if books were shipped in error or arrived damaged.


1. INSTITUTIONAL ORDERS: Institutions in most countries will be offered open credit accounts. But in some other areas, we will require prepayment for our invoices. To open an account you only need to send a formal order on institutional stationery for a total net amount of $200.00 or more. We only take firm orders, but will gladly send price quotations and other information necessary to prepare your order. Whenever necessary, we will be glad to send a pro-forma invoice. Occasionally, we may request prepayment of your first order as well as banking information.

For orders over $5,000.00, we reserve the right to send a pro-forma invoice and request payment before the shipment of the books. Institutional customers with an excellent payment record will be allowed to process larger orders on an open account basis. All invoices are payable within 60 days. Bookstores are asked to pay invoices in 30 days unless there is a special arrangement for longer terms. Payments delayed more than 90 days may incur a surcharge of 5%. Please request additional information for our policy on open credit shipments to various countries in the world.

For customers with open credit accounts we mail account statements every month.

2. CORPORATE ORDERS: Corporations and other established businesses may choose one of two payment methods: A.- Deposit accounts (the company will maintain a sufficient balance to cover forthcoming orders) B.-Advance payment of invoices before shipment of books. Once corporations establish a solid credit record of prompt payments, we will be glad to open a credit account for them.

3. INDIVIDUAL ORDERS: Individual customers may order any materials they need: books, articles, doctoral dissertations, microfilms, etc. Although we can accept prepayment in the form of checks in US dollars, the MOST CONVENIENT AND EXPEDITED METHOD is to provide an approval to charge to a credit card: VISA, MASTER CARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS.

4. EACH ORDER must total $200.00 or more ($100.00 minimum for individuals).



Charges for Western Europe (shipments by International Surface Air Lift) are 15% of the total net billed; for the rest of the world (except North America, Puerto Rico, and Mexico), the charges range from 15% to 25% depending on the countries and types of material shipped. To most countries we can ship by UPS EXPRESS or EXPEDITED SERVICE at the rates indicated above. Please consult with us on the best and most secure method to ship the books to your destination.

Transit time by UPS EXPEDITED service is usually about six business days. For EXPRESS service the time is from three to five days.

Shipments are door to door and all customs transactions are included in the cost.



One of the valuable services we do have for our REGULAR customers is free shipment of catalogues from many different publishers. Usually we require an initial order (minimum $200.00 for institutions and $100.00 for individuals) from new customers before shipping any significant amount of catalogues. L.E.A. has an extensive and continually updated stock of catalogues from many publishers whose stock we promote more actively. This includes most major publishers.

We regularly do mailings of catalogues with our books shipments as as complimentary shipments to other customers.


For major customers, we often prepare free extensive bibliographies, usually culled from Books in Print or other sources as well as from major publishers. Some of these have run into 70 pages.

We also prepare extensive subject area bibliographies for out-of-print books from which customers can select their orders.

L.E.A. can also offer this service to any customer for a small fee